Peronosporoz - a dangerous disease of plants in the garden

I want to note that peronosporosis or otherwise false powdery mildew is widely known not only in the Kuban. Save the harvest of cucumbers, onions, if the disease has already begun to develop, is almost impossible. Even pre-revolutionary journals wrote about this disease, that is, it is not new. Just then little was known about the biology of the pathogen, its development, so it was difficult to organize protective measures. Now agronomists and truck farmers are helped by modern agrotechnical knowledge, special preparations against peronosporosis, but they must be used skillfully. But, most importantly, in time.

  • Downy mildew or peronosporosis of cucumbers
  • Downy mildew or peronosporoz onion

Downy mildew or peronosporosis of cucumbers

This is a fungal disease. When peronosporoza cucumber leaves are affected in all phases of development. The disease occurs in open and closed ground. On the leaves are visible yellow-green angular spots, which rapidly increase in size. Leaves grow brown and perish. The ovaries turn yellow, fall off. The development of the pathogen occurs at a temperature of 15-22 ° C and often precipitation or dew.

Infection is preserved on dead leaves. In the soil, it can be found within five years after sowing cucumbers in this area. The infectious principle is stable in unfavorable weather conditions.


In our conditions, the disease appears in the first and second decades of June. The peak of development falls on the middle-end of July.

With peronosporozom it is necessary not to fight when the first signs of the disease are already visible, but long before planting the seeds.

Soaking cucumber seeds in a solution of Fitosporin or SILK before planting in the soil weakens the development of the pathogen, but does not completely remove the infection. Seeding of the seeds in the refrigerator, treatment with potassium permanganate do not give positive results. Soil tillage - cuttings, planing - does not reduce the development of this pathogen.

I advise you to perform the operation of heating the seeds on a boiler or hot battery. Seeds better rise, develop, yield higher yields.

Sometimes they complain: the variety is considered high-yielding, and here it is affected by illness. Indeed, this does not go anywhere. Want to eat cucumbers - if you please choose the varieties for yourself individually. But there are no 100% resistant varieties and hybrids of cucumbers to peronosporosis. There are those who, with certain care, may not get sick.

To increase the resistance of ogres to peronosporosis, after emergence of the plants they should be treated with sodium humate in combination with microelements. About an hour after processing, the plants will be without a film shelter, and then they should be covered with cucumbers by film or cover material. So they must be kept until the next watering. I water the cucumbers on the furrows to reduce the moisture on the leaves.

Nitrate-phosphorus-potassium is required at the beginning of plant development. It is necessary to improve the immunity, the resistance of cucumbers to peronosporosis, other diseases too. Doses of fertilizing are selected for specific conditions.

After 6-8 days, the treatment with sodium humate and microelements should be repeated.

A very good result is the formation of cucumber plants, or, more simply, pinched growth buds, then on the plants there are more female flowers.


Top dressing with organic fertilizers is performed during the flowering period of cucumbers. Feed the solution of mullein from the calculation: 0. Such feeding is given 3-4 per vegetation.

From chemical preparations for the treatment of cucumbers before the fruit is applied, Hom (in%), the percentage concentration, Ridomil + Hom (or copper oxychloride): used ridomil for a while.

With a strong lesion of cucumber leaves with peronosporosis, when preventive measures are late, SILK, Hom. But in this case, one can only restrain the development of peronosporosis. To reduce the degree of development of the disease, to cure cucumbers, this set of agro-practices will not provide an opportunity. Unfavorable weather conditions, cool nights, increased humidity contribute to the development of peronosporosis - the pathogen begins to progress strongly.


All these measures to protect cucumbers from peronosporoza are costly and moral. It is unlikely that we will be able to completely save the whole crop if we are late with preventive measures. But the harvest will still be there. It will certainly be more than nothing to do. Even in the conditions of a strong outbreak of the disease, you can get good harvests of cucumbers, restraining the development of peronosporosa (downy mildew) by the methods described above.

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Downy mildew or peronosporoz onion

This disease from year to year is found on the crops of onions, which is grown in our garden. The leaves are aching, becoming pale with yellow, the leaves change shape: from flat, elongated in longitudinal direction they become ribbon-like, later wrinkled, they are often curved by an arc, the apexes are inclined down. The leaves turn black due to a dirty gray coating on their surface.

Optimal conditions for the manifestation of peronosporosis: should be drip-liquid moisture for 6 hours and air temperature 12-16 ° C. This disease manifests itself more quickly if there are sudden temperature changes to the lower limits within 2-3 days and increase it to higher limits exceeding this interval.


Consider what to do to avoid bow disease with peronosporosis when planting the sowing.

The flow is soaked in a solution of sodium humate and trace elements. You can use a solution of Phytosporin, HB-101. Be sure to dry the sowing before planting.

Now - about the cultivation of onions.

After the preparation of the soil, make a marking for the planting of the sowing taking into account the optimal feeding area. The planting scheme is maintained from the calculation of 6 cm in a row between the onions and 20 cm between rows. In general, there are about 80 plants per m2.

We try to carry out regular weeding and loosening. During the formation of the pen, we feed onions with nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. After top dressings, watering is mandatory.

After watering, the first processing of onion is carried out with fungicides. This work is carried out with a preventive purpose.

I worked as a Hom drug in a-percent concentration. For better retention of the drug on the onion leaves, 2 tablespoons of milk (fatty) were added to the solution. In milk there is a protein casein, which promotes better adhesion of fungicides to onion leaves. The effect of the solution with milk is much higher than the treatment with a clean preparation.

During the formation of the bulb, Ridomil is used with the addition of copper chloride (to enhance the action of Ridomil). After 10 days, repeat Ridomil treatment. 15 days before harvesting, treat the onion again with Homa's solution,%.

With this treatment it is possible to completely protect onions from peronosporosis. The yield of onions will be high. The cost of its cultivation will pay off the harvest.

Collect the onions together with the tops and put them in the warmed room. Then, when the tops dry, cut the onions and place them in a dry, sun-warmed storage room.

I want to recommend to the dacha's, who show a feather onions: try to observe a set of agrotechnical techniques, I'm sure that it will be possible to contain this dangerous disease.

I wish you success and high yields of cucumbers and onions.

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