Rust on garlic - what to process, than to treat?

Spicy plant garlic - a favorite on our table and garden. Without it, you can not do with canning vegetables, cooking various dishes. Thanks to its phytoncidal properties, it protects and other garden crops growing nearby. Unfortunately, he is also prone to disease. The most dangerous disease is rust on garlic. How to treat shoots, how to prevent development, we will consider below.



  • Rust on the leaves of garlic is a manifestation of the disease.
  • Rust of garlic - fighting measures

Rust on leaves of garlic is a manifestation of the disease

Planting in a summer cottage area of ​​this or that culture, we always dream of a good harvest. We try to surround the plants with attention and care, we try to prevent possible diseases in advance. When rust is affected, the leaves are the first to suffer. On the surface of the stems slightly convex, pale yellowish spots are formed. After a while, specks (pustules) darken, acquire a brown tint, their surface envelope collapses. Inland spores in windy weather can spread throughout the site, seizing neighboring areas. Thus, rust of garlic affects other plants.

This disease can cause significant damage to the crop: garlic loses the foliage (it dries), rhizome (bulb) does not receive a sufficient amount of nutrients, does not develop, there is no longer any talk of taste it is necessary. The causes of rust in garlic are found in fungus spores, which are incredibly tenacious and frost-resistant. If, for example, some remnants of the past harvest were left, and with the arrival of spring, the beds were not properly treated, new plantings could become infected with rust spores. Heat and moisture only contribute to the activation of the disease, and spores, as already mentioned above, are easily transmitted by air. The disease affects not only onions and garlic, but also most other garden crops.

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Rust of garlic - fighting measures

Proceeding from the fact that this attack is very common in our vast areas, prevention should be taken care of in advance. The first stage is the processing of denticles for sowing. It will be good if you pre-lay the seed under the rays of the scorching sun. Such a unique treatment should be quite long (about 10 hours), the air temperature should be 35-38 ° C. Garlic cloves can also be treated with furatsilinom, for the preparation of the solution you need to grind, dissolve 10 tablets in 1 liter of water.


Ten-minute dipping of teeth in a 40% formalin solution diluted with water (: 50), gives a good preventive effect. For this method, garlic is cleaned, folded into a tissue pouch, after exposure (10 min), this pouch is placed on a pair hours inside the plastic bag (so that there is no air access), and then thoroughly ventilate in a shady place.

If you are already growing a longbow, try to keep the plantations of garlic as far from the onion beds. A preventive measure is also a high-quality harvesting of plants, a deep digging of the soil where garlic is planted in the spring. If you notice that the rust on the leaves of garlic has already appeared, all the affected leaves should be removed or destroyed as soon as possible (for example, burned). A quick reaction at the very beginning of the manifestation of the disease can stop its further development.

If the situation is serious, then treatment with chemical preparations, such as "HOM "Ridomil Gold MC 68 WG Oxihom copper vitriol, Bordeaux liquid, crushed tar soap (dissolved in water). Irrigation should be done weekly. To Bordeaux liquid (1%) is better in contact with the stems of garlic, add the composition paste (brewed starch with water).


Rust of garlic - treatment, preventive methods:

  1. Do not land garlic in the same place every year, the time interval should be at least 3 years.
  2. Ensure that in the area where garlic grows, crops that are prone to rust are not growing earlier.
  3. The land in the area under the garlic should be thoroughly dug up and checked for plant debris. Discovered fragments of other plants must be destroyed.
  4. As already mentioned, garlic and onions should grow at a considerable distance from each other, especially if they have different ages.
  5. Inspect the beds every 7-10 days, promptly remove suspicious leaves.
  6. Make timely loosening of the soil and removal of weeds.
  7. Do not be lazy to heat the teeth before sowing.
  8. Do not densely sow garlic beds, between plants should be an acceptable distance.

Does not prevent the original protection of the soil before sowing the teeth, the preparation "Fitosporin-M" is excellent for this case. Whatever chemical treatment you did not conduct, remember - irrigation should be stopped a month before the day of harvesting. Many components of chemical preparations (for example, the same copper) can cause significant damage to human health.

Disease of garlic rust than treat extra? Pay attention to these two fungicides - Alirin-B and Gamair. These drugs showed good results in fighting another, no less dangerous disease - peronosporosis. As practice has shown, the protective effect of these compounds has a disastrous effect on the rust fungus. Bacterial immunomodulator Alirin-B has a wide spectrum of damage to multiple fungal manifestations, is used to treat and protect various garden crops. Bacterial fungicide "Gamair" has a similar action with Alirin-B, the spectrum of its "activity" is also similar.

It is worth mentioning about the people's methods of fighting this scourge. If your garden has visited the disease of garlic rust, folk remedies such as brine, ammonia, tar soap can help. The use of these components can muffle the manifestation of the disease at the initial stage. A good complex effect they give together with other drugs fungicidal action. Thus, the salt is dissolved in water (1 cup / 1 bucket of water), the resulting solution is treated with the first specks on the leaves, the earlier you notice them - the better. Such treatment should be conducted as often as possible, regularly.

With a touch of spirit (3 tablespoons / 1 bucket of water), you can spray the leaves and ground around the garlic seedlings. Rubbed with tar tar soap, dissolved in water, carefully treated affected areas, as well as the soil near plants.


Based on the above information, if there is a rust on garlic, what to process - you will already know, but it is better that it bypasses your garden.

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