Kärcher vacuum cleaning robots: rating and output of German mark and alternatives

Not so long ago, robots for automatic cleaning of premises were found only on the pages of science fiction books. But today they are confidently becoming part of everyday life.

Practically every well-known manufacturer of household appliances has already presented several models of such devices to consumers. Not the last place in this series is occupied by the Kärcher vacuum cleaning robots - traditionally of high quality and expensive, like all the equipment of this brand.

The content of the article:

  • The nature of the work of the automatic cleaner
  • Features of devices from the brand "Kärcher"
    • List of restrictions in use
    • The principle of operation of the robotic device
    • Technical specifics of Karcher vacuum cleaning robots
    • Cleaning equipment care
  • Kärcher Automatic Cleaner Rating
    • No. 1 - Karcher RC 3000 - reliable and expensive
    • No. 2 - the Karcher RC 4000 model - cleans even better
    • No. 3 - KARCHER RC 3 Premium - Innovative Device
  • The subtleties of choosing the right model
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The nature of the work of the automatic cleaner

The design of most models of such devices is very similar. The low housing is equipped with one or more brushes that are driven by the engine. To move the device installed wheels.

The garbage captured by the brushes enters the dust collector, from where you just need to shake it out. The engine provides a battery. A station is provided for charging it, although if necessary it can be done directly.

An important part of such a vacuum cleaner is a set of sensors with which the device is oriented in space. Usually use infrared sensors, although in some models may also be ultrasonic devices. Sometimes along with them the video camera works. The control of the vacuum cleaner and the processing of information performs the processor.

Control of the robot vacuum Kächer

The vacuum cleaner is controlled by the buttons located on the top cover, the presence of the remote control is not provided by the manufacturer.

If the robot is programmable, you can usually set the type and time of cleaning for a week. The vacuum cleaner starts from the charging station and methodically treats the surface, collecting debris and dust. Sensors prevent collisions with various obstacles, falling from a ladder, etc.

At the end of the cleaning cycle, or when the battery is exhausted, the vacuum cleaner returns to the station to charge the battery. Some models provide for continued cleaning after the battery is charged.

Karcher vacuum cleaner cleans the floor in the apartment

Kercher’s robotic cleaners are designed to clean up rooms in apartments and private houses and cannot be used in servicing commercial and industrial facilities.

Features of devices from the brand "Kärcher"

Kärcher company produces a small line of non-professional robotized cleaning devices. They are designed for automated cleaning in private residential buildings, can not be used in the maintenance of offices or hotels. So far, only two RC 3000 and RC 4000 models have been offered to the consumer, in the functional that there are practically no differences.

Any of the Kärcher RoboCleaners fixes all types of flooring currently used in the finishing industry. They are “on the shoulder” cleaning both solid and textile options, though we note that there are restrictions on the height of the pile of carpet products. Ideally, it should not exceed 10 mm, but 20 mm is allowed.

Available for surface cleaning

German brand robotic vacuum cleaners do an excellent job of cleaning from dust and dry fine pollutions of hard floors and carpet varieties, if their pile is not exceeds 1 cm

List of restrictions in use

Kärcher robotic vacuum cleaners are prohibited to clean rooms with a high humidity level. They are not suitable for use in industrial and warehouse facilities; they should not be run in basements or in attics. Operation on wet surfaces is not allowed due to the possibility of quick clogging of filters and the engine overload following it.

It is not allowed to use Kärcher cleaning robots in open areas. Use in chimney halls, in rooms with burning candles and where fumes of combustible substances may be contained in the air: solvents, gasoline, alcohol, etc. is excluded. It is forbidden to operate in rooms that are under a security or fire alarm system due to the standard response of the systems to a moving point.

It is allowed to switch on robot vacuum cleaners of the specified brand only into the AC mains, the performance of which must correspond to the data indicated on the device. In case of detection of violations in operation, the manufacturer exempts itself from responsibility for the damaged device.

The ban on the work of the robot vacuum cleaner brand Karcher

Kärcher cleaning robots should not clean wet floors and surfaces with intense peeling paint to prevent active clogging of filters.

The principle of operation of the robotic device

Cleaning equipment from the company Kärcher, according to the tradition peculiar to such systems, includes two main components:

  • Parking station. It performs the functions of a base, charging the battery of the device and accumulating in its two-liter bag-dust collector everything that the robot collected during the period of automated cleaning. Base weighs 5.8 kg.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner. The mobile device making independent movement on the processed surface. It receives energy from the built-in nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH), which are charged by the parking station. Robot weighs 2 kg.

