We serve the New Year's table: 6 steps to the holiday on your table

  • Step 1. Determine the color of the table decor
  • Step 2. Stemm tablecloth
  • Step 3. We decorate the table
  • Step 4. Decorating chairs
  • Step 5. Serving dishes
  • Step 6. We serve devices

New Year's table - this is the very embodiment of the holiday. After all, we sum up the results of the past year, make wishes for a new one, share gifts, smiles and joy with close people. And every year we are looking for new ideas so that our table not only amazes the imagination with dishes, but also was elegantly served. After all, at a beautifully laid table, the holiday becomes a truly holiday, and the photos from the celebration are very colorful.

Today we will talk about how to turn a holiday into a real fairy tale with the help of New Year's service! Our manual consists of 6 steps, contains useful practical tips and many photos.

Step 1. Determine the color of the table decor

In the article. New Year's decor of the kitchen, we have already said that most often the main color in the New Year's kitchen is red. It fits perfectly with white, gray, silver and gold colors, and by itself, a new pair of colors - green - can play a worthy pair. Take a look at how the table is changing with this color scheme! However, of course, you can choose the main theme of the New Year's table any other favorite color, because everyone has his own special New Year and New Year's taste. We have selected for you examples of the best servings not only in the traditional red-white-green version, but also in other interesting color combinations.


Step 2. Stemm tablecloth

Depending on the idea of ​​celebrating the New Year, the tablecloth can be elegant and patterned, or simple and monophonic - everything is in your hands! We advise you to start from the shape and material of the table - for example, on a rectangular wooden table, the linen path will look beautiful. If you have a round table, then pay attention to tablecloths with drawings or embroidery on the edge. In addition, the tablecloth can have an unusual print, which can be combined with the decor on the table - look at the tablecloth with deer and how the idea of ​​wood in the dishes and souvenirs on the table is played out. Completely refrain from it is not necessary, because even a simple white tablecloth will create a festive New Year mood with appropriate decorations on the table.


Step 3. We decorate the table

The design of the New Year's table can be a vivid reflection of the idea of ​​celebrating. What is the New Year for you? The brightest holiday of the year, when everything should sparkle and shine? Look at the photo, you will like the decor of the New Year's table with iridescent firs and silver candlesticks. Or is the New Year one of the few days when you can spend time with loved ones, and nothing should distract you from communicating with them? In this case, you will arrange modestly standing decorative fir-trees on the table. In any case, then, without which you can not do in the decor of the New Year's table - it's candles. They can add fervor, or, on the contrary, the feeling of a fairy tale, if the candlestick is served by lanterns, and next to lie sprigs of spruce. Do not forget about holly or mountain ash - these bright red berries can be beautifully decorated with anything. If the Christmas balls you have in abundance, you can fill them with vases, or make glasses of improvised candlesticks as in the photo below.

Tip:New Year is a family holiday. Therefore, in preparing for its celebration, the entire family, and especially the children, must participate. Cut snowflakes or stars out of paper with small assistants and hang them not only throughout the house, but also lay out on a tablecloth of contrasting color.

Step 4. Decorating chairs

Serving the New Year's table is not limited to just one table, because we need to "land" somewhere else. And in the decoration of chairs, for sure there is where fantasy will unfold! Children will definitely be delighted with New Year's hats, put on the back of the chair and from the deer in their own back!

And we really like it when in the decoration of chairs use cones, tying them on a bow.


Bows, by the way, can be of a variety of colors and sizes, because they fit under any back. A chair with a soft back can be wrapped in a smart cloth and stabbed in a large brooch.

Tip:To prevent the tape from falling off, glue the two-sided adhesive tape from the wrong side.


Many are fastening new mini-wreaths on the back of the chair.

Look at the photos, how many options there are for the New Year's decoration of the chairs! Many other ways of decorating chairs we show in another article.

Step 5. Serving dishes

The thing is left for small - you need to choose dishes. The decor of the New Year's table means traditional New Year's themes: firs, snow-covered landscapes, red-green cage, forest inhabitants and everything that is associated with the New Year. Tableware with such subjects today can be found in any large hardware store.



  • If you do not plan to buy new dishes for one day in a year, then there are many ways to decorate the daily. Having made a small stencil with your own hands and using a permanent marker for decorating, you can get a beautiful festive dish. You can do this with circles! Remember that the dish should then be baked in the oven for half an hour;

  • Well, in case the drawing is not your hobby, you can go in a simple way and arrange the sprigs of rosemary, beautiful Christmas trees or sweets on plates. For example, on the most ordinary plates will look great sweet New Year's sticks, folded "heart". Another original way is to lay down the dishes in the form of a snowman.

Step 6. We serve devices

With the dishes figured out, and what about the serving of cutlery? Agree, I want something more poetic than napkins, folded "rhombus"? How do you arrange the New Year's appliances in the photo below? Musicians and those for whom the New Year - it is always "The Nutcracker like a cheholchik made of musical notes. New Year's laying can not do without a socks, which are usually meant for gifts - you will associate such cases yourself or buy ready-made ones, it will look charming! And what about the mini-mittens? For the New Year theme in the rustic style are suitable for simple manufacture of cases of linen and lace. With the help of colored cardboard it is also possible to make cute covers in the form of mini dresses.

Hint:If there is no time to buy or make jewelry for cutlery, you will get the simplest option - a device, wrapped with a disposable serving napkin and tied with a string or just a ribbon of the New Year colors.


We hope that with our simple tips and colorful photos, serving will become for you the most pleasant part of preparing yourself long-awaited and beloved holiday, and your loved ones on New Year's Eve will be glad not only for delicious dishes, but for their surrounding situation. New Year is always a time of hope and expectation of a miracle, so we wish you a whole snowfall of wonders in the coming year, a fun, emotional holiday and a great vacation!

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