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The tools of the Japanese company Makita are appreciated by professionals for their convenience and reliability. Drill Makita serves as an example of the thoughtfulness of each function and the creation of tools for a narrow sector of tasks, using network and battery power. The tool is designed for professionals, but at prices affordable for purchase by amateurs.

Criteria for selecting the Makita tool

First of all, the buyer is interested in the performance characteristics of the Makita drills. How much work the machine will perform depends on the engine power. It is necessary to know the maximum diameter of the holes in steel concrete or wood, which will need to be drilled.

All models of drills are divided into shock and unstressed, to network and battery. Ideal tools have not yet been invented and every Makita drill has merits and demerits.

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Impact drills quickly drill holes in metal, concrete, stone, but they break up fibrous wood. Impact tools are softer to drill, they can be used as screwdrivers. Usually unstressed drills have a reverse, allowing not only to twist, but also to twist.

The network devices are lighter, but they are tied to an outlet with an electric cord of 2 meters and the cord can not be extended until the warranty period is over. In addition, in Russian conditions with an unstable mains voltage, a voltage regulator is required.

Screwdrivers with batteries are mobile, work regardless of the presence of the network, performing the same functions. Makita drills are equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and have a short recharging time. Often, a spare energy source is supplied with the model.

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A drill is an instrument of increased danger. Can manufacturers, therefore, limit the length of the cord so that the device is always under control, and the cord in the field of visibility?

The company Makita on its models establishes a lock against accidental activation. On all the Makita drills, the trigger switches are set-down, and the drill stops rotating.

When choosing a drill, you need to pay attention to other characteristics:

  • type of cartridge - cam or quick-clamping;
  • number of speeds - single-speed drill is lighter and cheaper;
  • material of the body - plastic or metal.

Overview of the characteristic best models

Why is it advantageous to buy a Makita HP1620 impact drill? The model is network, it means that you need to use a voltage regulator. But it is lighter than rechargeable and cheaper, uses 650 watts / hour of energy. Hexagonal cartridge is wrapped with a special key, this attachment for the percussion tool provides safety. Powerful impact drill Makita is not designed for screwing screws, and at one speed performs drilling or drilling with a blow with a speed of h / h 2800 rpm.

The tool drills holes:

  • metal - 13 mm;
  • concrete - 16 mm;
  • wood - 30 mm.

The speed of rotation is controlled by the force of the pressure on the trigger, and it can be fixed in one position. The use of a special reverse mode prolongs the operation of the engine's graphite brushes. This allowed to increase the working life of carbon brushes.

When working with especially hard materials, carbide-tungsten drills are used. There is a depth gauge for drilling holes. Network drills are often recommended to professionals.

The description and technical characteristics of the Makita 6413 drill do not leave any doubt in the choice of the tool. Produced in the homeland of the brand the device weighs only, kg and is cheaper than on the Chinese site. The purpose of the drill is universal, it works with any material. The new model has gained fame for many reasons:

  • power - 450 W;
  • idling speed - 3000 rpm;
  • quick-action chuck - 1-10 mm;
  • diameter of drilling of metal / concrete / wood - 10/14/25 mm;
  • reverse - there is;
  • guarantee - 1 year.
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Despite the small size, the drill performs works in large quantities. The price corresponds to the quality of the product.

High speed allows you to drill wood deep and thin drills. The reverse facilitates easy extraction of the instrument. The drill is used when screwing fasteners, that is, a universal tool. The quick-action chuck accelerates the change of tooling.

Acquaintance with the battery drill Makita 6271DWPE with a screwdriver. This is the life support system of the instrument. In the plastic box, a spare battery and charger, consumables and other small items were arranged. The weight of the battery is only mute weighted model, it weighs, kg. The best, lithium-ion energy sources are used with recharging for an hour. The case is made of special durable plastic, the handle is rubberized. Despite the low idling speed, only 1300 rpm, the Makita drill screwdriver supports the drilling function. This is facilitated by a high-speed spindle, the presence of 2 speeds. The quick-action chuck can work with a drill 1-10 mm. There is illumination of the working area by LEDs.

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Drill battery Makita to protect against accidental activation has a lock button. Safety is provided when installing the quick-action chuck, and when storing the tool in the case.

Lithium-ion batteries will significantly increase the cost of the product. For amateur use, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride energy sources can be used.

Drill Makita 6408 refers to the classic type of tool. Universal simple tool without impact function and does not support the screwdriver mode. The idling speed is high - 2500 rpm, with a weight in, kg and a power of 530 W, such a tool is not suitable for tightening nuts. But the drill is compact and obedient in control, you can work in tightness. Smooth contours, good balancing, comfortable handle - all calls to stop the choice with this tool.

Familiarity with the models of a well-known company can be continued by watching the corresponding video.

Overview of the diamond drill Makita 8406C - video

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