Peat tablets for seedlings, how to use - experience

A relatively new invention - peat tablets for seedlings. How to use - someone has already mastered this new product, and some do not know. Soon the summer season - and our hands do not want to sit without work. After all, no gardener will wait passively for the start of the season. We sort out the old stocks of seeds, buy new ones, think about how, where we will grow seedlings, what capacities we will choose for this. I myself use peat tablets for seedlings. The growing process is much easier. I will share my experience, tell you what it is.

  • What are peat tablets, what are they convenient for
  • Peat tabletsdifferent sizes - the diameter varies from 2 to 7 cm, the height of all is approximately the same from 1 to 1.5 cm. Peat tablets with a diameter of 4 cm are suitable for seedlings of vegetables( tomatoes, peppers, eggplants), and for small seedsPetunia type - 2 cm.

    How are they comfortable? First, take up little space. Secondly, it is a fairly clean way to grow seedlings at home. Thirdly, they are not stressed when picking.

    Peat tablet is a ready-to-peat soil substrate with an ideal content of organic-mineral additives, covered on top with a thin mesh-shell that does not prevent the growth of roots outside, the penetration of moisture, and air into it.

    What are good peat tablets? I repeat, but this is the most important plus of their use. Good for the fact that plants under transplant are not under stress. You will dive the seedlings either in a more spacious container, or directly into the open ground, greenhouse, without removing the plant from the swollen peat tablet. This is especially important for plants with fragile root systems. For example, they are ideal for growing seedlings of peppers, eggplants, and seed potatoes.

    Do not think that the thin shell of the peat tablet when planted dissolves in the ground. No, in the fall, removing plants from the site, you will see that the mesh-shell has remained at the root. But this should not alarm you. I have already said that the roots freely penetrate the shell, it does not interfere with the further development of the plant.

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    Peat tablets, how to use

    So, what to do with peat tablets? When I used them for the first time, I placed the dry peat tablets inside the plastic container( the lid of the cake packaging).But there was no one to suggest that I chose a too shallow cover. Of course, the plants grew, but the top of the peat tablets( shell, substrate) dried up very quickly - it was unlikely that the seedlings were comfortable, although I tried to water them more often. This is very clearly seen in the lower picture - the leaves of eggplants were slightly twisted all the time.

    Peat tablets with eggplant seedlings
    Peat tablets with shoots of lobelia

    In the same year I sowed very small flower seeds of lobelia in peat tablets, which I placed in spacious cells under cupcakes. I also had to tinker with them - they dried up very quickly.

    So, taking into account my sad experience, choose a container for placing peat tablets with a height of at least 10 cm. And they themselves should be in cells whose diameter is slightly larger, or that they are pressed more closely to each other.

    You can lay out peat tablets randomly, trying to keep empty spaces as small as possible. They will increase their volume in height, and their diameter practically does not increase. Then pour them at room temperature. Water peat tablets absorb quickly enough. As soon as everyone is swollen, they have acquired the same height( 7-8 cm) - the excess moisture must be drained. Now everything is ready for planting seeds.

    A cassette for peat tablets

    I liked the result of growing seedlings in peat tablets so much( although I made some mistakes) that I bought special cassettes for the next season. Now a large selection of cassettes for growing seedlings. There are cartridges with pallets, there are pallets and covers - these are called mini-greenhouses.

    If peat tablets can be used only once, then the cassettes with careful application - a few seasons. What else are good tapes? The fact that the substrate with a seed or a plant is surrounded on all sides by the walls of the cell and, therefore, does not dry so quickly - it is possible to water less frequently.

    The composition of peat tablets already includes the necessary nutrients for plant development in the first stage. But I add a drop of growth stimulant to the water for the first watering - HB -101( 1 drop per 1 liter of water).

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    How to plant

    seeds in peat tablets I plant previously wetted vegetable seeds. Experimentally concluded that this saves seed material. First of all, almost all the seeds sprout, because I don’t plant uncurrent seeds. Secondly, one peat tablet - one seed - and this means I will not thin out any more.

    I place the seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants inside the recess in the center of the peat tablet, press it lightly with a finger so that it plunges to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. You can sprinkle it on top with soil or vermiculite. Celery seeds, petunias must remain on the surface, they do not need to be filled up, otherwise they will not germinate.

    Cassette - peat tablets are sprinkled on top with primer.

    A container with freshly sown seeds must be covered with a transparent film or a lid to create the desired microclimate inside and put in a warm place. As soon as shoots appear, the film or cover is removed.

    Further care of the seedlings does not differ from the classic. About this is written in sufficient detail here: When to sow seeds of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants for seedlings.

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    Peat tablets - reviews

    I used such tablets for reproduction of violets. Very comfortably. And not a single missing leaf.
    http: // review_1060611.html # debug
    After reading positive reviews about peat tablets on gardening gardeners, I decided to grow my seedlings with them. I must say, the seeds are not soaked. Soaked pills, and when they grew up, planted dry seeds of tomatoes, lupine, geraniums. Almost everything came up, even hard lupine peas gave sprouts. Useful jars of cheese and cottage cheese, as a container for tablets. And when the roots began to break free, transplanted the plants into plastic cups.
    http: // torfyanye-tabletki-moi-pervyi-opyt
    Peat tablets are very convenient in many cases. It is just necessary to take into account the fact that the plant can develop there for a very short time. I use them when there is very little seed, also for rooting rare cuttings. For example, for a long time I could not grow a fuchsia from a leaf, but with a peat tablet this was possible on the first attempt.
    Klava Ivanova
    https: // 21840323
    Yes, I grew peppers in tablets. They liked it!!!Me too: -).Cucumbers turned out great. And the rest is still in the ground. Expensive. I’m planting 150 roots of tomatoes, as many peppers, without saying anything else.
    http: // post211734115
    I agree that the tablets are expensive)) But I still buy them for planting expensive petunia seeds and for cucumbers. I do not use peat pots, money transfer( (I adapted to buy a set - tablets with jesiki containers: capacity for 12 plants + 12 tablets + tray - only 47 p.
    http: // tabletki-torfyanye-protiv-kokosovyh-vse-za-i-protiv-41420.html


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