How to grow white mushrooms in your country


White mushroom is considered the most valuable and most delicious fungus. Find in the forest such mushrooms was considered a great success. This species grows in forests that are not less than fifty years old. However, progress does not stand still and truck farmers came up with how to grow white mushrooms in the country or garden area with their own hands. In this article, we'll show you how to do this step-by-step at home.


Table of contents

  • White mushrooms and conditions for their growth at their dacha
  • Conditions for planting boarocks on the backyard
  • Technology of growing mushrooms in the cellar at home
    • Planting with mycelium
    • Dilution with solution
    • The method of landfill in the suburban area
    • With the help of mycelium in the garden
  • Reproduction of mushrooms by spores in the garden plot

White mushrooms and conditions for their growth at their dacha

For good growth, white fungi need certain conditions - 60% humidity. In drought conditions, even in the presence of moisture in the soil, the fungus ceases to grow. Since the body of the fungus is not protected from evaporation, it withers.

The temperature regime is of great importance for good growth.Spores of fungi can grow at a temperature of +9 degrees, but the optimal temperature for a good growth of fungi is a temperature of +19 to +27 degrees. If the weather is warm and rainy, the growth of mushrooms will continue for 30 days. Grow white mushroom can up to 13 cm, and the diameter of the cap of these fungi will be 1, cm.

The life expectancy of fungi is 13-15 days. After this period of time, the mushroom leg stops growing, after two days the growth is stopped by the cap. At the beginning of the formation of spores, the fungus ages.
To grow mushrooms in the country, it is necessary to provide conditions close to forest

Conditions for planting boarocks on the backyard

Boroviki grow in coniferous forests, as well as in birch groves and in places where oaks and aspens grow. The roots of these trees have a beneficial effect on the growth of mycelium. This feature should be taken into account when planting mushrooms on the plot.Plant a mycelium on the vegetable garden in the place where spruce or pine grows.The resin of these trees has an antiseptic effect, killing around pathogenic infections.

Borovik does not tolerate neighborhood with fruit trees! Close to them, mycelium of mushrooms does not take root!

If there are no pine trees in the garden, you can arrange the mycelium next to the buildings of pine wood.

Mushrooms will grow on the garden plot if you choose the right location away from the fruit trees

Technology of growing mushrooms in the cellar at home

To grow mushrooms, there is no need to create additional lighting. Accordingly, they can easily grow homes in the cellar, if you observe the technology of cultivation. Boroviki grown in the basement will differ from mushrooms that have grown in the natural habitat only with hats that have a lighter color.

When preparing a room for growing mushrooms, it is necessary to adhere to these recommendations:

  • floor, walls and ceiling must be concreted;
  • The walls must be whitewashed with the addition of copper sulfate. This will prevent infection of the mycelium by all sorts of infections;
  • equip additional air ventilation;
  • the temperature in the basement should be maintained from +12 to +15 degrees;
  • The humidity in the basement must be at least 80%.If the humidity is below the required level - create additional moisturizing;
  • The ventilation holes must be tightened with a mosquito net to prevent insects from entering the basement.

For growing mushrooms it is important to prepare a substrate. It can consist of husks of sunflower seeds, dry corn stems or sawdust of deciduous wood. The substrate should be dried well, so that there are no signs of mold or rot. Treat it with hot water.

For the cultivation of mushrooms it is better to use a mycelium grown in a special laboratory. You can try to grow seed from the mycelium brought from the forest, but in this case a positive result is not guaranteed.
In the cellar mushrooms can be grown even in flowerpots

Growing white mushrooms is best in boxes filled with a substrate.To prepare the substrate you will need:

  • hay;
  • sunflower seeds husks;
  • sawdust.

The substrate is sterilized and then layered into boxes. Place the boxes on the shelves, at a distance of 7 cm from each other. The mycelium is buried in a 5 cm substrate. The temperature in the room should be 24 degrees, humidity 88%. At this stage, there is no need to ventilate the room.After the appearance of the first shoots, lower the temperature to 10 degrees and start ventilating the room.

Watering twice a day with a spray. Water for irrigation should be warm. Light turn on for six hours a day.In 21 days you can harvest.

