Freon leak in the refrigerator

From the leak of refrigerant (freon) is not insured, no modern and even more so the old refrigerator. This malfunction is a bit insidious and it can be determined 100% only with the use of special equipment. But, before you call the master, you can independently examine the equipment and draw conclusions.

To make it easier for you to navigate, we will tell you about the signs and causes of such a malfunction, we will describe the complete process of its elimination.

Where is the highest likelihood of leakage

Content of the material:

  • 1Where is the highest likelihood of leakage
  • 2Causes and signs of refrigerant leakage
  • 3Leak of freon by the example of the refrigerator "Atlant repair and replacement

Where is the highest likelihood of leakage

Before you begin to eliminate the leak, it is necessary to localize its location. Regardless of the brand and model of equipment, the most vulnerable places where leaks occur are:

  1. Rations (Locking Connections).These pipe connections are the most frequent leakage points. They can pass gas because of natural deformations or because of factory rejection.Rations (Locking Connections)
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  3. Evaporator of the "crying" type. The part is usually aluminum, so it often suffers from corrosion. The moisture accumulating in the evaporator systems provokes the appearance of microcracks, through which the gas-freon easily leaves the body.

    Important! The evaporator is often poured with a special foam. If the place of leakage in the frosted part of the refrigerator, there is a difficult repair with almost complete disassembly of the hull. It is worth considering the transportation of the refrigerator to the workshop, so that your kitchen does not turn into that.

    Evaporator of the

  4. Warm Steel Circuit, located on the perimeter of the freezer. This unit contributes to the evaporation of the condensate. Since the part is constantly in contact with moisture, the metal rusts, which causes leakage. If you have been using the refrigerator for more than 5 years, the probability of leakage in this place increases several times.

Warm Steel Circuit

Causes and signs of refrigerant leakage

Only the master can determine the exact cause of the leak, using special equipment for this. But if you immediately want to know how much repairs will cost, you can try to diagnose the problem yourself. Usually the outflow of gas is accompanied by such signs:

  • Low cooling. If the venting of gas has just begun, the first thing that arises in the refrigerator is not sufficiently strong cooling. If there are two compressors, then usually there is not enough cold in one of the chambers. And in the technique with one motor, a weak cold will be in both the main compartment and in the freezer.
  • Continuous motor operation, practically without "rest". Usually it is easy to see that the motor is uninterrupted. This is due to the fact that when the Freon level falls in the circuit, the pressure in the entire system falls, and the compressor tries to compensate for the lack of cold, so it works practically "on wear".
  • No frost, compressor off. After the technician tried to work using the remains of freon, there is a complete leak, so the cooling process stops, and the compressor does not work.
  • Alarm triggered. Almost in all models, an alarm was provided. In models without a scoreboard, the red Alarm light or "Warning!" Will flash, and if there is an electronic display, the correspondingerror code. For gas leakage, such signals will not be indicated: they will most likely notify the user that the chambers are too warm.

Alarm triggered

  • Indirect visual signs. In some cases, when the refrigerator is still running, a snow "coat" or an ice crust around the evaporator may appear, indicating a leak at this site. If there are rusty stains along the perimeter of the door, then the cause is with high probability - in the defrost system. When the wall is inflated, the contour should be searched for in the place where the housing is bulging.

Indirect visual signs

In whatever location a leak is found, it is difficult to cope with the restoration of the refrigerator's working capacity on its own. Qualitatively and reliably eliminate the leak and fill the system can only master. But we will describe the scheme of works - there is nothing secret in it.

Leak of freon by the example of the refrigerator "Atlant repair and replacement

If you have an "Indesit "Nord "Atlant" refrigerator or any other model of a popular brand, the order of repair work will be almost identical. And he is composed of such steps:

  • Detection of the place of gas leakage. The specialist visually inspects the appliance in search of visible "symptoms" - rust or swelling. Then, using the leak detector, which fixes the concentration of freon vapor in the air, it finds the exact place.
  • Neutralization of leakage. Work is underway to eliminate the leakage from the source to its location. If the place is "affordable there is nothing complicated in this. So, if the leakage spot is a "warm" contour, the defective area is cut out and the system is looped. And if the coolant comes out of the foam part, the wizard chooses the safest way to repair it.

Here everything depends on the brand, the model of the refrigerator and the experience of the master. In some cases, it is advisable to repair the foamed part of the housing - there are models in which it is not necessary to completely remove all insulation. And in some cases, you need to hang a new evaporator, so you do not have to open the case - such work can be done right at your home. Do not exclude breakage, when you need to completely "print" the wall.

Neutralization of leakage

  • Installing a new filter drier. This element is always replaced if a leak occurs, so when the wizard informs you of its replacement, it does not attempt to deceive or "vaporize" unnecessary details. Replacement is needed to prevent moisture particles from entering the cooling circuit.

Installing a new filter drier

  • 100% tightness check. To check the degree of hermetic sealing of the system, the mechanic pumps nitrogen into the circuit. Checking with the indicators of the manometer, the master monitors the pressure. If the test is successful - the gas is discharged, and the repairman acts further according to plan.
  • Vacuuming. To remove air and moisture from the circuit, special vacuum equipment is taken. It is connected using a Schroeder valve, after which it is pumped to the desired vacuum level.
  • Refrigerant charge. Going to the finish line, the master selects the appropriate refrigerant and produces refueling. He also enters the system on the Schroeder valve, after which the Freon is pumped into the contour from the cylinder. The level of gas injection is determined with reference to the requirements of the manufacturer. The degree of refueling is controlled by a manometer or taking into account the mass - then the balloon is weighed.

Refrigerant charge

  • Checking. Having completed the refueling, the specialist is convinced of the operability of the refrigerator and passes you a guarantee package of documents.

Important! Always demand a guarantee, even if the refrigerator immediately turned on and frosted. There are times when masters "overdo" with the refrigerant, and its excess must be eliminated. In order not to pay for repairs again, you need documents confirming the work.

Let's summarize our review. If a freon leak occurs, you can find the damaged area yourself to save on diagnostics. And on repair it is not necessary to save - address in the checked up firms. Follow the work of the master, checking the work described by us.

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