Coffee makers: how to choose the best model for home

Coffee makers: how to choose the best model for home


It would seem: just fill a bag of instant coffee with boiling water and drink a ready-made drink. Why unnecessary complexity? However, more and more people are abandoning the powder of unknown origin and are thinking about how to choose a coffee maker for the home, to enjoy a real strong drink more often. Moreover, who has ever tried, how delicious the coffee maker is preparing, does not want to contact the soluble powders anymore.

And rightly, because it is still unknown what exactly is put in the notorious packets. Grain is another matter. One flavor of what it costs! And taste? It's just a fairy tale! But what kind of coffee machine is really worth choosing for a home? There are so many of them that their eyes literally run out. You can, of course, consult a consultant in the store and ask for an explanation of the difference between different types of apparatus. But are they always objective? Let's better figure out how to choose a modern home coffee maker.


  • 1Types
  • 2French Press
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  • 3Drip
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  • 4Carob or espresso
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  • 5Geyser
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  • 6Capsular
  • 7Combined


Coffee makers for home are divided into the following types:

  • "French press
  • drip;
  • carob or espresso;
  • geyser;
  • capsular;
  • combined.

There are also coffee machines - sophisticated and expensive devices that can make a delicious home drink without any human intervention. However, they will be discussed separately in this article. And today let's determine which type of device is best for your home. Let's start?

French Press

It's not even a coffee maker, but rather a device for brewing. It is a glass jug with a piston and a metal filter at the end. To prepare a home beverage, you need to pour the raw material into the cylinder, pour it with boiling water and wait a few minutes. When everything is ready, simply lower the filter down with the help of a piston. So the whole thicket will be on the bottom.


  • easy to use;
  • do not need to be connected to the mains;
  • there is no need to buy consumables (filters, etc.);
  • it is possible to prepare a different amount of coffee (within the cylinder capacity);
  • compactness.


  • it is impossible to weld different kinds (espresso, cappuccino, etc.);
  • The fortress will have to be determined empirically;
  • There are no additional features (timer, heating, etc.).

If you want to choose such a device for the house, pay attention to its details: the cylinder must be is made of heat-resistant glass, the piston and filter are made of good stainless steel, and the handle should not heat.


An apparatus of this type can be seen in some American films. It represents two different vessels with a compartment for ground raw materials between them. In the upper it is necessary to pour the water to a certain mark, then pour in the compartment the milled grains and turn on the apparatus. Water will heat up to 90 degrees and begin to flow down, percolating a drop through the raw material until the bottom vessel is filled.



  • a lot of drink is prepared in one cycle;
  • You can choose any type of ground coffee;
  • if there is a thermos or preheat, everything is generally prepared and poured continuously, it is only necessary to pour water into the drip coffee maker and change the raw materials in it;
  • suitable for large companies.


  • drops do not always have time to "pull out" the aroma and taste of the ground grains, so the drink sometimes does not turn out delicious;
  • it is necessary to change filters in a timely manner;
  • you will always be forced to cook a full vessel, otherwise the machine will not work properly.

Those who want to choose a drip-type coffee maker for a home, it is worth looking at such indicators:

  1. Power. The lower it is, the slower the water flows and, correspondingly, the stronger the coffee. At devices with capacity in 700-800 W the strongest ready product.
  2. Flask. It is better if it is glass, as the plastic is able to spoil the taste. The handle of the flask should be made of material that does not conduct heat well, otherwise you risk burning yourself by pouring coffee at home.
  3. Size of the flask. Before selecting a device, consider how many people will use it at the same time.
  4. Filters. They can be disposable, nylon (for 60 brews) and "gold" with almost unlimited use.
  5. Thermos or heater. In principle, the longer coffee costs, the worse its taste. However, sometimes the use of a heater or a thermos is justified.
  6. Timer. It allows you to turn the machine on or off at a specified time.
  7. Choosing a fortress. This feature is not available in all models.

Carob or espresso


They are divided into two types:

  1. With a pressure of up to 15 bar. Here, coffee is brewed with steam: water is poured into the vessel, which heats up to a considerable temperature and turns into steam. At some point, a hidden valve is opened, and steam is pushed under pressure through a horn with ground raw material. Cooling down, it pours out into a mug in the form of coffee. The drink prepared in this way is very strong and tasty.
  2. With a pressure of more than 15 bar. Grinded grains are prepared with the help of water heated to 87-90 degrees, which, under pressure, is passed through the horn with raw materials and poured into a cup in the form of a ready-made drink. This carob coffee machine works much faster and coffee in it does not lose its unique flavor.


  • You can choose a model for one or two cups;
  • you can prepare cappuccino and espresso;
  • The drink is prepared quickly and retains all its unique properties;
  • the carob can be easily washed, and the quality of the finished product does not depend on the time of its intensive use.


  • in the carobs of the carob type, the drink is prepared for a long time, making it partly lose its flavor and taste;
  • for cooking you need to choose only the grains of a certain grind.

If you want to choose a coffee machine for carob type, it should have:

  • metal horn, as plastic is able to spoil the taste;
  • pallet to collect possible leaks;
  • a milk tank or a special tube for making cappuccino;
  • overheat protection.


They are of two types: electrical and conventional, which need to be heated on the stove. They look like teapots. Inside the geyser models there are two compartments: for water and for ground raw materials. While the coffee machine is running, the water heats up, passes through the compartment with the ground grain and then sinks again.


Before choosing a geyser coffee maker, determine which of the two species suits you best. Also worth weighing all the pros and cons of this type.



  • you can get a large amount of drink;
  • suitable for both coffee and tea.


  • coffee is not so fragrant as in other models;
  • complexity in operation (too many parts and compartments that need to be washed).


If you do not like to mess around with the grains for a long time, capsule coffee makers are specially created for you. Just put a special capsule or a paper bag of coffee, as soon as you can enjoy a great drink. Such devices are in demand in cafes and offices, because they allow you to quickly brew any amount of drink: you know, change your bags and top up the water.


But before choosing a capsule maker for a capsule-type home, please note that you can only use capsules of a certain brand, since others will not be able to approach your machine. Moreover, what exactly was put in the bag, only the chief technologist of the manufacturer knows. So you can not experiment.


Combined combine several types at once, which is why they are more expensive. It is convenient if one of the functions of such a device will be the ability to prepare coffee from capsules. So you can try different kinds and at the same time quickly brew a sachet with your favorite drink if necessary.

When choosing any device for making coffee, be sure to check: is it convenient to use it? It is desirable that all the details are removed and washed under running water, and even with a detergent. The fact is that the sediment, which remains on the walls, is able to spoil the taste of the ready-made drink.

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