The scheme of work is extremely simple. The charged vacuum cleaner moves independently within the room entrusted to it and collects litter with built-in brushes. In order for the device not to leave the room and not to leave, for example, it is recommended to put a restrictive lane on the staircase dangerous for him, along the perimeter or only in the doorway.

The components of the German robot vacuum cleaner

A device for automated cleaning includes two components: a station that charges the device and collects the dust extracted from it, and the robotic cleaner itself

To be able to move the robot is equipped with wheels. It moves chaotically according to the “random principle” laid down by the manufacturer. Those. it follows in an arbitrary direction until the sensors mounted in the housing detect an obstacle.

After detecting an obstacle or danger, the vacuum cleaner changes direction and goes to clean in another vector until the next collision. Then everything repeats during the programmed owners of the cleaning period.

Charged at the parking base, the robot, according to Kärcher’s engineers, can clean the floor for a full 60 minutes. However, many owners of German-brand appliances claim that the charge lasts only 20 minutes, after which the vacuum cleaner rushes to the base to get a supply reserve.

The station monitors the movement and condition of the vacuum cleaner, accompanying it with an infrared ray. When the charge ends, the mobile device automatically returns to it and is set to charge the batteries. The hosts at this time do not need anything to turn on / connect and hold such events.

Robotic Vacuum Navigation Tools

Navigation of the robotic vacuum cleaner is performed using an infrared beam emanating from the parking station. The location for its location should be chosen so that the device in any case could return to the base.

During charging, the robot is freed from debris that has accumulated in the built-in tank, dropping dust into a dust collector bag located in the station. Here is the bag mini-owners have to periodically empty. The device will signal the need for cleaning.

Technical specifics of Karcher vacuum cleaning robots

Robotic vacuum cleaners with the Kärcher logo cannot be called multifunctional, only 4 programs are in their memory. But on the other hand, the device can tune itself to their performance, determining the degree of contamination by the sensors present in the dust collector.

These sensors respond to the degree of contamination of the floor, according to which they change the speed and principle of movement of the device:

  • for carrying out usual cleaning the robot moves with standard speed;
  • in areas with a moderate degree of pollution slows down;
  • in areas of heavy pollution it moves slowly and runs forward / backward;
  • to eliminate stubborn dirt, the vacuum cleaner moves along a “star” trajectory until it can cope with cleaning.

When the robot is separated with persistent or severe contamination, the sensors will record the absence of the need for intensive work, the device will automatically switch to normal mode. If the floor on which the robot is moving is clean and it cannot find a contaminated area for a long time, the work of the brushes is turned off in order to save electricity.

Obstacle options for a vacuum cleaner

Cables and low thresholds do not belong to the obstacles to moving and cleaning. However, curtains in contact with the floor, in which the vacuum cleaner can get tangled and get stuck, can create a serious obstacle.

This type of cleaning equipment is supplied with optical sensors capable of recognizing stairs and landings. Due to their presence, an independent device without the participation of the owners determines a dangerous place and protects itself from falling.

RoboCleaner cleaners are equipped with signal indicators, which, depending on the situation and technical condition, burn continuously or pulsate. The green indicator is responsible for the characteristics of the work, red - indicates malfunctions, the need to remove a device stuck somewhere, etc.

Bottom view of the robotic vacuum cleaner

On the side deployed to the surface to be machined, height sensors are installed that recognize obstacles that appear on the way of the vacuum cleaner (+)

Happy owners of a robotic vacuum cleaner have the right to choose the duration of work, focusing on the area of ​​the treated room. When programming, it is taken into account that in 1 hour the vacuum cleaner can clean only 15 m² of dust. Therefore, it takes at least 3 hours for a room of 45 m². The selection can be made up to 9 h.

The device features a “Silent operation” position, which should be used if the robot is activated at night or in the presence of people who do not like “buzzing” equipment.

The operation of the device in silent mode

Robotic vacuum cleaners from Kärcher can be switched to silent mode, thanks to which the cleaning process does not prevent those present from resting

Cleaning equipment care

For normal operation, any household appliances require regular, competent care. RoboCleaner devices are no exception, they also need cleaning and replacement of wearing parts:

  • The base filter bag is periodically changed. In the factory complete set of 4 pieces, if necessary, it is easy to buy additional ones.
  • Before installing a fresh filter bag for the station, the flat filter must be cleaned.
  • Replacing the filter that protects the motor device. There is one spare item in the package, which is used after the replacement of the above 4x bags for the base.
  • According to the circumstances and the real state, the wheels are cleaned.
  • As wear and tear, the brush shaft and batteries are replaced.

In addition, it is necessary to regularly clean the sensors from dust accumulating on them, using a brush or cloth.

