Apach Dishwasher Review( Apache): characteristics of professional models

If you are planning to open your catering business, you cannot do without professional equipment. Which brand to prefer? In this article we will introduce you to the features of Apach dishwashers in general and with the characteristics of individual models.

Assertionand advantages of Apache dishwashers

The main "trumps" of this brand: good value for money, well-established after-sales service. When ordering professional equipment in the kitchen, it is not always easy to find a master or service that will help to deal with the problem. Therefore, in the instructions, the manufacturer indicates the decoding of error codes that may appear on the display of the machines.

Dishwashing equipment "Apache" is represented by the following types:

  • Front. Compared to other types of machines, front-load PMMs are the most compact. Dishes placed in the cassette through the front door. Installed in small establishments, the performance reaches 800 plates per hour. The equipment can be built under the bar counter( glass washing) or under the countertop.
  • Dome .With proper equipment from the additional tables, the operator will not have to expend efforts to load the dishes. Plates are placed in baskets, which move along the guides under the dome. There are counterweights for smooth closure. As soon as it goes down, the wash begins. For an hour you can wash from 1000 to 1200 plates.
  • Conveyor( tunnel). They can be of two types: the dishes are placed in baskets and moving along a conveyor belt or they are drawn up directly onto a belt. This is a large-sized equipment that is suitable for large institutions.
  • For washing inventory( pan washing). Used to clean large-sized utensils: pots, boilers, baking trays.

Let us analyze the characteristics of each individual model.


dishwasher review Let's start with a compact front dishwasher.

Apach AF 500 DD

A small dishwasher with dimensions of 58x60x83 cm is perfect for a cafe, bar, bistro for washing serving sets, glasses, saucers. The efficiency is 30-40 baskets per hour, 50x50 cm in size.

The doors are made with double skin. Well keep heat, reduce noise during washing. Effective cleaning is provided by stainless steel sprayers. Their nozzles are made of plastic, so scale does not accumulate in them. The case of the model, as well as the drain filter, is made of steel of type AiSi 304.

In addition, you can order a pump for forced pumping of water. The doors open to a height of 34.5 cm, which allows you to wash glasses with a height of 32.5 cm. The water consumption per cycle is quite economical - 2.8 liters. This model is the most popular among users.

Cost - from 110,000 rubles.

Apach AF 401

The glass washing machine with dimensions of 44x53x67 cm can be installed under the countertop. An excellent choice for a bar or a small cafe. The height of the window for loading dishes is 29.5 cm, so you can place glasses and glasses with a height of 25.5 cm.

The doors, as in the previous case, were double insulated. Since the wash takes place at a high temperature, the operator is protected from possible burns. The chamber has one steel sprinkler with plastic nozzles.

Cassettes for dishes - 385x385 mm. Performance - 30 baskets per hour. One wash cycle lasts 120 seconds. During this time, glass products are completely cleaned, and due to the presence of a rinse dispenser, they acquire luster. Connection can be made to the hot water supply.

Price - from 69,400 rubles.

We turn to dome-type dishwashers. In this lineup one model.

Apach AC 800 DD

Dome machine with case dimensions of 70.6x80x147 cm. In one hour it can serve from 30 to 40 baskets( 50x50 cm) or 540-720 items. Can wash various dishes: glasses, cutlery cups, plates.

Thanks to the large loading slot( 430 mm), objects with a height of 400 mm can be placed in the chamber. Two steel diffusers are provided. Electromechanical control allows you to choose from two modes of duration:

  • 120 seconds.
  • 180 seconds.

Dispensers for washing and rinsing agents with pump installed. During the cycle the machine consumes 2.4 liters of water. The set includes three baskets and one tray for forks, spoons, knives.

Cost - from 202,400 rubles.

Koveierny dishwashers also do not please with the wide range.

Apach ARC 100

Loaf dishwasher of cassette type. Case dimensions: 115x77x156.5 cm. For an hour, it can process from 50 to 100 baskets, dimensions 50x50 cm, or 1,800 items. Electronic control allows you to choose from two speeds of movement of the conveyor. Used for washing assorted dishes from glasses to trays.

For a cycle the water consumption is small - 1.8 liters. Two wash cycles lasting 120 and 180 seconds. To improve the performance of the machine, you can retrofit the model with tables for prewash and drying, as well as for drafting clean dishes. It is possible to connect to hot and cold water.

Price - from 578,500 rubles.

Apach AK901

Pan washing machine for cleaning large dishes and equipment in the kitchen: pots, trays, gastronome containers, meat grinders, vegetable cutters. The body is completely made of stainless steel, its dimensions: 72x78x170 cm. The camera is made in a seamless way. The Thermostop function maintains the set temperature during rinsing.

The door consists of two parts: the upper one rises up to 650 mm, the lower one - downwards and forward, forming a table top for loading dishes. Capacity per hour is 30 cassettes 550x610 mm in size. There are three washing cycles.

Cost - from 463,700 rubles.

By comparing the characteristics of the Apach PMM, you can choose the best dishwasher for your establishment. Installation and connection to communications is recommended to entrust a specialist.

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