The lateral and back walls of the refrigerator are heated

With the onset of hot days, many users have a problem - the refrigerator is heated on the sides. By accidentally touching the case, do you notice that it is hot? There is nothing to worry about when the walls heat up while the motor is running. But if the heating occurs even in the disconnected state, you need to be alert. What leads to such symptoms, we consider in the article.

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  • 1Why do the side walls and partitions between the chambers heat up?
    • 1.1The condenser of the refrigerator is heated
    • 1.2Heats up the refrigerator "Samsung"

Why do the side walls and partitions between the chambers heat up?

First, examine the structure of your technology or look at the instructions. In Soviet-made refrigerators, a grid was located on the rear wall - a condenser. When the engine started to work, the rear grille heated up, and then cooled down.

In modern two-chamber refrigerators, the condenser tube is located inside the side wall, which leads to its heating. What is it done for? During the operation of the freezer, a minus temperature is created, in the places where the door closes to the body, cold air finds a way out. If the room temperature is high, then the walls can form a condensation, which eventually leads to corrosion and mold on the seal.

The condenser tubes located behind or on the sides allow the moisture to evaporate.

So the system works. For what reasons the walls of the refrigerator (brand LG) are heated too much:

  • Indoors too hot, poor ventilation. For normal operation of the refrigerator, the distance between the body and the furniture should be 5-7 cm minimum.

  • The technics recently was defrosted. Then it will take time to cool down and the temperature will resume. The same happens after loading warm food into the compartments.
  • The silicone (rubber) sealer is heated in the freezer compartment, which causes the door to snug against the body. As a result, cold air does not leak to cool the walls.

In some refrigerators (Nord, Indesit) a partition is heated between the refrigerating and freezing chambers. This is a normal phenomenon, because it often creates moisture. It is recommended to look after the side walls of the equipment, if they are always dry, then the failure does not threaten you.

The condenser of the refrigerator is heated

In normal operation, the grate heating temperature should not exceed 45 degrees. If the condenser is too hot, then check:

  • Presence of dust and oil stains. Dirt makes it difficult to return heat, so the grate must be kept clean. Unplug the equipment, move the housing away from the wall and clean the condenser from dust.

  • Enabling the function "Superzamorozka." In mechanical models, this mode causes an overload of the motor-compressor, so the grate is constantly heated.

A leak of cooling gas is also likely. But only the master can diagnose the problem in the diagnosis.

Heats up the refrigerator "Samsung"

In modern Samsung models the grille is located not on the back, but on the side walls. They are covered with a sheet of metal. Therefore, when there is a withdrawal of heat from the chambers, the technique is heated at the sides. Most often this happens:

  • after connecting new equipment;
  • after defrosting or loading products.

In all cases, the compressor operates without stopping to lower the temperature in the chambers. Once the compartments are cooled, the grill will begin to cool down.

Keep the refrigerator working, keep the rear grille clean. It is recommended not to load many warm foods at once in the department. If the walls are overheating, contact the store for warranty or call the master. Diagnosis will help determine the exact location of the breakdown.

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