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My first crucian or adventure on fishing

My first crucian or adventure on fishingOff Topic

When we lived in a house by the pond, my only friends were boys. My sisters were younger than me and as friends I did not fit. Small fry, in a word. True, there was a neighbor Zhenya, but she was ...

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The first love

The first loveOff Topic

My childhood, as probably anyone, is a series of bright events. A lot of them. Choose one is difficult. I would like to talk about a lot. But perhaps the most significant is first love. ...

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SvetlanaOff Topic

The village in which I now live is located on the outskirts of the district center. Residents habitually continue to call our part of the city. We are separated from the main part of the city by t...

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Cottage and mood

Cottage and moodOff Topic

I came to the country. It's cold, damp, dull, and the wind is strong. I open the lock on the gate. Seizes. Lends itself not immediately. It will be necessary to grease before leaving.. . I look ...

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Barn Chest, Underground and Kerogas

Barn Chest, Underground and KerogasOff Topic

I was 7-8 years old. She loved to be with her grandparents. We lived in the same village not far from each other, but my sisters and parents lived in a two-room apartment by the pond, and grand...

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