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Cultivator Tarpan was developed in 1991. After many improvements and improvements in 1997 was sent to mass production. He quickly gained popularity among buyers thanks to the powerful and reliable engine "Briggs and Stratton produced in the US. This middle-class cultivator easily and qualitatively processes clay soils.

The device of Tarpan

Cultivators Tarpan equipped with four-cycle carburetor engines Champion, Honda or Zongshen capacity, l. from. And also the American "Briggs and Stratton" with a capacity of 6 liters. from. The fuel used is gasoline with an octane rating of at least 85.
Petrol cultivator Tarpan is designed for work in cottages, gardens and gardens. Equipped with an automatic centrifugal clutch, so that the tool is easily dismantled into 2 parts. As a result, it can be transported even in the trunk of cars. It is enough just to unscrew the 2 bolts with a wrench. Moves the device on two wheels. The process of cultivation is as follows: as soon as the engine reaches the required number of revolutions, the gear shaft begins to rotate. Cutters moving, cut the soil, and then grind and mix it.

If the motor cultivator is buried in the ground with mills and stopped moving, it should be slightly raised.

In addition to the standard plowing function, the Tarpan cultivator can be used for embedding weeds or mixing fertilizers. To do this, you need to install additional equipment. Experts recommend to cultivate heavy clay soils, as it has a high torque, due to which the ground is easily and qualitatively crushed. The depth of the milling cutter changes with the help of permutation of the regulator in the bracket.

Before you start working with the Tarpan cultivator, you should carefully study the operation manual.


  • power - 4, and, 1 kW (only American engine);
  • reducer - worm, single-stage;
  • the working volume of the American engine "Briggs and Stratton" is 190 cm3, Japanese Honda - 160 cm3;
  • diameter of mills - 32 cm;
  • capacity of the fuel tank - 1100 ml;
  • the required amount of oil - "Briggs and Stratton" - 600 ml, Honda - 550 ml;
  • 1 speed (forward);
  • depth of plowing - 200 mm;
  • width - 560 mm;
  • the level of the published sound is 81 dB;
  • weight - 45 kg.
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The width of the gripper depends on the number of mills installed on the cultivator. Its index varies from 35 cm and can reach up to 1 m. With a depth of loosening of 18 cm in 1 hour this cultivator can be processed, 6 hectares. For 1 hour of work, no more than 1100 ml of fuel is consumed.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The positive aspects of the Tarpan motor cultivator include easy management, as well as quality loosening of the soil. The steering wheel of the device can be turned so that during processing does not go on already plowed land. The maximum tilt angle when working, according to the instructions to the cultivator Tarpan - 15 °.
The main drawback is that there is no reverse. If necessary, it must be manually pulled, as a result, because of this, the milling cutter starts to carry the ground with it. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in direct areas where there is not a large number of plantings.

Optional equipment

To expand the capabilities of the cultivator Tarpan, separately purchased attachments. The following tools can be connected to it:

  1. A hiller, consisting of a skeleton and dumps, is used for hilling vegetable crops, as well as creating furrows and Cutting beds (should only be used together with the poles to create the necessary traction an effort).
  2. Pololniki are a hub, with clamps and knives fixed on it. Are used for loosening and weeding.
  3. Protective discs - due to them during the processing of row spacing, the plants will not be damaged or covered with earth. Installed on the hubs.
  4. Lawn mower - mounted instead of the entire executive unit. Used to cut lawn grass. There is also a version of the mower used to handle hard-to-reach places, such as fences or curbs.
  5. Transportation device consisting of wheels with a diameter of 19 cm. It is used to move the cultivator over the work area.
  6. The plow is also mounted instead of the execution unit. Thanks to him, it is possible to loosen the virgin soil or prepare it for winter.
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The price of the Tarpan cultivator depends on the engine installed on it. Devices with a Japanese engine are more expensive than an American one. The most budgetary is Champion, as it is produced in China.

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