The first love

My childhood, as probably anyone, is a series of bright events. A lot of them. Choose one is difficult. I would like to talk about a lot. But perhaps the most significant is first love.

She came into my life in the second grade. His name was Sasha. I am an excellent student, and he is a repetition yearbook. They put us at one desk. Honestly, I was always bored in class — studies were easy and I almost always knew everything that the teacher would talk about. And here is a boy who writes with monstrous mistakes, solves problems incorrectly, reads slowly and cannot retell texts at all. It became interesting to live.

I don’t remember now whether it’s written off from me or not. Maybe yes. But I remember the time we spent together after the lessons.

Probably, I will call you a smile or even a laugh, but after the lessons we first did the lessons together. Somehow it happened by itself. Almost without saying a word, we stayed in the classroom and together prepared for tomorrow.

And then they fled to the park( he was near the school) and looked for the most impassable places, imagining themselves pioneers, hiding from imaginary enemies, building shelters. Even now I remember how we escaped from the chase and he constantly “shooed” at me - well, I did not know how to move silently along dry branches.

Oh my god, it was so interesting!

The next game's scenario was made up by him. And not only invented, but he himself embodied it. Moreover, I never knew beforehand what would happen this time. By the way, I did not then perceive all this as a game, so real were the impressions. How long this lasted is difficult to say now. And then this is what happened.

In the park there was a central linden alley, at the end of which was overgrown with wild dogwood. After another adventure, we climbed onto the dogwood bushes to eat berries. And then she came running - Milka, his former classmate, with whom Sashka had studied before, before leaving him for the second year. Shouted at us and led him away. And I remained sitting on the branches of the dogwood. Understanding that something terrible had happened, came later, when Milka began to enter our class after class every day and take Sasha away.

I remember how I rushed, howled, how I couldn’t find a place for myself, how I hated Milka, how I thought out how to get revenge on her.

I remember how I ran to my mother, scared her to death by crying so badly and could not stop, saying only one thing: “And he left with her, and he left with her, and he left with her. ..”.

Mom went through all the relatives, asking what happened to each of them, until she realized what had happened. She hugged me, hugged me tightly and said: my girl, you fell in love. I remember how deeply I was struck by these adult words.

And recently, my first love story received an unexpected continuation. No, we have not met with Sasha. Just last summer I decided to show the places of my childhood to my granddaughter. We walked through the park. At the end of the linden alley, I was surprised to see those same dogwood thickets, only the berries were still green.

Remembered memories and I told my granddaughter about what happened here many years ago. We sat on a stool, she clung to me and said: "The boys are so inconstant. .." She paused and added: "But I will always love you."

That same linden alley
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