My first crucian or adventure on fishing

When we lived in a house by the pond, my only friends were boys. My sisters were younger than me and as friends I did not fit. Small fry, in a word. True, there was a neighbor Zhenya, but she was older than me and rarely played with me.


Mostly I was with the boys from our house. But they did not always take me to their company. Only when I could do something better than them.

For example, I had the best chance of catching yellow-belts. These are such harmless snakes with a pale yellow belly. Either I somehow could guess where, where they could live, or whether I had a better reaction, but while they catch one at all, I already have at least one in my canvas bag. Why did we catch them? And girls frighten! I was not allowed to frighten little girls. Yes, I somehow did not aspire to this, probably because she herself was not afraid of yellow-throats, and perceived all the girl's screams-squeals as a fun game in catch-up.

And I was allowed to attend fishing! I also benefited from me! I have always seen before all by some barely perceptible signs that the float is now twitching, that it is at this moment that you have to drag the fishing rod with the fish on the hook.

I sat with everyone on the bridge, carefully watched the floats and told me who, when to drag the fish out of the water. I had no fishing rods. Every time after such fishing I came home and told:

- Genka today caught 15 carp and one crucian carp, and Valerka as many as 10 carp, one very big! Aunt Raya said that he could not even fit in a frying pan.


One day my grandfather called me into the shed behind the house and showed me the fishing rod he had specially made for me. Fishing rod! My! With a real fishing line, a real crochet and a very beautiful float!

I must say that we caught fish only in the autumn, after the swimming season ended. And he ended up with us in October-November.

I barely waited until the first fishing. She herself made a doll for the future catch - this is for a large fish. I asked my mother for an empty three-liter jar - this is for small fishes.

The fish is not stupid. She just will not be caught. She needs to be fed so that she knows that food is waiting for her at this place. Therefore, almost every evening, when our fishing season began, we ran to the pond and threw crumbs of bread or makuhi into the water from the bridges. If immediately on the surface of the pond bubbles appeared (this fish began its meal), then the catch promised to be rich tomorrow.

My friends clapped their tongues with envy, appreciating my fishing rod - everyone liked the float most of all. Yellow-red, bright - it did not fall to the side, like the others made of cork, but stood in the water strictly vertically. The Pimp on the top of the float was long - it was the most noticeable of all.

And here we sit early in the morning on the bridge. Take me the most honorable place - in the middle, so that I not only saw my float, but others were visible to me. Yes, I forgot to say that in addition to fishing rods and a doll on a fishing trip is very important and you need bait. I forgot the bait at home. But friends amicably moved their jars of worms, with chewed up makuhi balls, with bread crumbs to me.

I did not really want to string the wriggling worm to the hook, I chose bread. I rolled the crumb into a ball, strung it on the hook, spat on it.

So, we sit on the bridge - we catch fish. At first he took a bite from Genka - he pulled out a small spotter. Very small, even a cat is ashamed to give. He unhooked the hook and threw it back into the pond. Then Valerian caught a crucian carp. Everyone is caught, but my float is standing and does not move.


Suddenly it was biting! Yes, it so fell that the fishing rod broke from my hands and flopped into the pond. I - for her. I caught the fishing rod, but froze on the surface of the pond with my hands up. Bottom cold water, and the top coat is a stake. I was in a wide dark green coat, sewn on the outgrowth of my grandmother's old mother.


She wiggled her feet - they freely hang in the water, they do not reach the bottom. I can also move my head, but I do not see anything - my coat drew around me with a dome. Hands are raised vertically upwards - I can hardly move them with them - they are tightly pressed to the head by a swollen coat. Genka with Valerka shout: "Swim here!" And where is this, where to swim? In one hand I have a trembling fishing rod, which somehow tries to escape from my hands all the time, the other I try to make a hole in the inflated coat to see where to swim. Useless! I can not see anything!

Somehow moving feet under the water, slowly turning, I stumble upon the walkways. The coat began to sag, to get heavy, but I grabbed the boards and, moving them with one hand (in the second - the rod), I move closer to the shore. I groped for the bottom of the pond with my feet. The boys jumped into the water and chorus dragged me ashore. Valerka snatched the fishing pole from my hand and shouted: "Carp! You caught the carp! Hooray!"

But here we looked at each other... Yes... Will fall to us! From my coat to the streams streams flowing... The boys are waist-deep... We made our way to the house looping between the sheds, trying not to catch anyone's eyes.

I'm standing on the threshold. Under the feet of a puddle. In one hand a fishing rod, and another I press to myself a three-liter jar with crucian carp. Waiting for a swag. But in the blink of an eye I find myself in bed under a blanket, rubbed with stinky turpentine. Before the bed, they sit in a row on the little stools of their little sister: "Mom, will she die?"

We could not walk with the boys for a whole week on the street. You can go to school, but you can not walk ...


Carp, my mother did not fry. How can he be divided into three? Murziku gave it away.

Of course, these are not the same bridges, but the place and the pond are the same ones

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