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  • 8 ways to decorate the dining area in the kitchen

The table and chairs are bought, the place for them is chosen, what's next? How to make the dining area in the kitchen look cozy and beautiful? In this material you will find 8 ideas and 50 photo-examples of how you can decorate a dining table, as well as walls and space near it.

8 ways to decorate the dining area in the kitchen

Tip 1. Carpet - the best way to distinguish a dining area

The carpet will mark the boundaries of the dining area, visually allocate it and, in addition, make it more comfortable, especially if the kitchen floor is tiled.

The shape of the carpet should be chosen in accordance with the shape of the table. For example, for a round table you should choose a round or square carpet, and for a rectangular table - a rectangular (or oval).

And to make the carpet easy to clean and not to mark, choose a lint-free or short-curved nylon or wool coating.


Tip 2. The lamp hung directly above the table is the prerogative of not only the grand dining room, but also the dining area in the kitchen

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This technique will not only create pleasant lighting and highlight the dining area, but also give it a grand look. True, the transfer of the lamp from the center to the section above the table should be planned long before the repair. However, this can be done together with the installation of a stretch ceiling at any time.


It is desirable that the fixtures can be easily adjusted along the length. Then, by lowering the plafond / shade lower, you can create a cozy light at dinner. And lifting high under the ceiling - create a general lighting of the kitchen. By the way, for lighting the dining area, it is worth choosing light bulbs of a warm yellow spectrum, then the food on the table will look more appetizing.

If the transfer of the lamp is no longer possible, you can always hang the wall on the wall near table (example in the photo) or put the table lamp on the windowsill if the dining area is located at window.

Tip 3. Pictures, posters and other decorations on the wall near the table will give the kitchen a complete look

The design of the dining area almost always requires decorating the wall near the table with some decor. Correctly selected decoration, for example, a picture, can "make friends" with incongruous elements of the situation, refine the interior, reflect your taste and will please the household during meals.

Since the wall at the dining table is always at risk of getting dirty, it is not worth it to decorate it with paintings or posters without glass. If you want to buy modular paintings or posters on stretchers, we recommend to make sure that the image is printed with more resistant eco-solvent, rather than pigmented ink.


Traditionally, the walls at the dinner table make out:

  • Pictures.
  • Posters.

Such a poster with an ancient map of the world can be ordered in any size on the site


Retro poster in the interior of the kitchen

  • Photos or photo-posters.
  • Decorative plates.

  • Wall clock.

To make a wall near the table it is possible and non-standard, for example:

  • Mirror (large or, for example, in the form of the sun, fish eye).
  • Wooden boards.

  • Slate or cork board with messages.
  • Decorative trays, for example, Zhostovo as in the photo below.

  • Interior letters and words.
  • Empty frames.

Tip 4. Do you want coziness? Just put the pillows on the chairs

Even the most simple chairs, a bench, a sofa or stools can be made more comfortable and beautiful with the help of pillows, capes (for example, fur) or covers. Washing you will definitely increase, but the kitchen will be very cozy.


Tip 5. Tracks and / or countertops - garnish and protect the table

While tablecloths are more suitable for festive serving, tracks and subtitles are needed every day. Having in their stocks several sets of such "dresses" for the table, you can easily change the design of the dining area in the mood.

  • The path on the table
  • Lace in the table setting
  • Container in the design of the table

Tip 6. Everything that always stands on the table must be beautiful

All that is always on the dining table, namely salt, pepper, sugar bowl, a glass for toothpicks, napkin, etc. should be beautiful and quality. What else can you put on the table to decorate the daily serving?

  • Vase with flowers, indoor plants or branches.
  • One beautiful candle in a beautiful candlestick or several candles in a candelabra. Read also: How to make a candlestick with your own hands: 70 photos, 7 ideas and master classes.
  • Samovar, standing on a metal tray, as in this interior of the kitchen in the style of Russian dacha.
  • A candy dish, which, by the way, can be put on the same tray with the same salt cellar or sugar bowl.

Tip 7. A window sill can be decorated not only with indoor plants

If the table is at the window, then you can decorate the window sill. Clutter it is not necessary, but you can put a table lamp, put a couple of books, put a candle, a pretty figure and, of course, a room flower. A few examples of the window sill decoration can be seen in the next photo collection.


Tip 8. There are not many houseplants

Even the simplest houseplants and flowers are able not only to purify the air, but also to decorate the interior. If there is not enough room on the table for one pot, you can green the kitchen, hanging the plant on wall, putting a few small pots on a special pedestal or 1-2 large plants - straight on the floor.


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