How to choose and install the bracket for the air conditioner

  • What is the bracket for?
  • Existing types of fasteners
  • How to choose the right bracket for air conditioning

When you are going to buy an air conditioner, you have several questions: what is its functionality and performance, how different is its quality and cost, as well as the choice of design. It is worth paying attention to the noise emitted by the machinery. All this is certainly very good and necessary for your comfort, but not every buyer of climate technology is thinking about how to mount the outdoor unit system. This bracket is the bracket for the air conditioner. In this article, we'll talk about all kinds of fasteners.

What is the bracket for?

To understand why you need a bracket for air conditioning, you need to know what your split system consists of. So, all the devices for regulating the temperature in the room consist of three components:

  • the indoor unit in which the evaporator is located;
  • the outdoor unit in which the capacitor is located and for which the bracket itself is needed, since this unit is located on the facade of the building;
  • the system of pipes through which the refrigerant is transported and which combines the two units into one split system.

Each of the three components is mounted separately. For example, the indoor unit is mounted on a special mounting plate that comes with the device. The freon line system is assembled by installing the air conditioner with your own hands. For mounting the outdoor unit, you have to purchase attachments separately, and for the same model and the manufacturer they can be different. It depends on how and where you are going to install the unit. The main factors that influence your choice:

  • lightness and strength at the same time, also the brackets should be correctly adjusted for the correct location and size to a certain model;
  • the bracket for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner must support the weight of the device, with which it must have a supply;
  • compliance with all standards prescribed in the installation instructions;
  • protection from the effects of the environment.

Existing types of fasteners

Brackets for fixing air conditioners are distributed according to design and functionality. Also, if you have experience in welding metals, you can choose the material that suits you and make fasteners to fit your device.

By design brackets are distinguished into the following types:

  • The metal corners are welded together at an angle of 90º and having a thickness of 2 to, mm. This type is very popular because of its cost and speed of manufacture, since such brackets can be ordered from any master of welding cases. However, depending on the quality of the welding and the metal, it may depend on how much you are serving the data because they are most likely to be affected by the environment, and quickly come to unfitness;
  • U-shaped metal profile, which is reinforced at the bottom by trimming the channel. This type is also very popular, due to the fact that the welding is factory-made and in any case a special anti-corrosion paint layer is applied, which gives the bracket sufficient reliability;
  • n-shaped metal profile, but the joints are made with bolts and one horizontal beam. This construction is simplified due to the horizontal beam.

How to choose the right bracket for air conditioning

So, what is necessary to properly choose the mounts for your air conditioner. What you need to pay attention to:

  • whether the bracket will withstand the weight of your device, in addition with an additional weight, not exceeding the weight of your unit;
  • number of holes for fixing the bracket to the surface of the building.

Also, do not forget about the corrosion factor and pay attention to the coating of your bracket. Usually fastenings cover with enamel or a polymeric covering that gives chance to fasteners to live longer. It is also desirable to monitor their condition and from time to time serve them.

We hope this article helped you choose the bracket for the air conditioner, more suitable for your system. We recommend that you seek help from specialists if you do not have sufficient experience and knowledge.

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