Which to choose a heater

Let us choice heater.

What are heaters

In nature or in the garage is inconvenient to use electric heaters. Which to choose the heater for the cottages. Generator capable of pulling a load, is not at all, or the voltage does not appear at all.

Heater for questioning

Advantages of infrared heaters to combustible fuel

In the west popular heat gun on kerosene. Aviation fuel is considered one of the cleanest, but winter embodiment contains harmful additives. Use it and be careful when in the room do not have children. YouTube is full of clips (in English), where as a fuel for heat guns used waste oil. We do not recommend this - the formation of dense fumes and toxic fumes. Components not only tend to accumulate in the body (perfluorooctanoic acid), but also cause irreversible changes.

Carefully choose the type of heater. Infrared heaters do not bear harm. No need to use their low-quality fuel. Sulfur oxides and outdoor devastating injury will not cause, but it is not recommended to do it often or indoors. Think about it. Hydrocyanic acid and carbon monoxide are odorless. Permissible concentration is restricted by law. Using good fuel reasonable cause harm bit.

From this point of view it is useful to know that the gas contains a number of harmful constituents.

By the way, the smell of these hydrocarbons are deprived. Nasty flavor audible leakage is caused by a special perfume which makes humanity to sense danger well before the explosive concentration.

Every thing its place, and an infrared heater to combustible fuel is good in the winter, in the forest, but in the rooms it is possible to be poisoned by fumes and inhaling toxic fumes. Why infrared heaters on fuel? They give a shock power, unattainable with other conditions. There are industrial heating elements 100 kW or more, but the needs of giant needs a source of energy. Gas infrared heater is rarely seen power less than 4 kW, but issued a model that far exceed this figure. Recognized leaders of street models are umbrellas and fireplaces, running on natural gas. 20 kW infrared heater is enough for a few tables. Take a picnic and the evening will be romantic.

Small gas heater

Fishing indispensable portable gas heaters. The lion's share of them will allow to cook, the bundle includes a specially adapted grille. This is useful in nature. Alcohol stove worse, less heat operation more expensive.

Advantages of electric infrared heaters

What heater opt for flats. Today impressive look infrared model. Putting aside the fireplace, burning fuel, it is a galaxy of film, tube and other emitters. Warm ceiling does not take place, and the floor will be warmer due to the radiation coming from the top. The idea is that the film is equipped with a heating cable. The design is separated from the ceiling insulation. The result is a ceiling gradually begins to radiate down. The intensity is not so great as to cause harm, and the floor is gradually heated.

Infrared heat is not harmful to at nekontroliruem use than is fundamentally different from the ultraviolet, which causes cancer. No wonder needed in nature ozone layer. From this point of view of the infrared type devices useful. Starting and ending wall panels Micatermic radiators protected steel grille. What types of infrared heaters for home there. Tell us where they are placed.

A variety of heaters

  1. First, the floor, ceiling and walls. In each case, the action of infrared heaters different principle. Sex warmed by conduction, and is put under a film heater. Ceiling energy radiates down. Wall panels are good that heated on both sides, and it is useful for the buildings in terms of issuance of freezing point outside the load-bearing structures.
  2. On the walls hang and quartz plates (Teploplit). These infrared heaters are heavy, bulky, inert, but last longer (unless, of course, not to drop especially on the floor). Temperature "battery" is low, the lion's share of heat convection given, but due to the relatively small area accounts for a significant proportion of radiation.
  3. Micatermic infrared heaters consist of steel plates coated mica. This will provide excellent emission characteristics. Is not red hot, 200 degrees Celsius. Dry things on the devices is not recommended, significant heating. The advantage to the oil-based models that area and less weight. This reduces air drying and makes mobile device. Ceiling infrared lamp heater type
  4. Popular infrared heaters ceiling lamp type. Constructed in the form of lighting daylight. The first models were fighting by the presence of the glass bulb, the technical characteristics of the latest generation of heaters from this point of view are excellent. Judge: exudes a steel plate heated by Taine, nothing beat.
  5. Outdoor infrared heaters are often quartz. Lack - easily beating. Glass crack, spiral quickly burn. Some infrared heaters are provided with bulb filled with a mixture of inert gas and halogen. And the spiral metal is not consumed in the course of service. Such infrared heaters high efficiency, inertia existent.

A distinctive feature of infrared heaters is that the lion's share of energy is transferred by radiation, giving warmth subjects, not air. This feature is included in the application. So, Teploplit creates convection currents and Quartz models do not have this. There is a certain relationship between the energy radiated cleared with ascending jets. Different models unequal. Suspended heaters Peony supplied with insulation to heat the ceiling is not passed, and downlighting.

The advantage of the instrument in relative safety. Self-regulating cable does not exceed pledged to plant temperature. So an accident is excluded. The owner, leaving the house, do not worry, that breaks radiators. Tying the boiler does not falter, did not happen ignited the oil heater.

Butter melts more flame and fire heating radiator flow. Infrared heaters for better at home. Amenable to adjustment, heated room only in the right places. The remaining types of devices can not work like this. If you want to dry gloves, choose an oil heater, but if you want to heat your home, do not hesitate! Plug the electronics module and refill the climate via SMS.

Not mentioned vetroduvki and fireplaces. These are specific devices. For the first keep an eye, the second bought for beauty and poorly heated.

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