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Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviewsBrand Overview

Are you interested in the Elenberg dishwasher? We bring to your attention a detailed overview: information about the trademark, description of popular models and user reviews. Content of the materi...

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Review of Krupps dishwashers: features, pros and cons

Review of Krupps dishwashers: features, pros and consBrand Overview

If you need a quality and reliable professional dishwasher - Krupps offers a huge range. Characteristics of different types, prices, information about the company you will find in our article. Cont...

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Review of Bosch Dishwashers

Review of Bosch DishwashersBrand Overview

If you read our review, then you are thinking about buying a Bosch dishwasher. This is not surprising: the company "Bosch" has long established itself as a successful manufacturer of household appl...

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Overview of Mach Dishwashers: Specifications

Overview of Mach Dishwashers: SpecificationsBrand Overview

Professional dishwashers Mach differ reliability and simplicity: the company uses steel parts and does not replace them with plastic ones. Today it offers small glass-washing and large-size conveyo...

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Overview of Silanos Dishwashers (Silanos): Specifications

Overview of Silanos Dishwashers (Silanos): SpecificationsBrand Overview

Are you choosing equipment for a catering establishment? We bring to your attention the trade mark Silanos: under this brand dishwashers are made for restaurant business and canteens. The Silanos d...

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Review of Hobart dishwashers (Hobart): specifications

Review of Hobart dishwashers (Hobart): specificationsBrand Overview

Hobart - dishwasher for industrial purposes. You will get a really professional technique from a German manufacturer. What are the features of Hobart dishwashers, what is their model range, the mai...

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Review of dishwashers Amika (Amica) for cafes and restaurants

Review of dishwashers Amika (Amica) for cafes and restaurantsBrand Overview

The Amika dishwashers are manufactured by an Italian company that is part of the Eurotec holding. Professional kitchen equipment meets all sanitary and environmental standards. All cars are accompa...

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Overview of Elettrobar dishwashers: characteristics

Overview of Elettrobar dishwashers: characteristicsBrand Overview

Elettrobar dishwashers are manufactured in Italy. Equipped with new technologies to conserve resources and protect the environment, the quality of products complies with ISO 900: 008. The company i...

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Browse Winterhalter Dishwashers

Browse Winterhalter DishwashersBrand Overview

Equipping the kitchen with high-quality industrial equipment, one should not forget about a powerful dishwasher. We continue to acquaint you with the best representatives of this industry. This rev...

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Review of Kromo Dishwashers

Review of Kromo DishwashersBrand Overview

We bring to your attention the Kromo product overview - the dishwasher of this company will be an excellent choice for professional kitchens. In the article you will find information about the comp...

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