Lawnmower Craftsman - a tool for gardeners to work on the slopes

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In the age of globalization, once-overseas miracles become the property of all interested people. Lawnmower Craftsman refers to these units. The highest quality and functionality of the models are due to the creation of a brand with an enviable reputation. History confirms that the well-known world leader of Husqvarna tools, in partnership with Sears, organized production under the brand Craftsman. The company, which was spun off from the founder, is in America.

Distinctive features of garden brakes on wheels Kraftsman

If the demanding user searches for a model that approaches the ideal price, quality, or price, the information deserves attention.

In the 40s of the last century, it was in America that the first lawn mowers with a lifetime guarantee were produced. The proof of quality is that these tools are still working.

The company Krattsman on lawn mowers gives a two-year guarantee to any buyer on any continent.

In addition to the US, the production of aggregates is established in Italy by a well-known manufacturer of quality machinery. Unique in reliability machines characterize:

  • A wide range of models of different profiles and price range;
  • application of gasoline engines of Briggs & Stratton, Honda;
  • start system with electronic ignition allows you to work on the mechanism of a woman, and the launch of the starter uses "easy start
  • Large rear wheels make the unit well-controlled;
  • A special lubrication system allows working with a slope of up to 45.
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Lawnmower Craftsman will be able to work on a stony site, a slope, a plain, in small passages between the flower beds, and autonomously, according to a preliminary task. It was such machines that became a hit of 2016. For convenience, it is possible to install an herbal bag with one hand. The device is controlled from both hands, for the left-hander and with the right working hand.

Before each start-up of the mechanism, it is necessary to check the oil level, the tightening of the fasteners, the sharpness and cleanliness of the blades.

For fans of independent walks with machinery on the lawn, low-noise and easy-to-manage Craftsman lawn mowers are offered, which are much cheaper and pleasant in operation. The company has the honor to offer the user the following designs:

  1. Electric lawn mowers. They are convenient for maintenance of small lawns, pre-house territory with an existing electrical network of 220 V. The devices are light, low-noise and reliable in operation under normal weather conditions.
  2. Craftsman gasoline lawn mowers are mobile, used for processing any areas, but depending on the method of lubrication, some of them can not work on slopes. Non-self-propelled models are easy to operate, self-propelled vehicles have more options.
  3. Automatic lawn mowers work without the presence of a person, but for a given program or with remote control.

As an example of technology, we will bring the Craftsman 77374 lawn mower.

Immediately the disproportionately large wheels of the instrument are thrown into the eye. But it is thanks to these wheels for the Craftsman lawnmower that there are no forbidden landforms. Equipped with Honda engine, capacity in, l. With., the mower will get wherever the person following it can go. Note that there are only two wheels, the trimmer with a fishing line is working ahead, cutting the grass. In addition, a powerful cutter is not afraid to walk through thickets of lignified branches of nettle, prune the twigs of bushes that have grown out of place. The width of the lawn mower is 56 cm. The product is sold more than 35 thousand rubles.

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Maintenance and repair of branded products Kraftsman

First and foremost, care should be taken to ensure that overseas technology serves as long as possible without repair. You can make the first start by carrying out all the preparatory work, as it is written in the maintenance instruction. The less the load on the mechanism of cutting grass, the better. Based on the expediency:

  • knives should always be sharp;
  • The butter is new;
  • fuel of high quality;
  • the air filter is clean;
  • The fixing nuts are tightened.

The charger of the lawnmower electric starter is rated at 110 V. Therefore, a step-down transformer is required immediately.

During the warranty period, penetration into the seals is a violation of the contract. Therefore, in order to repair the Krattsman lawnmowers, you should only contact the service centers listed on the official website of the company. Planned maintenance of complex equipment is also better to entrust to specialists. At the production stage, there is strict control and rejection of details of questionable quality. If due to the fault of the company a breakdown of the mechanism occurs, repair and delivery of the units are made free of charge.

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Craftsman lawnmower knife is made of special steel with an ideal sharpening of the blades. In the lawnmower set there is a knife for mowing grass and for mulching. The effectiveness of mowing, the beauty of the lawn, depends on the quality of the knives. Therefore, you can only use branded cutters or from proven manufacturers. An incorrect knife can lead to "alopecia" of the lawn, premature production of the bushes and crankshaft.

Using curly and straight knives, one should not forget about their purpose. The mulching knife can not be put in place of a cutter. When buying a knife, do not forget about the quality fasteners to it and good alignment.

Craftsman lawn mower parts are purchased in the same service centers that serve the machinery. In this case, the delivery of parts must be licensed, and each part has a certificate of conformity.


The real mower Kraftsman is supplied without any trace of oil and gasoline.

Buying a product, you need to understand, in addition to the Craftsman brand on labels and advertising labels, there may be a Husqvarna logo, since it is the manufacturer of the main brand. But in this case, the originality of the goods must be confirmed by documents and a guarantee obligation for a period of 2 years.

All Craftsman Lawn Mower - video

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