In the winter cold, fresh daikon salads

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Daikon is one of the varieties of radish. He grows up in Japan and in translation means "big root". If to speak about flavoring characteristics, root crop reminds usual black radish. But its taste is more gentle and soft due to the lack of mustard oil.

Daikon salad is incredibly useful, as the root crop has antioxidant properties, is an immune-protector and positively affects the digestive system.

If the taste of the daikon seems too harsh, you can soften it. To do this, the root crop is cut or rubbed on a grater, poured cold water for half an hour, and then thrown back to a colander and allowed to drain off well.

We offer a selection of the simplest recipes of radishes from daikon radish (with a photo).

Orange radish

The simplest salad is a combination of the daikon and carrots: simple, but tasty and useful. It is prepared in a few minutes.

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To prepare a salad from a daikon with carrots you will need: one carrot, bell pepper and daikon, green onions according to preferences. Flavor is regulated with ground pepper and salt. As a filling, use 2 tbsp. l. sour cream and 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice.

To obtain a smooth "shavings" use a special grater for Korean salads.

Salad preparation:

  1. Dicon thoroughly wash, if necessary, cut off the upper parts of the peel and grate the grated straw. Similarly, do with carrots.
  2. Pepper is well washed under running water, cleaned of seeds and cut into strips.
  3. Onion feathers are washed, dried on a towel and finely chopped.
  4. All the ingredients put in a salad bowl, add lemon juice, spices and mix well.

Everything, a salad is ready and it is possible to be trapeznichat.

Apple tandem

A variant of a daikon salad with a carrot and an apple is very, and, thanks to the fruit, has a slight sourness. Very unusual combination.

To make such a delicious salad, you need to stock up a carrot, a Japanese radish and an average apple for one piece of each ingredient. Ottenit taste of green onions (it should be to your liking). Season the salad with mayonnaise. Do not forget about salt.


Salad preparation:

  1. Daikon carefully wash under running water and grate for Korean carrots.
  2. Similarly, do with carrots.
  3. Wash apples, remove the core and grate. Or on a conventional grater, only a large diameter, or on a "Korean" grater.
  4. All the prepared ingredients for the most delicious salad from daikon put in a salad bowl, add salt, add mayonnaise and mix thoroughly.
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All you have to do is to sprinkle the salad with chopped green onions and you can eat.

Salad with radish

From daikon very light, vitamin and tasty salads are obtained. Root is perfectly combined with various vegetables and fruits. As a result, salads are ideal for eating seafood or fatty meat.

To prepare a vitaminized salad with radish and daikon you will need: half a large root of daikon, 4 radishes, parsley or feather onions and 1 hour. l. lemon juice. It will also require quite a bit of sugar, salt, ground pepper and 1 tbsp. l. sour cream.

The number of ingredients you can focus on your own. Especially it concerns spices and sour cream. By the way, the latter can be replaced not only with mayonnaise, but, for example, with natural yoghurt.

Salad preparation:

  1. Dyke wash under running water, peel, using a special knife that allows you to remove a thin layer.
  2. Radish wash, cut off unsuitable tails and damaged flesh.
  3. The daikon should be rubbed on a grater of medium diameter. If the juice is very high, then it should be squeezed a little. Grated daikon pour with lemon juice and mix thoroughly.
  4. Radish also grate.
  5. In a deep container, connect the daikon with the radish, add the spices, sour cream, mix and control the taste.

All that's left is to shift the salad into a beautiful salad bowl, decorate with chopped herbs, green onions and start eating.

With crab sticks

Tandem daikon with seafood is very tender and tasty. And let's try to use crab sticks. For nourishment, add boiled egg, and for freshness - Peking cabbage.

The recipe for the salad from the daikon provides 5 kg of crab sticks kg of Japanese radish, 5 kg of Chinese cabbage, 3 eggs, kg fresh cucumbers, l sour cream or mayonnaise and salt to taste.

Salad preparation:

  1. Defrost the crab sticks, remove the wrapper and cut into small cubes.
  2. Eggs wash, boil soft, cool, clean and cut into cubes.
  3. Rinse cabbage under running water, dry on a towel and cut into strips.
  4. Dyke also wash and grate on a thin "noodles."
  5. Fold all the prepared ingredients in a deep container, add spices, mayonnaise, mix thoroughly and serve to the table.

Salad with beef

Daikon is good and in combination with meat products. Nuts give sweetness, and greens - the desired flavor and aroma.

