What are the cartridges for the drill and how to choose them correctly

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The cartridge for the drill is classified as clamping chuck. Collet chucks are used to fasten a drill, a cold bar or to clamp a billet of metal in a cold state. The classic cartridge consists of a hardened clamping sleeve and 3 identical petals( cams).

The collet is a central sleeve made of strong, hardened steel. In the device of the cartridge, it is installed in the center. It cuts in the amount of 3, which form exactly the same clamping petals( cams).When reducing the diameter of the petals are pressed against each other.

The first chucks for mechanical drills were a cylinder with an adjusting wheel on the surface. Further, an adjustment sleeve was added to the device.

The cylinder is still attached to the shaft of the drill or screwdriver. On the reverse side they are already “putting” the nozzle.

The fastest chuck for a drill is to fasten drills, mills and taps with small shanks. This tool inside the cartridge is secured by the collet, pressing the cams inside.

The following options are typical for cam chuck:

  • key;
  • crown;
  • keyless;

Chuck for mechanical and electric drills are also called drilling. The main advantage of the drill chuck is the range of diameters for nozzles.

High-quality drill chuck allows the use of drills from 1 to 2 millimeters to 20 to 25 millimeters. In this element of the drill there are no significant drawbacks other than the cost of the cartridge itself.

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Types of chucks for the drill

For household and professional drilling equipment, use the keyless chuck for a drill that works without a key.

With this clamp for a couple of seconds, you can change the drill without the help of a key wrench. Amplified pressing of the palm weakens the mechanism, which will release the cutting tool from the cartridge. The drill is fixed in the same way for further work. This type of chuck works due to a corrugated metal sleeve and a locking spindle.

The unstable clamping is a disadvantage of the keyless chuck. Already worn keyless chuck does not accurately fix large-diameter drills, which leads to turning. Characteristic for round shank.

The key cam cartridge needs to be loosened and clamped with a special key, which over time is easy to lose in work situations. Interestingly, the more experienced users of the drilling tool prefer the chuck with a key, as it is possible to “hold” the drill or the milling cutter, for example, even in a vice.

When purchasing a drill, a screwdriver or a perforator with a key cam chuck, immediately fix the key from the kit to the wire with insulating tape or tie it onto a strong cord. Problems with changing the drill will never arise.

Very popular among radio amateurs mini chucks for a drill. Such elements are sometimes put on a drill or mini drill. It can be installed on any tool adapted for drilling. For example, jewelry craftsmen will not be able to perform work without this fastener.

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Most often mini cartridges are used for a light drill or a household screwdriver. The optimum diameter of the drill for mini chuck from 0.1 to 4.5 millimeters.

It is very convenient to drill a microcircuit, mini models and jewelry.

The mini chuck has the simplest design of a quick-tightening collet chuck. Most often made of brass.

How to remove and change the cartridge with a threaded connection

The threaded chuck for a drill is mounted on the shaft of the power tool and fixed by the left-hand screw thread. Remove the spoiled cartridge from this mount, but take into account non-standard threaded connection.

The aforementioned screw is inside the cartridge, according to the logic, you need to unscrew the cams as much as possible, in other words, “drown” to the limit. So this action looks like in the photo:

How to further disassemble the drill chuck? You can see the same screw inside, removed with a Phillips screwdriver. Having access to it, you need to unscrew a good screwdriver strictly in a clockwise direction. There are models of tools where this screw is not installed. In this case, the cartridge is completely twisted from the shaft without preparatory work.

Left-handed screw loses groove clarity over time due to inaccurate change of cutting tools. For convenience, you can hit the screw through the inserted screwdriver with a hammer. This action will deepen the groove without harming the tool.

When unscrewing, you can use the key 14 for convenience.

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How then to remove the cartridge from the drill? It's very simple, unscrewing the screw or spindle with the left thread, manually unscrew the cartridge itself for replacement or repair.

Further replacement of the drill chuck

Nothing difficult - to get a cartridge suitable for the drill and install with a similar sequence on the thread.

How to quickly remove the chuck from the drill is shown in this short video:

When replacing, take into account the type of connection. There are two of them:

  • conical;
  • threaded.

The threaded chuck is mounted on the tool as shown above.

It is important to know that the threaded cartridge is marked with two types:

  • 1.5-13 M12 * 1.25;
  • 1.5-13 1/2 - 20UNF.

1,5 - 13 - marking of the minimum and maximum diameter for the cutting tool installed in the cartridge.

When replacing, observe this label. If the value of the cartridge from your drill is, for example, 1.5 -13 M12, then it should be replaced with a cartridge with the same marking.

The conical type of connection is a bit simpler. When replacing the cartridge just fit. The following varieties exist:

  • B10;
  • B12;
  • B16;
  • B18.

It is interesting that any cartridge in the tool shop with the “B” marking means precisely the tapered mounting base. The numbers on the label( from 10 to 18) - is the value of the diameter of the lower hole.

How to remove the chuck with a cone connection from the drill? The easiest way. The cartridge is dismantled using a conventional hammer, knocking it off the pin.

How to remove a chuck with a cone from an electric drill - video

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