What to buy a juicer for apples

Wondering how to buy a juicer for apples, imagine that you are planning to do. For domestic preparations suitable centrifuge model with a long-term mode of operation of the engine. Issued in the homeland, are inexpensive. The benefits lost during the spin cycle. If you want to get the most vitamins, buy screw model. Raw materials under the appliance will need to cook, to seize the bones, but would be an excellent juice quality. Finally, a twin-screw juicer peremelyut even seeds. There is a chance to learn from the apple seed iodine. Let's talk, what to buy a juicer for apples.

The centrifugal juicer for apples

The centrifugal juicer for apples

Centrifugal Juicer: gardeners choice

Do not think that most of the engine power will provide better performance. For example, go to Yandex Market, and follow the steps:

  1. Log into the juicer, set in a centrifugal type devices.
  2. All press settings, set the width of the neck, for example, 70 mm.
  3. The results will show the model, where apples are actually casting a whole.

Power any proposed at least 700 watts. At the same time juicer Salute only controlled 400-mi! Let's see how Phillips and other foreign counterparts, dispersing the centrifuge up to 10 employees - 15 revolutions. The fruit turns to mush inside, juice abounds pulp.

The theory of production of juices do know:

To get a good balanced juice which delaminate within days, it relies milled feedstock to a particle size of about 5 - 8 mm for the press and the 3 - 5 mm for the centrifuge.

We conduct a conversation about apples. The plant hammer mill or other fruit converted into pulp, achieving the specified particle size. This greatly facilitates the further separation, the separation of the pulp from the juice. If the condition is not satisfied, it turns out the dregs. In addition, the juice is stratified. What is observed in a number of commercials manufacturers.

Look at the fine grater Philips and other foreign models, will whether a given particle size for further processing in the centrifuge? We believe the answer emerges independently. Now look at the Salute. It is a large steel trowel. Centrifuge extremely spacious, eyewitnesses claim that easily fits into a bucket of apples. We appreciated?

We describe how such a swinger (twenty pounds of weight) costs numeral 400 watts. Promotion is conducted in an empty juicer, then the drum starts to act like a flywheel, keeping a stock movement. Anchor Salute commutator motor such that the housing diameter is comparable foreign model motor. It turns out, the size of more and less power! As a result, a specific quantity of heat dissipation per unit area lower conclusion:

Juicer Salute already capable of the design features to work longer competitors.

Due to the latter fails to process a huge number of apples. Size of the pulp is roughly required, it is understandable why the summer resident is encouraged to select either analogue Rossoshanku Salute. Neptune similar benefits, plus a separate dropping cake. While clean centrifuge Salute or Rossoshanki engine rests. But Neptune is not required. By the way, about the rest! Foreign juicers do not maintain long-term work. This equipment, harvesting juice for a couple of glasses, and then require a break. Think about it, if you want to buy a professional juicer.

Centrifuge Juicer Rossoshanka

Centrifuge Juicer Rossoshanka

It salutes the only flaw is present. The centrifuge has a vertical wall to cake not ramped (contrary Neptune). If an avid cottager try to twist for downloading more than the prescribed maximum, pulp sprawled on the grid and climb up. Sometimes transshipped through the centrifuge edge and drop down to the juice. This often leads to clogging of the drain. juice level begins to rise, and at the critical moment is poured into the engine. The appliance breaks down, under the guarantee of the case does not fall. Craftsmen from the network special offer perforate tank, that in such a case, the juice flowed onto the floor. Then the miser noticed that too far, take steps to remedy the situation.

Filling opening in the domestic juicers allows you to throw entire apples. This is convenient when on the verge of lined up a number of bags which require urgent action. As a result, performance of centrifuges with a large centrifuge is 60 liters per hour and more. Incidentally, the foam formed during the spin cycle, because the excess air within the centrifuge. In professional decanters, this possibility is excluded. Described simultaneously reduces the percentage of decay of vitamin C. Match the main disadvantage - however, there is little significance in the preparations for the winter - the useful properties of the drink is poor.

Vertialnaya auger juicer for apples

Vertialnaya auger juicer for apples

Auger juicer: the choice of gourmets and fans of a healthy lifestyle

Twisted juice, almost like a magazine, but there are no preservatives. Less useful properties than fresh. From this point of view, a centrifugal juicer will be not the best solution. It is proved that rough treatment, kills beneficial qualities, hidden in a large centrifuge speed. This disadvantage and removes the worm. Apples disperse spray, but the process is at low speed of 80 rpm.

By the way, it is possible significantly to reduce the power. Go to Yandex Market inspect the auger juicer! Power Standard does not exceed 300 watts. As a result, the engine runs longer without overheating. It is better to buy a device with protection. It should look through the manual, it will be found information about the behavior of the device in case of overheating. Do you want to resume operation after a failure - such models are sold at the cheapest mainly burning thermal fuse.

If centrifuge Salute made of aluminum, mesh screw centrifuges of solid steel. Two reasons:

  1. Aluminum is toxic. Eventually tiny part falls into the juice.
  2. Aluminum contributes to the disintegration of vitamins. Additional destructive factor, however, heat treatment destroys most consistently useful qualities.
Using a juicer

Using a juicer

Any auger juicer originally designed to bring maximum benefit. processing speed is much lower centrifugal salute. Task auger juicer - provide vitamin drink host. Possible to eat a whole apple, but the juice to drink faster than nibble fruit. Palatability of the beverage delivered a separate pleasure. It is easy to buy a good juicer to please loved ones.

Additionally, properties of the device are improved additive of the second screw. Mezga chokes between two steel spirals. From the size of the gap depends on efficiency of the device. Twin screw juicers will help push the oil from the seeds are able to cope with the apple seeds. In addition, apricots and plums have to cook. Often deters the high price of twin-screw centrifuges, but the other device does not help get the juice of wheat grass and other herbs for good health.

At auger juicer a record yield of juice. Drink, other things being equal, you get more. Selected models of centrifuges capable of making mashed potatoes. Read the description of these models, Polyubopytstvuyte in support Zelmer. With a removable grid is switched to output the product puree.

Press: choice of summer resident

It happens, in the country there is no electricity, then the apples may have a better press. Adaptations hand, differs only in principle driving the platform movement. extraction ratio of not less centrifuges. Lack press only in the mass. In this light, screw juicers look profitable. But are slow.

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