How to put a belt on a washing machine

The drive belt in the washing machine rotates the drum. Owners of direct-drive styara do not have to worry about belt wear, and users of SM with an asynchronous or collector motor need to monitor its condition.

After reading the article, you will learn: how to understand that there are problems with the drive, and how to put the belt on the washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Signs of problems with the drive
  • 2Causes of belt problems
  • 3Types of drive belts
  • 4Installation process

Signs of problems with the drive

How can I tell if the drive belt has gone off? The washing machine can itself notify you of a breakdown by issuing a fault code on the scoreboard. Each brand and model of AGR may differ. Having learned the meaning of the code, the user will understand the cause of the breakdown.

However, the machine does not always produce an error. In this case, the user can learn about the problem by such signs:

  1. The wash program is started, the drum does not spin, although it is audible that the engine is running. Most likely, there was a break in the belt, or it flew from the spot.
  2. With all the efforts of the engine, the drum only twitches in place, does not scroll. This may indicate the wear of the belt or its extension.
  3. The drum rotates with a small amount of laundry. With a larger load, the drum does not rotate.
  4. When you operate the drive, you hear strange sounds, as if something rubs against the wall. This means that the strap is stratified and needs to be replaced.
  5. You started washing, heard the noise of the engine, after which the stick fell.

Notice a familiar sign? Then do not wait, pull the strap in the washing machine right now. Since its fragments can interfere with the operation of the electric motor.

Causes of belt problems

What factors contribute to the premature wear of the drive belt, why it constantly flies:

  • You have a narrow washing machine. Indeed, on these models, the belt wears out most often: all components are placed as compactly as possible, which leads to increased friction, and hence to wear of the part.
  • Damage to the pulley drum. The pulley is made of a brittle material, so strong vibrations can lead to cracks on it. Either its mounting is untwisted, so the pulley can not hold the part, and it flies.
  • Problems in the operation of bearings. When bearings need replacing, they emit not only strong noise, but also vibration. This contributes to stretching, and sometimes to the rupture of the belt.

  • The motor is weakly attached, which is why the tension on its pulley has weakened.
  • Overload of washing machine. Increased loading leads to imbalance of the drum, which in turn leads to the appearance of vibrations. The result is the same as in the previous case.
  • Also imbalance could arise in connection with the violation of the cross, on which the shaft of the tank is attached.
  • The plastic tank can be deformed. This happens after prolonged use. The deformed part of the tank puts pressure on the pulley of the drum, which changes its location relative to the motor pulley. The belt flies.
  • If you have previously performed a belt replacement, you may have installed an unsuitable part. It is necessary to verify this.
  • Rare exploitation of the stilalki leads to the fact that the belt is being poured, becomes fragile. How to put a new element, read below.

Types of drive belts

Before deciding how to stretch the strap in the washing machine, find out what they are.

Wedge.Type of belt that is used for asynchronous motors. Its shape resembles a trapezoid or a truncated triangle, the parameters are indicated from the outside. Due to the rigidity of the material, the product is quite strong, quite elastic.

When installing, it is important that the middle part is slightly free. Incorrect installation can lead to program failures.

Polyclinic.It is mounted on collector motors. It consists of a series of wedges that form a dentate shape. It stretches a little weaker than the wedge. Although there are stilalki, where he is planted very tightly. Then you need to put extra force into the installation.

Which belt to choose? The easiest way is to take off the old one and go with him to choose a new one. But this is not always convenient. Therefore, pay attention to the marking from the outside of the part, it will tell you what replacement to find. It shows the dimensions of the product, the shape and number of wedges. Rewrite the notation and go shopping.

Installation process

We'll figure out how to put on or pull up the belt on the washing machine. Regardless of the model of the stylalki, this detail is worn identically. Armed with a hex screwdriver, get to work. What do we have to do:

  • Disconnect the AGR from the network.
  • Shut off the water supply and disconnect the water inlet hose. Be careful, water can flow from it.
  • To remove the back cover, in some models, you must first remove the top.
  • Remove the screws securing the top cover from the rear. Take it away.
  • Remove the bolts securing the rear panel. Put it aside.

  • You will see the drive belt. Pull it toward you, with the other hand, roll the pulley. If he just flew, get him out of the car.
  • To install the element in place, immediately pull it onto the motor pulley.
  • Now thread it onto the pulley of the drum, gradually turning it counterclockwise.

  • Then the part should be neatly placed on the pulley. Make a couple of revolutions of the pulley to check.

Assemble the machine in reverse order. First, replace the rear wall, then the top cover. Connect to the network and run the program to check the installed drive belt of the washing machine.

As you can see, any person can perform such repairs, if desired - nothing complicated in this. The main thing is to choose the right replacement. Therefore, carefully rewrite the marking and select the part only for your CM model.

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