Choosing the right thing - a pump for a PVC boat electric, manual or self-made

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Inflatable boat - a convenient device for mobile users. How to choose a pump for boat PVC - electric, foot, manual or build your own device? The device should be light and reliable. We choose the best pump, so that rest on the water becomes comfortable.

Requirements for the pump

Complete with a boat manufacturers offer a hand pump. You can pump the camera for about 10 minutes, simultaneously pumping the muscles on your hands. But pumping over the norm will not work. The norm is 5 kg / cm2.

Optimum injection is carried out under pressure, kg / cm2. It is convenient if the pump for the PVC boat is able to pump air. Then the assembled boat will be laid tight and take up little space. Manually it is impossible to squeeze out the air completely.

Controlling the pressure in the chamber is an important condition that ensures:

  • use of pumps with manometers;
  • blocking by pressure in the chamber and overheating of the pump;
  • pressure regulator with the ability to set the task.

The choice of pump type depends on the presence or absence of an electrical network in walking distance. Sometimes, the boat is carried in backpacks in the taiga wilderness, with each gram of weight on the account. The choice of the pump is influenced by the overall dimensions of the boat. The larger the volume of the chamber, the higher the performance of the pump for the PVC boat.

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Mechanical Pumps

Pumps working from muscular strength are divided into foot and hand. Legs are those that are called "frogs" among users. Manufacturers supply them with inflatable furniture and small boats. Pumping the camera with your foot is convenient. Weigh adaptations a little, are repaired easily. Devices differ in the volume of the bellows. It is important that initially the pump was made of quality materials - fur from reinforced plastic, adapters with metal connectors. The cost of the imported pump is 30 - 65 $.

Hand pump for boat PVC - piston single or double action with a working chamber of 5-6 liters. It is important that the gaskets and sealing elements are made of rubber. Stock is best metal. For hiking, the pump is heavy. It is an average of 80 - 100 $.

Electric Pumps

It is easy to pump a boat with the use of electric energy, the main thing is that the source is accessible. Therefore, electric pumps for the PVC boat are purchased by users who are able to pump a boat and transport it ashore. Pumps are divided by power from the 220 V network and from the vehicle's on-board network of 12 V. Pumps differ in performance, but all models have the function of pumping air and blocking the maximum pressure in the chamber. The choice of pump capacity depends on the size of the boat. The price is affected by:

  • the authority of the manufacturer;
  • type of working element - membrane, turbine, piston or hybrid;
  • presence of interlocks and control devices.

The pump with the built-in battery is charged only from the mains. The pump does not pump the chamber to the desired parameter, 5 kg / m2, it will have to be pumped by hand.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric pump for a PVC boat:

  • do not need to make physical efforts;
  • automatic control of the process;
  • quick operation.
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The disadvantage is the impossibility of using the pump in the absence of a network. High cost of the device.


The models, working from automobile or own accumulator have got great popularity. Portable food allows the boat user to be mobile, prepare the boat and gear to drive on site. At the same time, a pump for a PVC electric boat with a battery performs the same functionality as a network device. Pumps with built-in battery are even more mobile, they can be taken with you on a trip and used away from civilization.

Choosing a pump, you need to know that the continuous operation of the engine is limited to 15 minutes. If you choose a low-performance model, you'll need to pump in a few steps.

Boost the boat using homemade devices

Creative nature with intelligent hands prefers useful devices to do on their own. If you are a motorist, why not use car exhaust fumes? The pump for a PVC boat with its own hands will look simple:

  1. A rubber tube is attached to the muffler using a clamp.
  2. The other end of the pipe through the adapter is connected to a conventional hose from the pump, which is attached to the nipple of the boat.
  3. filling the camera takes place in 1-2 minutes, control tactile, pressing.
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The cost of a penny, the effect is excellent. Practice for many years shows that the deposits inside the chamber are insignificant, not reflected in buoyancy.

The article gives an overview of the directions of technology. The choice of the pump depends on the operating conditions and the size of the boat made of PVC.

Electric pump model overview - video

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