Dishwashing machine MMU - overview of industrial models

Dishwashers are not only such as we used to see them - small and compact, but also impressive powerful units designed for large volumes of dishes and production needs. For home use, they do not fit, but public catering, hotels and restaurants are clearly needed. We offer an overview, in the focus of which the dishwasher MMU - washing machine is universal.

Let's consider the scope, possibilities and the basic model range of these MMPs.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where are produced MMCs
  • 2Overview of MMP models
    • 2.1MMU 1000M
    • 2.2MMU 2000

Where are produced MMCs

Any dishwasher, denoted by the abbreviation MMU, was manufactured in Belarus at the Grodtorgmash plant. JSC "Grodno Machine-Building Plant" for several years produces universal washing equipment of industrial type.

"Grodtorgtash" also produces medical and agricultural equipment, utensils for public catering, equipment for food processing, consumer goods, including water heaters and others goods. The quality of all products meets the standards and is certified by certificates.

Depending on the needs, you can pick up MMU class 1000M or 2000. They are suitable for restaurant complexes with a large flow of customers, airports and railway stations. For more details, see each modification below.

Important! The machine is a universal dishwasher or abbreviated MPU - a product of the same plant. Also on sale it is possible to meet MPF (frontal), MPS (sectional) and MPSK (sectional cassette), created for different production needs.

As for school canteens, their needs will be fully satisfied with simple modifications of MMUs - 500 or 700. These are cassette options for small dining rooms (up to hundreds of visitors), there are tunnel designs of class 100M.

Overview of MMP models

MMU 1000M

A universal tunnel dishwasher can be used to wash dishes, soup tureen, glasses, cutlery and trays up to 53x3, Can be connected to water of any temperature. The operation of the PMM involves the use of a washing "chemistry".

The body and main components of the appliance are made of high-quality stainless steel. All operations do not require intervention, occur in automatic mode. The norm of a single load on the passport is 1600 plates, volume, l and diameters of 24 cm. The total power of the device - 3, kW, water heater - 24 kW.

Like most professional dishwashers of conveyor and tunnel type, requires a three-phase connection to a 380 V network. The flow of water passing through the heater for 1 hour is 200 liters. The conveyor moves at a speed of 8 m / min. Dimensions of the structure (ШхДхВ): 105х370х130 cm. The weight of the machine is more than half a ton: 535 kg. The instructions state that if the operating rules are observed, the service life is at least 8 years. The MMU 1000M is accompanied by a quality certificate (see. a photo).

The main advantages of the universal 1000M washing machine before the previous model MMU-1000:

  • The productivity is higher by 200 plates per hour;
  • minus 3 kW of power;
  • preliminary cleaning is provided;
  • more light shower for washing and rinsing;
  • reducing the number of trays and curtains to improve the quality of sanitation;
  • The design is complemented by an Italian dispenser;
  • Access to bunkers with detergent and food residues is greatly facilitated;
  • the possibility of visual control of the level of washing "chemistry" is introduced;
  • the aesthetics of the construction are improved due to the finishing of the cladding (stainless steel is used).

The cost of the model according to the data of YandexMarket starts from 435 000 rubles.

MMU 2000

A more powerful model that can wash not only ordinary utensils and kitchen utensils, but kitchen utensils, including pans of various sizes and baking trays, up to 53x3, It is intended for public catering with the possibility of connecting to hot water.

Technical characteristics of the model:

  • Capacity for the number of plates is 3100 pieces.
  • Power - 34 kW.
  • The water consumption is 400 liters.
  • Weight - 640 kg.
  • The dimensions are 480x105x130 cm (length, width and height, respectively).

Secondary rinsing in this model is due to the hot water to which the PMM is connected. Requirements for running water temperature: not less than 85 degrees. The washing temperature is 40 degrees.

The price of MMU 2000 is 51, 00 rubles at the time of writing.

Important! To buy MMU 1000M or MMU 2000 and other products of the plant in Russia, you do not need to order goods from Belarus. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are trading partners of the plant, such as "Rustorgmash" in Smolensk, "AGROTECHIMPORT" in the city of Vladimir, OOO Mashtam in Moscow and others.

So, we have considered two excellent models, which are suitable for enterprises of different levels, with a different flow of visitors. In general, the feedback on the products of the Belarusian production is only positive - the Grodno enterprise offers a really high-quality product at a reasonable cost.

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