Error F04 in the washing machine Indesit

What does the F04 error that is shown on the display of the Indesit washing machine mean? On the electromechanical model, the indicators “Superwash” and “Soak” are lit.

Dealing with problems with the water sensor( pressure switch), which gives the wrong signals. A breakdown may result in a lack of water level or a failure in the operation of the washer after starting.

Material content:

  • 1 Error code F04 - signs of sensor failure
  • 2 What to do to check the sensor in case of error F04
  • 3 Self-solve of problem

Error code F04 - signs of sensor failure

Each washing machine Indesit has a water level sensor( there is a pressure switch in repairman circles).The device allows you to adjust this level in the tank( high, medium, low) protecting it from overflow.

When the error F 04 appeared on the display, you can conclude that the pressure switch fails by the following signs:

  • Washing and heating starts without water in the tank.
  • The tank is full( the water level in the loading hatch is more than 1/2), or, on the contrary, there is clearly not enough water to wash.
  • In case of an error, including the “Rinse” mode, the water is alternately pumped out and then supplied.
  • The fuse of the heating element has been activated, the smell of burning is felt.
  • The linen is not wrung out.

Be sure to check it before replacing the pressure switch. After all, the listed signs can cause breakage and other details.

Noticed similar signs in your Indesit machine? This is the reason for checking the sensor for serviceability.

What should I do to check the sensor in case of error F04

How to fix the error F04 in the washing machine Indesit? The solution to the problem lies in its correct definition.

  1. Check the condition of the water supply valve, whether it enters the machine normally.
  2. Check the inlet filter - a blockage may have occurred.

To reset the F04 error, try restarting the washer by disconnecting it from the network.

What should I do if these actions have not led to anything and the error code is still on the display? Then you need to get to the pressure switch:

  1. Remove the bolts, remove the back panel of the machine.
  2. The device is located on the side panel. It is necessary to disconnect the attached wires and hose.
  3. Remove the bolts, remove the sensor.

Inspect the instrument for damage, oxidation, or blockage.

  • Blow on the pressure switch. Clicks should be audible - three clicks are possible( depending on the operation modes).If you do not hear anything, the pressure switch is faulty.
  • Test the sensor with an ohmmeter tester. Resistance should be more than 20 ohms.
  • Inspect the integrity of the contacts of the pressostat module.

Self-solution to the problem

You will learn how to remove the error F 04 in Indesit CMA with your own hands.

If your concerns were confirmed during the test and the pressure switch is faulty, a replacement will be required. Repair is not considered, since the sensor housing is not disassembled. Select a new part, taking into account the brand and model of the Indesit washer, the loading drum volume.

  • Screw the item into place.
  • Connect the hose to the nipple, fasten the hose clamp securely.
  • Reconnect the contacts.
  • Close the cover, tighten the bolts.

Now you know what it means when the Indesit washing machine generates an error F04, and how to fix it.

To test, connect the washer to the network and wash it idle several times, trying different modes. If it does not show fault codes, it means that you have coped with the breakdown.

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