What is the fast washing mode in the washing machine

Any automatic washing machine has a quick wash mode. So, the user can refresh things for daily wear, while spending a minimum of time and energy.

In the article we will consider how to choose the right program in different models of washers, and also when to use it correctly.

Content of the material:

  • 1Advantages and disadvantages of fast washing
    • 1.1How long does the fast wash last?
    • 1.2How to use the mode correctly
  • 2What to do if fast washing does not work
  • 3Quick wash icons on washing machines

Advantages and disadvantages of fast washing

It would seem that the function "Quick wash" can always be used, because it is convenient and economical. But this is not so.

The point is that the program runs at low temperatures. In such conditions, you can wash the slightly soiled things that you change every day: t-shirts, socks, shirts, blouses. In this case, the fabric should not have complicated and old spots. A quick cycle allows you to refresh your clothes and save it from an unpleasant smell.


  • It is ineffective in this mode to wash heavily soiled and worn things.
  • Towels and linen are not washed properly.
  • This is an intensive program, so it is not suitable for thin, delicate fabrics, as well as things that require manual washing.
  • The maximum effect can be obtained with half the drum loading. Detergent should also be used less. At low temperatures, the granules of the powder dissolve poorly, so when fully loaded, the laundry will not be rinsed.

How many degrees does fast mode work? The water temperature is 30-40 degrees. Use the program can not always, because to remove dust mites and persistent dirt you need to run a full wash cycle at 60 degrees.

If you feel a musty smell from the laundry or from the drum, this indicates that it's time to start the cycle with hot water. The constant work of the washing machine in cold water leads to the formation of mold and fungus on the hatch of the hatch, which then fall on your clothes.

How long does the fast wash last?

How many minutes does "Fast washing" last? Depending on the model of the washing machine, the cycle time is from 30 to 40 minutes. There is a program "Super-fast washing which will take 15 minutes.

Despite the short cycle time, the machine spends it completely: washing, rinsing, spinning.

How to use the mode correctly

Before you load, sort the laundry. Separate things from each other by the type of fabric, separate the white clothes from the colored one. Strongly soiled laundry with stains set aside for a full wash cycle.

For the best quality of washing, proceed as follows:

  • Pre-soak things for 20 minutes.
  • Complex stains with soap.
  • Press the laundry and load into the washing machine.
  • Turn on the "Quick wash" program.

So, by consuming less electricity, you can clean things up qualitatively.

What to do if fast washing does not work

If this program does not work in your machine or there is no mode with this name at all, pay attention to other cycles. At different manufacturers this mode can be called "Fast washing "Accelerated "Express mode "Fast 30" and so on. All programs that last less than 40 minutes, you are suitable.

If you do not know how to install and enable a fast program, you will be prompted by special icons on the control panel. Turn the toggle switch so that it points to the mode designation, and start the program.

This also applies to machines with vertical loading.

It happens that the mode does not start at all, the light flashes. Then check that the door is closed properly. If everything is OK, restart the Stiralk by doing so:

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes.
  • Turn on Stiralka again. If the program started normally, then there was an error in the system.

Quick wash icons on washing machines

Let's consider, how the fast program at different manufacturers is designated:

  • In the Bosch washing machine (Bosch) there are several varieties of this mode. Quick wash for mixed laundry, which does not require special care. It is indicated by a badge in the form of a dress, shirt and body. A short program "Super-fast washing" is also provided, lasting 15 minutes. It is indicated by the dial.
  • Manufacturers of SMA Samsung (Samsung) took care of convenient navigation, so they simply signed all the modes. For softly soiled laundry, the "Quick 29" mode is activated.
  • For the machines Hotpoint-Ariston (Ariston) developed two programs: "Fast wash 60 and 30". One program allows you to wash things at 60 degrees, the other at 30.
  • The Siemens control panel (Siemens) has two "Super" mode symbols - a duration of 15 and 30 minutes. This is the dial icon on the panel.
  • Manufacturers LG (AlGe) also decided not to come up with a designation and signed the program "Fast 30". At 30 degrees you can wash cotton and synthetic things.
  • The icon on the CM Indesit (Indesite) is made in the form of a dial, which means "Fast 30".
  • A pelvis with a figure of 32 on the Candy panel means that you can start a quick program.
  • Symbols on washing machines Veko, Zanussi and Electrolux are exactly the same as those of other models.

Having understood, you will properly take care of the things, choosing the desired washing mode.

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