Washing modes and times in the washing machine Whirlpool

Proper operation of the washing machine prolongs its work for many years. Therefore, when installing programs during washing, the user must accurately understand what they are intended for and how to use them correctly.

Washing modes on the CoA Whirlpool are not difficult to choose, because they all have names. Buttons with additional functions are also signed.

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  • 1Table of programs in the typewriter Whirlpool (Whirlpool): description and designation
    • 1.1Basic modes
    • 1.2Additional programs and functions
    • 1.3How to choose the washing mode correctly

Table of programs in the typewriter Whirlpool (Whirlpool): description and designation

As in the other models, the Virpul stirrers have basic and additional programs. Also useful functions are included, due to which high efficiency of washing is achieved.

Basic modes

Name Description Approximate washing time *
Cotton Washing of cotton things and linen with heavy soiling. Passes in hot water, the temperature of which can be regulated. The maximum spin allows you to carefully unscrew the clothes from natural fabrics. 110-165 minutes (depends on the selected temperature).
Synthetics The water temperature in some models is adjustable from 30 to 60 degrees. You can wash things out of synthetic, mixed fabrics. 85-100 minutes (depends on water temperature).
Prewash This machine "soaking". Using this mode, you can wash heavily soiled laundry. Long stay in the heated water allows the powder to penetrate better into the tissue, after which the usual washing is carried out. +20 minutes to the duration of the main mode.
Wool You can take care of things made of wool and cashmere even in a washing machine. A special program provides for a measured rotation of the drum and a large amount of water. Spin is minimal. 45 minutes.
Delicate washing mode For a delicate fabric: silk, organza, lace. It is held at 30 degrees, so clothes do not deform, do not lose shape. Spin can be absent or be at the minimum mark. 45 minutes.
Quick wash Used for lightly soiled things, passes in cold water at 30 degrees. 15-30 minutes.
Daily washing Abbreviated mode is used to care for linen with daily wear. Water heats up to 40 degrees. 85-120 minutes (depends on the type of tissue).

* In the example table, see the exact instructions for your Whirlpool model.

Additional programs and functions

Name Description
Balancing function of drum When the imbalance arises, the drum will unwind in different directions, evenly distributing the laundry. If this is not possible, the spin will not be performed.
Foaming control Excess foam immediately removed from the drum, which allows you to normally rinse the laundry.
Antibacterial Steam treatment allows you to remove complex contaminants and disinfect the laundry.
Dosage recommendations and Sixth Sense Smart functions help determine the weight of the laundry and, in accordance with this, use the necessary amount of detergent.
Protection from children The function locks the control panel, protecting against accidental pressing.
AquaStop Protection against leakage. In the event of malfunctions, the valves close without passing water.
Colors 15 ° You can erase colored things without worrying that they are shedding. At a temperature of 15 degrees, the tissues retain color, but at the same time they are washed as qualitatively as at 40 degrees.
Delayed start Convenient mode. Before leaving for work, you load things into the drum and set a convenient time to start washing. After coming home, it remains only to pull out and hang up the laundry.
ZEN technology The direct-drive engine allows to carry out high-quality spinning of linen at low speeds.

Designations for all modes for a particular model (Whirlpool awg 853 800, Whirlpool awg 875, Whirlpool awg 222 and others) can be found in the instruction manual.

How to choose the washing mode correctly

If you do not know how to configure and install the program, look carefully at the control panel. The program selector and the wash temperature are selected using the selector. Pressing the key, you can make a choice of an additional function. The program time will depend on the set mode.

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