Sprouted tomato seedlings - what to do, how to be?

If there was a trouble - stretched out seedlings of tomatoes - what to do? Growing tomatoes from seedlings is a delicate matter, but the result justifies all the efforts expended. Many gardeners, gardeners are engaged in pre-planting seedlings at home, but not always these conditions meet the requirements for the correct process of cultivation. Someone goes to the north side of the window, someone lives where the sun is a rare visitor, someone simply misses the point of temperature drop due to certain circumstances. This article will tell you about the most frequently used methods of saving tomato bushes, even before landing in a garden or a greenhouse.



  • Why did tomato seedlings grow out?
  • If the tomato seedlings are stretched, how to fix it
Seedlings close, so it stretched out

The reasons for stretching the seedlings of tomatoes are somewhat, even if you will scrupulously observe all the rules for caring for young seedlings, such a problem can still happen. When stretching, the stems of the plants become very thin, high, if you do not take measures, then you will not get a crop from them. However, the problem is solved quite simply. To begin with we will find out the reasons which promote lengthening of seedlings.

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Why did tomato seedlings grow out?

The main reasons why the tomato seedlings stretched out:

  1. Lighting. Like all living things on earth, tomato sprouts are attracted to the light, and if this light is not enough, then the plant begins to "look for" it and even more actively stretches upward. Saplings may not have enough light if your apartment is on the shady side or in the room most of the day there is a twilight.
    Low light - the reason for stretching seedlings

    Or it may be that there is enough light, but you sowed the seeds too much, so the sprouted seedlings of tomatoes obstruct each other's lighting. Here the rule works - it's better less, yes it's better. Let you have fewer bushes, but they will all be strong, sturdy than thick, but absolutely useless shoots.

  2. Excessive concern. Excessive attention can also be harmed. Thus, excessive watering or abuse of fertilizing can give seedlings an incentive for active growth, and stretching will not keep you waiting. Remember one of the basic rules for care - seedlings of tomatoes are watered only when you see a dry ground.
  3. Non-observance of the temperature regime. The omission of the moment when the sprouts germinated and went skyward. Here it is necessary to lower the temperature in the zone where the seedlings stay, so that, until the moment of picking, it should stay in the proper form and phase of development.
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If the tomato seedlings are stretched, how to fix it

Weak, elongated plants fall

The main reasons for pulling out you know - for the future take into account all the nuances. Now we list the ways to save seedlings:

  1. You can plant seedlings in boxes or other long containers. In the ground, we make smooth furrows, and do not dig too deep holes (8-10 cm is enough). Carefully separate the sprouts from the "family those that look stronger than others, then one is transplanted to a new place of residence. The main nuance is that the planting of elongated seedlings of tomatoes is practically lying, but at the same time, the upper part of it should be looking up from the ground vertically. Before planting the holes should be well watered, then put inside the bushes, first gently prisypaya root of the earth, along the way vertically raising the top of the tomato. Thus, the roots and the long part of the stem will be hidden under a layer of soil, new roots will be formed from the stem. The top with leaves remains at the top, the distance between the bush should be about 15-20 cm, the soil is slightly pressed, the seedlings are watered.
  2. We pinch off the tops, put them into the water. At the same time, 5-6 leaves should remain on the bush. After 7-10 days on the cropped fragment, the roots will begin to form, after they grow to -2 cm, they can be planted in the ground. Thus, you get additional livestock of new tomato bushes, because in the remaining lower part of the seedling there will also be new stepchildren (at the site of the cut). To do this, we leave about 1 cm of the part of the stem that is above the cotyledonous leaves, the rest is removed. The seedling itself is transplanted into a separate glass, so that 2-3 cm of stalk and cotyledon leaves are visible above the soil surface. To quickly sprouted stepsons, containers with sprouts can be covered with a plastic film.
  3. What if the tomato seedlings stretched to a pick? Filling the soil in a container with seedlings is the simplest, inexpensive, effective way to save future tomatoes. You take a spoon with fertile soil, gently pour it to the sprouts. Dosage should be so that up to the cotyledon leaves 2-3 cm, and the rest was hidden by the earth. Here the question arises, how to increase the height of the container, in which the seedlings grow, because the ground somewhere needs to be poured? It is advisable to use improvised materials: plastic bottles of suitable diameter, which cut the neck and the bottom. Also suitable plastic cups, designed in a similar example, non-toxic sheet building materials, which you can wrap a pot and "build up" the height.

Now you know that the situation with stretching can be corrected. Of course, one should try to ensure that the planting process does not occur without such nuances - then such a wonderful seedling will turn out.

Strong good seedlings

But if it suddenly happened that you have stretched tomato seedlings, what to do - you now know.

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