Planting with mycelium

If the mycelium was taken in the forest for growing in the suburban area, then it should be taken into account that it is necessary to plant it under a tree of the same species, otherwise it will not take root. In order to plant the mycelium, it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil with a radius of 70 cm under the tree. from the trunk. The depth of the removed layer should be 26-28 cm.Fill the resulting cavity with the prepared substrate:

  • soil, taken under a tree;
  • leaves and pine needles;
  • the bark of the tree, under which the mycelium are planted.
Growing of ceps on an industrial scale

Put the mixture of mycelium on this mixture and sprinkle it on top of the soil, mixed with sand and pine needles, lightly press. Then pour the soil from the watering can and wait for the appearance of the first mushrooms.

You can also grow mushrooms from hats. To do this, collect the mushroom caps with a diameter of 12-14 cm ten pieces. Hats should not be wormy.Next to the tree, where the mushrooms were also collected:

  • some soil;
  • needles;
  • leaves;
  • twigs.

This will be needed when sowing.Collect the hats washed, put in a bucket with spring water, or water collected during the rain for 24 hours.At the end of this time, the hats should be kneaded to a homogeneous mass. You can wipe them through a sieve. Drain the water separately into the tank and prepare the beds.

The top layer of soil next to the tree should be loosened, poured with water, left from soaking mushroom hats. After the moisture is absorbed, it is necessary to disperse the frayed hats evenly over the surface, sprinkle with the soil taken under this tree and top with water. Soil should be constantly moderate. The water consumption for one tree is 40 liters.The water temperature for irrigation should correspond to the ambient temperature.

When growing mushrooms from hats, one must choose the overripe fruit

Dilution with solution

To grow mushrooms with a solution, it is necessary to take overgrown mushrooms and finely chop them. In the chopped mushrooms add 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of gelatin. In this mixture, pour the water, mix thoroughly and pour the solution around the trees. When the solution merges with the roots of trees, mushrooms are formed. After two seasons, it will be possible to harvest the first harvest of white mushrooms.

The method of landfill in the suburban area

For the cultivation of fungi by this method it is necessary:

  1. Collect the young mushrooms and chop them up finely.
  2. Inject the finely chopped mushrooms next to the tree.
  3. Abundantly watered. The water flow per tree is 40 liters.
  4. The first crop can be harvested after 12 months.
A bed prepared for growing mushrooms by the method of instillation

With the help of mycelium in the garden

If the mycelium is purchased in a specialized store, then it can be planted already in May. Seeding work on sowing of mycelium can be carried out until September.

How to plant. Technology for beginners:

  1. The growing area must be selected under a tree where there is sufficient humidity and lighting. On the area of ​​3 square. meter, it is necessary to remove 30 cm of the top layer of the soil (the mycelium package is designed for such an area).
  2. The bottom is lined with a layer of pine needles, we lay leaves and bark from trees, under which grew white mushrooms. The litter layer must be at least 10 cm.
  3. Sprinkle with humus.
  4. Mix the mycelium with sand and sow on cooked litter. To prevent leaching of the mycelium, it must be sprinkled with humus from above.The layer of humus must be at least not less than thickness, cm.
  5. Pour the area with the help of drip irrigation. If there is no such irrigation, then you can use a watering can.
  6. Ensure that the soil does not dry out on the bed.

After a while on the site of planting a mycelium is formed. With this method of cultivation from one place, you can harvest the mushrooms for five years.

When growing white mushrooms from mycelium, you can collect an impressive crop

Reproduction of mushrooms by spores in the garden plot

If the fungus grows a little, multiply them with a dispute.For this it is necessary to take an overripe mushroom, choose from the bonnet all the flesh. It is similar in structure to a sponge. In this pulp are spores of the fungus. Flesh chop with a knife or grind in a meat grinder to obtain a homogeneous mass. The resulting mass is placed in a two-liter bottle, add 3 teaspoons of sugar, 20 grams of baking yeast, pour this mixture with rain or spring water and place for 10-14 days in warm and dark a place.

Then 150 gr. the resulting liquid diluted in 10 liters of water, strain through several layers of gauze pour into the watering can. Spill this solution near the growing trees. You can also water the garden with newly planted strawberries.

In order for the spores to penetrate deeply into the soil, it is necessary to pour over these areas with rainwater. The places where the spores are sitting should be kept wet. Next season you can harvest mushrooms.

Given the technology of growing mushrooms, taking into account the characteristics of growth and adhering to recommendations, mushroom cultivation is quite realistic.

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