How to clean the iron inside and out - 10 home methods

  • How to clean the iron from scale - 3 ways
  • How to clean the soleplate of an iron - 7 ways
  • Additional tips for cleaning and prevention

The iron must be periodically cleaned inside and out:

  • The water tank - from scale and mold;
  • Housing - from dust and dirt;
  • The sole is from traces of charred fabric, rust and scale.

From this material you will learn 10 super-effective ways how to clean the iron at home with the means that are always at hand and are worth a penny.

How to clean the iron from scale - 3 ways

When using steam for distilled water is not distilled water, and tap water, over time in the reservoir and channels of steam release in the sole of the iron accumulate mineral deposits.

  • If the iron suddenly started to release dirty water and make clothes dirty, it means that it is high time to clean it from the scum.

Since the scale is only a calcium and magnesium salt, it is necessary to act on it with acid. Here are two ways to help you clean the iron inside.

Method 1. How to clean the iron from scum with vinegar

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Pour into the iron solution of vinegar and water, diluted in equal proportions by about one third of the tank.


Heat the iron to maximum and leave it in the upright position for 5-10 minutes. Keep in mind that at this time it will periodically turn off, cool down and then reheat to its maximum, you do not need to interfere with this process.

Next, place under the iron container to collect water, and, holding the device horizontally, start to actively release steam, pressing the corresponding button. As a result, rusty droplets from the holes of the sole should emerge. Continue releasing the steam until the droplets of dirt stop flowing out of the iron (see Fig. left photo).

Be careful and release the steam holding the device at arm's length, so as not to inhale vapors and the smell of vinegar

Then pour clean water into the iron and turn it on again to the maximum temperature regime to eliminate the remains of scale and vinegar. Again, hold the instrument horizontally above the basin and release the steam several times. Finally, just drain the water and wipe the soles and holes for the steam outlet with a tissue or clean rag.

Method 2. How to clean the iron from scale using citric acid

Dissolve a small package of citric acid (no more than 25 g) in 1 glass of warm water until complete transparency.


Pour the resulting solution into the heated iron to the maximum and let it "brew" for 5-10 minutes. Then hold the device horizontally above the pelvis, several times, release the steam from it by pressing the appropriate button so that scales and rust emerge from the holes of the sole. When all the dirt has drained out, drain the liquid from the iron, pour clean water into it and let the appliance "steam" again to remove the debris and vinegar. Again, release the steam several times over the pelvis and, at last, wipe the sole and holes in it with a napkin or a clean rag.

Method 3. How to clean the iron from the scum with a "hot bath"

Reviews about this method of cleaning the iron from the scale are very ambiguous, so we did not begin to test it in practice, but you can try it if the first two methods did not solve the problem. How to make a "hot bath" for the sole of an iron look in this video tutorial.


Whichever method you use to clean the iron from scale, when you finish all the procedures, be sure to test the result by ironing the light fabric in steaming mode. If the iron still emits dirty water or leaves yellowish stains (for example, from citric acid), then it must be cleaned 2-3 times more with clean water.

How to clean the soleplate of an iron - 7 ways

Method 1. How to clean the soleplate with vinegar

Vinegar can remove not only the scum, but also the burning on the sole of the iron. To do this, mix table vinegar with water in the proportion:. Wet a rag in the resulting solution and wipe it with a sole (it should not be heated). Then moisten the cotton swab in the solution and clean the steam holes with it.

  • This method is suitable for cleaning soles with Teflon and ceramic coating.

Method 2. Cleaning the soles of carbon soda

Stubborn traces of rust, carbon and scale can be removed with soda. Mix 2 tsp. baking soda with a little water or 9% vinegar to make a paste. Apply the paste on a lightly heated sole and rub it with a cloth.


Method 3. Cleaning with salt

To clean the dirt from the iron, sprinkle some salt on a paper / cotton towel or foil sheet and put on it a heated iron.

In practice, the salt itself did not remove traces of burnt tissue, but after rubbing with a rag, the dirt really disappeared quite quickly

There is another way to clean the iron with salt: heat it to the minimum temperature, pour a handful of salt into a folded three-fold gauze or another thin cotton fabric and rub it with the sole.

This method seemed to us the simplest and most effective


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Method 4. How to clean an iron with Teflon coating with laundry soap

Heat the iron to a minimum temperature and gently rub the sole with soap. The soap will begin to melt and soften the debris. Next you will only have to wipe the sole clean and clean the holes for the release of steam with cotton swabs or toothpicks.

Method 5. How to clean the sole of the iron with toothpaste

"Scrape" the carbon from the soleplate of the iron can be an ordinary toothpaste (it should be white, not gel). Squeeze a small amount of the paste out of the tube and wipe the slightly heated sole.

Method 6. How to clean the soleplate of the iron with hydrogen peroxide (suitable for soles with Teflon and ceramic coating)

Moisten the cotton pad with peroxide and wipe the slightly heated sole. Dampened in a hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab, clean all the holes.


Method 7. Removing traces of burnt synthetic or plastic acetone (suitable for cleaning soles with Teflon and ceramic coating)

Just wet the cotton pad with acetone or nail polish remover and wipe off all the problem areas.

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Additional tips for cleaning and prevention

  • In case you burned the fabric and its traces remained on the sole, immediately attach a cotton rag moistened with cold water to the soiled area. A sharp temperature drop will help to exfoliate the burnt cloth from the metal.
  • Do not use metal sponges or hard brushes to clean the soles of the iron, especially if it has a Teflon or ceramic coating. In addition, to avoid scratching the metal, avoid using abrasive cleaners.
  • To reduce deposits of scale and rust inside the iron, every time after ironing, before the appliance has not cooled down, pour out the rest of the water from it.
  • To delay the cleaning of the iron from scale, try to use filtered water for stripping.

And finally, we offer to see a useful video-story about how to clean the iron with metal, ceramic or Teflon soles folk and special means.

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