Batteries can not be opened and disposed of, easily discarded in the trash. They must be taken to the collection points involved in their collection. There also should hand over the old unit, so that you can recycle the useful components. Filter bags can be thrown away with household waste without fear.

Care of robotic mini vacuum cleaner

At intervals specified by the manufacturer, the parts and components of the robotic vacuum cleaner located on the side of the bottom should be cleaned. As necessary, you need to release the wheels and the brush shaft of the device from the threads and threads that wound around it.

In order for a robotic vacuum cleaner not to become unusable ahead of time, neither it nor the station should be allowed to sit, much less get up. There should be no loose objects on the way of movement: newspapers, CD and DVD disks, paper and plastic packaging, clothes, glasses, small rugs and similar things.

Obstacles to move vacuum cleaners of this type do not count powders up to 10 mm in height, fringe of similar length and cables. However, the presence of wires on the floor is undesirable, because the device may corny get tangled in them and interrupt the work if there is no one who has rescued him from the owner’s trap nearby.

Robot vacuum cleaner stuck in chairs

If the cleaner is stuck among the furniture legs, is tangled in the curtains or cannot get out of the niche due to the loss of the tracking IR beam, the red indicator starts flashing. The device then needs to be turned off, released and turned on again.

Also, in order to avoid causing property damage to oneself, it is not necessary to leave valuable fragile items on the table if there is a possibility of tipping them with a cable that the robot accidentally hooked.

Although fundamentally the operation of the device without anyone's presence is quite possible. Simply, it will be necessary to prepare thoroughly for such cleaning beforehand, eliminating all possible threats, removing obstacles preventing objects from the room, protecting the equipment from the probability of falling and blocking.

The safest option for a vacuum cleaner of this type of work is to carry out cleaning within one room, maximum one floor. It moves freely under the furniture equipped with legs, rolls over low thresholds and cable.

When using it for floor cleaning, the base should be positioned so that it can always track movements. vacuum cleaner with an infrared system, and he always had the opportunity to return to it to recharge and reset the collected litter.

Charging batteries on the parking base

Charging the batteries of the robot can only be done at the parking station, which can only be used for its intended purpose. Before disconnecting the instrument to perform a repair, the station must be disconnected from the power supply.

Kärcher Automatic Cleaner Rating

Karcher - traditionally expensive and reliable equipment, robot vacuum cleaners manufactured under this brand are no exception. Karcher RC 3000 is equipped with a small dust collector, which, after filling, is automatically cleaned when attached to the charging station.

Here the trash moves to the bag by two liters. Side brushes are not provided for this model, so the quality of corner cleaning leaves much to be desired. But at the same time the excellent suction ability is noted.

Kächer Robot Vacuum Cleaner

According to customer reviews, Kärcher robots may get tangled in the wires or tighten the socks into the body, but in general, they cope with navigation very well.

RC 3000 effectively removes dirt, even from old carpets. Externally, the RC 4000 vacuum cleaner differs from the earlier model in color. It has a black and white color scheme, but the RC 3000 has a traditional Karcher yellow-black color. Inside there are also some differences: improved cylindrical brushes that provide better cleaning even on carpets with a sufficiently long pile.

It is noted that the RC 4000 sensors work more accurately, and therefore navigation is better. It is less likely to get tangled in wires and curtains than the RC 3000. Completion and operation of both models are almost identical.

Vacuum cleaner mini robot from Kärcher RC 4000 series

The Kärcher RC 4000 model is equipped with a very efficient central brush, which, with a high suction power, provides high-quality cleaning of almost all contaminants.

Programming the device for the week ahead is not provided. Paradoxically, the RC 3000 vacuum cleaner is almost $ 500 more expensive than the newer model, since it has been on the market longer and is popular.

Kärcher robots are included in a group of premium devices that are characterized by good performance and high price. True products with the specified logo is no longer available only by the Germans. future buyers are presented device French and Chinese assembly. They are significantly more affordable in terms of cost, but they are not always pleasing to the build quality.

According to the Functional Criteria, the RC-4000 is not much different from the RC-3000. She is a little better cleaning. This series has improved navigation, collisions with obstacles happen less often. But by the number of disruptions in the movement, everything is almost the same.

No. 1 - Karcher RC 3000 - reliable and expensive

An interesting feature of this model is the presence of a pollution sensor. With its help, the processor of the device determines which mode of cleaning should be selected. For navigation, a set of IR sensors is used that capture the furnishings quite effectively. The device does not fall off the stairs, but it does not make a virtual map of the room, so its movement during cleaning looks a bit erratic.

Inexperienced owners may seem that the lack of a clear cleaning plan worsens the result, because some places may remain unprocessed. In practice, this is not the case. If the vacuum cleaner works regularly, it will gradually collect garbage everywhere, and will process the missing places, if not in the first, then in the second or third cycle. Experience shows that the ability of a vacuum cleaner to make a room map affects the quality of cleaning not too much.