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To make a salad with daikon and meat, you need one Japanese radish, 5 kg boiled beef, 2 bulbous onions, 3-4 sprigs of dill, cilantro and onion feathers, as well as a handful of walnuts nuts. For cooking, use sunflower oil, as a dressing - mayonnaise.

Salad preparation:

  1. Onions with daikon are washed, cleaned of husks and unsightly areas.
  2. Prepared vegetables grate (preferably if it is special for making Korean salads) or cut into thin straws with a knife.
  3. Grate the roasted fry in a dry hot pan and finely rewind.
  4. Beef meat cut into cubes.
  5. Cut the cut onion in a frying pan with vegetable oil until golden.
  6. Wash greens under running water and finely chop. All the ingredients are transferred to a salad bowl, salt with pepper, add sour cream or mayonnaise, and mix.

Everything, a radish salad radish is completely ready, it can be served on a festive table and tasted.

Salad with egg and cheese

Cheese is often one of the main ingredients of any dish. We present to your attention a salad recipe with daikon and egg and grated cheese. It is he who gives the dish softness and piquancy.

For cooking, you will need one root of daikon, two chicken eggs, cheese about 30 grams, a little ground pepper and salt, and olive oil for refueling.

The recipe provides for the use of Grana Padano cheese. But you can take any, most importantly solid varieties. Its number also vary according to one's own taste.

Salad preparation:

  1. Grate the cheese on a grater with a small diameter.
  2. Dicron thoroughly wash, peel.
  3. Using a grater with a large and holes, grate the root crop.
  4. Eggs boil hard, cool, clean and also grate on a large grater.
  5. In the salad bowl, place the chopped cheese, daikon and eggs.
  6. Pour olive oil, pepper, salt.
  7. All the ingredients of the lettuce from the daikon are mixed until homogeneous.

Form a hill, if desired, decorate with chopped herbs and you can start eating.

Andalusian vegetable salad

And here is another simple salad recipe from daikon with a step-by-step photo on the basis of a cucumber, a tomato and an unusual dressing. In combination, you get a very seductive dish.

You need 6 kg of daikon, 90 g of fresh cucumber, one garlic clove, one onion, 70 grams of tomato and greens to taste. For refilling, take 2 tablespoons. olive oil or any other vegetable oil, a quarter of hot red pepper and 1 tsp. vinegar.

According to the recipe, a small tomato cherry varieties are used in the salad. Basically. You can use any, only if they contain too much moisture - use less "juicy" parts.

Salad preparation:

  1. All vegetables need to be prepared. To begin with, wash, clean if necessary and cut. Cucumbers and daikon - thin straws, and tomatoes - in halves or quarters.
  2. Peel the garlic, pass through the press and add to the vegetables.
  3. Add salt, pepper and gently mix the contents of the salad bowl.
  4. Prepare the gas station. To do this, mix vinegar, olive oil and red pepper in a bowl.
  5. Pour the dressing over the salad and stir.
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It remains only to decorate the salad with daikon and cucumber greens and leave to stand for 5-10 minutes.

Riddle salad

Daikon salad "Riddle" is very interesting both in taste and in preparation. At a sight it even at once and it is not clear from what it consists. Light, but at the same time very satisfying can replace a full dinner.

So, to prepare this culinary masterpiece, you need: one root of the daikon, one carrot and onion, two eggs, one kg of boiled meat (for example, kritsa, turkey, beef), 1-2 garlic cloves, water and mayonnaise in the amount of 2 and 1 tbsp. respectively, vegetable oil and salt with pepper.

Salad preparation:

  1. Japanese radish wash, and grate, designed for cooking Korean carrots. Add the salt and leave in this condition for a while. When the daikon leaves the juice, it needs to be squeezed out and put into a salad bowl. Carrots should be washed, peeled and grated.
  2. Boil the meat in salted water, cool and divide into fibers.
  3. In a violet, break the eggs, add water, whip until smooth, and from the resulting mass fry thin omelets-pancakes. After cooling they need to be cut with thin noodles.
  4. Peel onion, cut into half rings, fry until transparent in vegetable oil and transfer to radish.
  5. Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl, add "pressed" garlic, chopped greens, salt, pepper, add mayonnaise and mix well.

Salad ready!

Now you know how to prepare a daikon salad. Ironically, the radish is combined with many products, so you can operate with the composition and quantity, and using the above suggested recipes as a basis, you can create your own salads.

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