Juicer for whole apples

Apple core is capable of processing not only the Rossoshanka garden squeezer, but also twin-screw models. And in the first case, all the bones will go to the cake, in the second in the bowl will be iodine and bitter acids, enclosed under a dense brown skin of seeds. In some cases, it looks advantageous, sometimes you need a juicer for whole apples, working exclusively with the pulp. Consider both species to understand the difference between the two families.

Juicers Green Star

The company has created its own website, where it presents equipment for raw food. There is no rotor juicer on the website, the devices do not retain nutrients with proper care, which means that they are of little interest to raw foodists. You can get a Green Star juicer of a screw type on the site of the madeindream store. Cheaper Angel Juicer, look fragile, most of the details and half of each auger made of plastic. In addition to reducing the strength of the replacement means that the juicer will begin to be painted pigments of carrots, currants and beets. Gradually, instead of a gleaming stainless steel angel, we will get an aggregate of an incomprehensible color that you can no longer wash by any means.

The price difference is 10,000 rubles, forcing you to take a closer look at the Green Star product. The company will find a pair of twin screw juicers:

  1. Juicer.
  2. Elite.

Difference is difficult to understand between models, today we will do a search. Let us throw apples in both, after cutting the fruit into quarters.

So, first. Instrument filling is identical. Inside the two screws, half of the fixture is made of plastic. Grinding under the pressure of the pusher is engaged in steel, then together with the mesh the plastic is pressed. Juice is drained through the lower pipe. Excess cake comes out through the front hole, is adjustable in speed with a special screw. On the reverse side there is an overflow valve on a powerful steel spring. The degree of squeezing of the cake by the screw depends on the degree of tightening. The plastic thread guards, does not look too strong.

To disassemble the Juicer twin-screw juicer, it is necessary to loosen the two side screws. The augers are joined to each other by special dot marks - one and two holes, respectively, on the right( leading) and left auger. Tags are extremely close when trying to put on the shaft of the drive motor.

Elite Juicer Disassembly begins by removing the top plastic cover, then two steel locks click off. Access to the augers. Assembly takes place in reverse order. Special points have been developed for the correct orientation of the augers. But! Elite juicer augers demonstrate three processing phases:

  1. Shredding.
  2. Mixing.
  3. Spin.

At first glance, you can not see, however, after looking, you can observe the difference. The spin stage differs from the mixer only in the shape of the plastic groove on the auger. The feature is noteworthy: the Elite wooden pusher does not detect a visible limiter, it is easy to get a share of pulp in the juice. In contrast, the plastic pusher Juicer is equipped with a special limiter, which prevents the juicers from reaching the rotating augers.

Green Star Elite - a juicer at a relatively affordable price, differs from the basic model in the presence of a new level of mixing on the screws. Other nuances are limited to design features. At a price of 24,000 rubles, the Elite is only slightly more expensive than good models of horizontal and vertical juicers with a single screw. The abundance of plastic parts is soon painted with pigments. Recall steel Angel Juicer costs 35,000 rubles and above.

Russian apple juicers

It has long been told in geography lessons that our country is on an extensive development path, and western ones are going on an intensive one. This means that in the state quantity overpowers quality. A typical example is domestic rotary type juicers. Quality is provided by two aspects:

  1. efficiency.
  2. Juice Features.

Russian centrifugal type juice extractors are not as effective as foreign counterparts. Why does the phrase sound that way? Often the juicers in the west are focused on quality. Increase the speed of rotation, decreases mesh mesh. Attempts are being made to get dry cake. In many ways they try to squeeze the maximum juice out of a handful of apples. If a whole garden is available, why is there a juicer that provides a 5% higher spin intensity factor? It is much better to take the model, leading processing 10 times faster.

The juicer for whole apples belongs to the last class. Rotary type, with a huge drum, special float. Sometimes added the ability to automatically reset the cake and a long mode of operation. All together it creates a beast that persuades more quintals of apples per hour.

Seasoned gardeners know this is the harvest of a single tree. If there are at least two dozen trees in the garden, the owner will have to sit with the Neptune rotary juicer for two days to wind up a ton of juice. Enough family neighbors, and - quickly.

Western juicer with auger cannot cope with a similar harvest. While processing is underway, the apples will begin to deteriorate. Juice extractor for whole Russian-made apples looks like pride. The devices are divided globally into two types:

  • with a conical centrifuge;
  • with a cylindrical centrifuge.

In the first, the cake is dumped independently under the pressure of new fruits. Secondly, it is necessary to periodically interrupt work in order to clear the centrifuge of waste. In such models the cyclic schedule is used. For example, we work 15 minutes - we rest 5 minutes. Break time is used to clean the rotary juicer.

In the Belarusian models with a cylindrical centrifuge special levers are built in for the discharge of oilcake. Waste accumulates while juice flows. Then the only effort by hand, and the cake flies into the basket. The efficiency of such models is higher, at the cost of productivity and time consuming. The mode of operation of the engines, as a rule, long. In accordance with Russian standards, the rotary juicer is designed to work without interruption for an arbitrarily long reasonable interval of time. For example, 1-2 work shifts.

Let's discuss the situation with vitamins and enzymes that disappear in a rotary juicer. Juice for spinning need a lot. These components will still collapse during cooking, there is no point in fighting for vitamins. Let's derive a simple rule: the domestic-made rotary type juicer scheme is ideally suited to combat the crop, Green Star Elite is good for occasionally skipping a glass or other vitamin drink.

Press juicers

It is possible to crush apples as a whole in the press. We warn that the power device must be decent. Better fit juicers on the basis of the jack. Already talked about similar designs of Western production, but in the latter case, the devices do not fit well - aimed at fighting the pulp. For the whole fruit will require tangible effort, will be able to provide a hydraulic or pneumatic jack. Automotive is quite suitable in the form of a press juice extractor.

It remains to make the working capacity of a steel barrel and a suitable piston. The steel frame will serve as a stop for the jack; do not forget to make a drain for a homemade press juice extractor in order to easily ensure the outflow of fluid into the collection bowl.

The design is ideal for the garden when you want to get plenty of juice to drink. The description of the juicer contains an idea, thanks to which the maximum of vitamins and enzymes is saved, any auger model is not able to withstand the latest in performance.

Than they squeeze

in Germany It is customary to equal the Germans in the country, let's see how apples are squeezed in Germany.

MES 3000 - rotary juicer, made in Germany, cost 4000 rubles. Compared with Neptune and Rossoshanka. With a power of 700 W, the device shows protection against switching on if it is improperly assembled; inside it is possible to throw the whole fruit inside. Details of the rotary juicer are made specifically for cleaning in dishwashers, which simplifies operation.

The rubber feet on the suction cups and the automatic discharge of the press hint at a low spin ratio. The bowl for collecting cake is built-in, which is inconvenient for a large amount of work. German quality is not aimed at combating the harvest. The motor for the juicer works in a cyclical or short-term style. More information on the manufacturer's website does not say performance is silenced. This indirectly confirms the conclusions of the authors.

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