Overview and description of the incubator


In modern farmingfor the withdrawal of a bird, an incubator is necessary. Even if it's a very small household, the incubator is quite affordable and reliable, with which you can get a good result. Now, the agricultural market offers a wide range of incubators, differing in functionality and price.

Cinderella incubator occupies one of the places of honor in this market. This unit is suitable for beginner poultry farmers, as well as for experienced farmers.


Table of contents

  • Description of the functions of the incubator
  • Modifications of Cinderella household incubators
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the application
  • User's manual
    • Preparatory process
    • Laying and flipping eggs
  • Reviews

Description of the functions of the incubator

The incubator performs its work when connected to a 220V network, and can also operate from a 12V battery. Even in this unit there is a mode in which it is possible to maintain the necessary temperature by applying hot water.

The water is heated and poured into a special container after 3-4 hours. In this mode,

without the help of electricity the device is capable of operating for about 10 hours.

In the event of a power outage for too long, you can correct the situation this way. Cover the incubator with plastic bottles of hot water. This will maintain the necessary temperature in the device.

The case of the incubator is made of strong foam, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. The heater, which is built into the surface of the lid, occupies a large area, which ensures an even temperature regime in the incubator. The inside is heated with metal tones.

Automatic incubator Cinderella

The apparatus provides a device for turning the eggs. Eggs are turned around 180 ° during the day about 10 times.

The incubator is equipped with an adjustable temperature sensor, located on the lid. If the temperature inside diminishes, the heating immediately starts. Also included in all models is an electronic thermometer, which operates on a regular battery.

The incubator of Cinderella is distinguished by its high hatchability. With a good starting material, it reaches 90%. Which is significantly higher than some other manufacturers.


Modifications of Cinderella household incubators

In the market there are three varieties of the incubator according to the way of turning the eggs:

  • Manual egg flipping. The most simple and inexpensive model, which is suitable for poultry beginners. Turn the eggs in this incubator every 4 hours.
  • Mechanical revolution.In this apparatus, the process of revolution takes place independently, but it must be constantly monitored, so that the eggs rotate evenly.
  • Automatic revolution.A new model, in which a coup takes place on the machine, and there is no need to control it. Lattices are turned on their own, after a certain period of time.
Cinderella incubator close-up

Also, the Cinderella incubator models differ in the volume of host eggs.

  • The simplest and cheapest devicedesigned for 28 eggs. The eggs are turned by hand. Such a device is suitable for beginner poultry farmers.
  • Cinderella Incubator for Bookmarking70 eggs.Very simple and reliable in operation. The eggs turn over automatically. Designed for the withdrawal of not only chickens, but also geese and ducks. Weigh the device, kg, dimensions: 6, × 5, × 2, cm. The temperature error is 1 degree. Popular among experienced farmers, the price of the device is acceptable.
  • The most expensive incubator accommodates98 eggs.Automatic egg rotation, temperature error, degree. Weight is, kg, dimensions: 8, × 5, × 2, cm. Designed for the withdrawal of various species of birds. Convenient, reliable, in a short time justifies itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of the application


  • Simplicityin operation.
  • Takes a little space, enoughcompact.
  • Ability to workfrom the battery in 12V.
  • High percentdeducibilitybirds.
  • Economicallye energy consumption.
  • Acceptableprice.
According to the observations of experienced farmers, the disadvantage is that the process is not fully automated. Monitor the temperature regime and turn the eggs constantly.

User's manual

The incubator is very simple in operation. Its use does not require specialized knowledge. It is necessary to make the correct preparatory process, lay eggs and observe the temperature and humidity in the incubator.


The operating manual for the incubator of household "Cinderella"

Preparatory process

As for working with any other technique, you need to learn the safety rules.

  1. Set the unit toevensurface. It is advisable not to move it during the incubation period.
  2. Disinfectinterior and all removable parts with a solution of potassium permanganate. In consequence, it must be done before each egg laying.
  3. At the bottom of the device, placeplastic jars. If the room is dry air - need 5-6. If wet, then two is enough.
  4. Pour water in them. During incubation, it is necessary to check thatthe water was constantly there. If the water evaporates, you need to top up.
  5. Set up the plasticlattice.
  6. If possible, immediately acquirebatteryat 12V and plug it in. If the electricity is turned off, the incubator will automatically switch over the backup power. A battery charge is enough for a day's work.

Laying and flipping eggs

The most responsible and exciting process in incubation is the laying of eggs. To get a good result, all the eggs need to be checked on an ovoscope. It is better to immediately select unsuitable eggs than to waste time and work for nothing.

Ovoscope - a device that allows you to determine the quality of eggs for incubation. With it, you can also monitor the formation of the embryo during the incubation period.
  1. Before layingIt is necessary to make distinctive marks on eggson opposite sides, you can use the usual marker. It will be easier to follow the process of turning the eggs.
  2. All eggs must be laidsame label up. If the device with automatic coup, eggs are placed in special cells.
Bookmark the eggs
  1. Vertically installsensor for measurementtemperature and put the lid on.
  2. In each chamber, fill 1 liter of hot water - about 90⁰. If the incubator is not full, the water temperature should be lower -about 70⁰.
  3. Between the thermoregulator and the window, insert the electronicthermometer. Its sensor should be slightly above the eggs themselves. In this position, it should be during the entire incubation period.
  4. Connect to mainsswivel mechanism.
  5. After 30 minutes, according to the instructions, you caninclude apparatus.
  6. Constantly watch the temperature. It should befrom 3, -3, ⁰.The temperature rise is more than 39⁰, it threatens irreparable consequences.
  7. Controlwater availabilityin the baths. She should be there all the time. When evaporating immediately top up.
  8. Do not open the lid of the incubator too often and no more than for 3-4 minutes. But a short-termaerationwill be useful.

If you tried and did everything right, the chickens will be released in 3 weeks. Two days before the end of the incubation process, turn the pivot device and pull out the grate.

After the appearance of the chicks, allow them to dry out, about 6-7 minutes. Then transplant them into a prepared place with an air temperature of 37⁰. Disinfect the household incubator with manganese solution.

When installing the incubator, choose a quiet and noiseless place. This will contribute to the full withdrawal of the bird.


In general, the reviews about Cinderella's incubators are quite positive. There are some technical inconveniences, but, as a rule, hatchability of birds is high. Anton


They got the Cinderella incubator with an automatic egg revolution, and found out that if you remove this mechanism, then eggs will fit almost 100 pieces. It should be noted that the eggs are warmed evenly, the heating element is of high quality, there are no failures, so if you lay quality eggs, the bird is eliminated without problems. We have been using it for 2 years already, and there have been no breakdowns.



Cinderella suits me completely. I bought the device on the advice of friends, I was happy with the low price. In the process of operation,To add water you need to clean the eggs. But then I orientated myself, and began to use the pear for douching, very conveniently. No more claims. Everything works, the temperature is normal, the output of chickens is 95%.

Reviews are taken from the site of Agroservice.

By following all instructions and rules for breeding birds in the incubator, you will definitely get good results, even if you are a beginner. We wish you success.

Check out the video call for this incubator.

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