Error codes for Siemens dishwashers

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If your Siemens dishwasher has stopped and has issued a trouble code on the display, do not panic. So the self-diagnosis system reports a possible breakdown. The exact meaning of the code can help you determine the exact reason for stopping the MMP.

Below in the table we presented all the errors of Siemens dishwashers. You will learn their decoding, and also you will be able to fix the problem yourself.

How to decode Siemens fault codes

Error codes can appear due to serious breakdowns of the dishwasher, and may - due to a failure in the system. Eliminate it simply, it's enough to reboot the machines.

How to reboot the machine:

  • unplug the dishwasher from the mains;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • reconnect the equipment to the power supply.

If the code is reset, then nothing serious has happened, you can continue working in the usual mode. But if the error is again highlighted, then it is necessary to understand its causes.

Sometimes even trivial malfunctions can lead to a stop of the dishwasher. Therefore, before you call a master, look at the reasons: perhaps you will repair yourself.

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Error code What does Causes of appearance How to fix the problem
E1 Problems with water heating. 1. The heating element does not function.

2. The control triac burnt on the electronic board.

3. Defective thermostat.

4. Incorrect operation of the pressure switch.

1. Check the heater. To do this, the TEN contacts are called by a multimeter.

2. Carry out diagnostics of the control board. Repair or replace the element.

3. Inspect the thermal sensor. Install new part in case of malfunction.

5. Replacement pressostat.

E2 The NTC thermistor does not work. The thermistor inside the heater is defective. Inspect and replace the thermal sensor.
E3 There is not enough water in the PMM tank "Siemens". Why there was a breakdown:

1. The filling system was clogged: a hose, a filter, a valve.

2. The inlet valve is broken.

3. The drain pump does not pump out any water. Maybe it's locked.

4. Failure of the pressure switch.

How to repair yourself:

1. Check and remove blockages in the inlet hose. Disconnect it from the housing and pull out the filter mesh. Clean the filter of debris.

2. Diagnosis of the input valve.

3. Inspect the impeller of the pump. Elimination of foreign elements.

4. Change of pressure switch.

E4 The flow switch is defective. What led to the breakdown:

1. The switch is clogged, so it can not direct the stream.

2. The motor that controls the switch does not work.

How to fix the situation:

1. Inspect the switch, and remove the blockage.

2. Repair or replacement of the engine of the Siemens dishwasher.

E5 Too much water in the tank. What happened:

1. Incorrect data from the pressure switch.

2. The pressostat was clogged.

3. Problems with the intake valve.

1-2. Inspection pressostat, cleaning the tube or installing a new tube.

3. Diagnosis of the intake valve. Its coils are checked by a multimeter. In the event of a problem, you must install a new item.

E6 The turbidity sensor failed. The sensor controls the degree of contamination of the dishes to save on additional rinsing. A serviceable part is required to continue washing in the PMM "Siemens".
E7 Drying of PMM does not work. The fan, which is responsible for drying the dishes, does not function. Need diagnostics and repair of the fan to resume the drying process.
E8 There is not enough water in the tank to start the heater. Due to the small head in the system, the circulation pump can not normally run the water. The heater does not turn on. Perhaps, the pressure switch went out of order. Wait until normal pressure returns. Install a new pressure switch.
E9 Problems in running a flow heater. Why heater fails:

1. As a result of a short circuit, the TEN contacts were cut off.

2. The heater itself burned down.

What can be done:

1. Inspect the heater wiring. Change burnt elements.

2. Call the TEN contacts to check operability.

E10 The machine operates without heating. The integrity of the drying is broken. The problem requires a call to a service center.
E11 The dishwasher does not start the cycle without heating. What happened:

1. The thermostat is defective.

2. The sensor wiring is broken.

3. There were problems in the operation of the control module.

Independent repair:

1. Installation of a working thermostat.

2. Repair of wiring.

3. Diagnosis of the electronic module.

E13 The water temperature is too high when entering the system. The temperature may be higher than normal if the appliance is connected to hot water. Otherwise, the thermistor does not function. How to proceed:

1. Check the connection.

2. Install serviceable parts.

E14 Incorrect data from the flow sensor. Despite the fact that the working impulses arrive at the circulation pump, the sensor does not see them. You need to check and replace the part.
E15 The protection against leaks "Aquastop" has worked. There was a leak in the dishwasher. The float surfaced, signaling a leak. It is necessary to find a leak and close the leak. What to see:

1. The PMM tank.

2. Sealed inlet and drain hoses, as well as their connections.

4. Bunker door seals.

E16 Spontaneous water set in the tank. 1. The mechanical failure of the input valve causes the membrane to not close.

Therefore, the flow does not stop.

2. The level sensor gives incorrect readings.

3. The foam level is exceeded.

1. Install a serviceable filling valve.

2. Change the level sensor.

3. Remove excess foam. Use another detergent or use a smaller amount.

E17 Faults when the water is flooded. The flow control device has failed, or problems with water pressure. 1. The sensor needs a replacement.

2. Check the pressure, wait for the normal feed to resume.

E18 What does the code mean: do not turn off the machine from the network. The code tells the user that the cycle will end after draining, so you do not need to turn off the dishwasher from the power.
E21 Drain pump problems. 1. Litter in the impeller of the pump.

2. Drain pump failure.

How to proceed:

1. To eliminate clogging of the dishwasher, release the hopper from the trays, pull out the filter. Open the pump cover and remove anything that interferes with normal operation.

2. Call the pump contacts with a multimeter. Replace if faulty.

E22 Error value: there is no pump contact with the main module. What was the reason:

1. Fault in the electronic dishwasher module.

2. Wiring or contacts between the board and the pump are broken.

3. The pump does not work.

1. Diagnosis of the control board.

2. Inspect contacts for damage. Repairs.

3. Checking the pump.

E23 The drain pump is broken. As a result of a short circuit, a break in the winding of the pump occurred. It is recommended to contact the service center.
E24 There is no draining in the dishwasher Siemens. The drain hose was hammered, bent, squeezed. Resume the normal position of the hose. Carry out cleaning from blockage by special means.
E27 Insufficient voltage for normal operation of the dishwasher. Install the stabilizer for safe operation of the dishwasher.

These are the main causes of problems in dishwashers Siemens. That they served for a long time, carry out preventive maintenance against blockages, qualitatively clear utensils from the rests of nutrition. Equally important is the proper installation of the dishwasher, protecting its electronic part from voltage drops.

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