The Karcher RC 3000 Series household appliance works flawlessly on various surfaces due to its high suction power and good navigation.

The list of the main characteristics of the model:

  • battery charging period - 10-20 minutes;
  • the duration of a single cleaning cycle - 20-60 minutes;
  • cleaning speed - 15 square meters. m / h;
  • dust collector volume - 0.2 l;
  • bag volume for dust at the parking station - 2 liters;
  • sound formation - 54 dB;
  • device weight - 2 kg;
  • station weight - 5.8 kg
  • dimensions of the vacuum cleaner - 285Х105 mm;
  • the dimensions of the charging station are 500Х250Х230 mm.

This model is valued for its good cleaning quality and long service life.

Before you start cleaning, remove socks and other small items from the floor, as well as thin and lightweight floor mats, if they are not attached to the floor. To get started, you need to turn on the station in the network and select the operation mode on the control panel.

No. 2 - the Karcher RC 4000 model - cleans even better

Color design and improved performance - the main difference between this model and its predecessor, the RC 3000. Otherwise, they are very similar. And even the main characteristics are the same:

  • period for charging the battery - 10-20 minutes;
  • the duration of a single cleaning cycle - 20-60 minutes;
  • cleaning speed - 15 square meters. m / h;
  • dust collector volume - 0.2 l;
  • bag volume for dust at the parking station - 2 liters;
  • sound formation - 54 dB;
  • device weight - 2 kg;
  • station weight - 5.8 kg
  • dimensions of the vacuum cleaner - 285Х105 mm;
  • the dimensions of the charging station are 500Х250Х230 mm.

This brand can be blamed for the high cost of consumables. For example, the price of a set of five bags for dust can be about 1000 rubles.

But for models of this class, high prices are a completely natural phenomenon. Basically, such a vacuum cleaner copes with the removal of wool, but some of these contaminants are inevitably wound on a brush and wheels. You should not postpone their cleaning, it will improve the operation of the device and reduce the number of breakdowns.

No. 3 - KARCHER RC 3 Premium - Innovative Device

New development company Kärcher went on sale only at the beginning of the 2018th year. Already tested in the case of a vacuum cleaner has earned the recognition of satisfied owners. Standard robot control schemes are complemented by sending commands via a smartphone. You can start and stop it, being far from the place of cleaning. To do this, you need to download and install a special application.

An intelligent device with a charged battery lasts 2 hours, after which it moves to the parking base to restore the energy supply. It charges 4 hours. If the cleaning was interrupted for charging, then after recharging the vacuum cleaner returns to the session completion point.

Laser navigation KARCHER RC 3 Premium eliminates situations of collision and fall of the robot. Programming a temporary map of the room, cleaning by the day of the week and starting the vacuum cleaner on a timer is provided.

Efficiency of cleaning is provided by two brushes rotating towards each other and a powerful suction device.

The disadvantages include quite noisy operation of the device. According to the measurements, the level of its sound is 71 dB. The capacity of the dust collection box is small, only 0.35 l. However, if we consider that the vacuum cleaner is regularly released from the accumulated dirt during the period of receiving charging at the station, then the volume of the dust collector is quite sufficient for working in the private sector.

The subtleties of choosing the right model

Robot vacuum cleaners are rated for a variety of features and additional functions. For starters, you should consider these points:

  • the quality of the floor cleaning;
  • navigation accuracy;
  • battery life;
  • the possibility of programming;
  • amount of suction force;
  • sound parameters created during cleaning;
  • the number of operating modes of the device;
  • module for wet cleaning, etc.

Typically, low-cost models are quite popular, but rarely justify high demands. Criticism is, above all, a small suction force, which reduces the efficiency of cleaning.

Maneuverability of robotic vacuum cleaner

An important aspect that faces a detailed study before a weighted acquisition is the maneuverability of the device, which ensures freedom of movement on smooth and rough surfaces. It is desirable that the wheels had enough relief tread

It is necessary to pay attention to the ability of the device to remove wool and hair. Some vacuum cleaners successfully cope with this task, but their wheels and brushes quickly become clogged, often you have to remove these items for cleaning.

How to choose a robotic mini vacuum cleaner

Choosing a cleaning device, you should pay attention to what types of surfaces it can work on and what obstacles it overcomes on its own.

To filter the air passing through the housing, a HEPA filter is usually installed. It is not washed, and cleaned of dust with a brush. About once every six months or a year, this element must be replaced. The presence of an additional fabric filter can only be welcomed. The cost and availability of replaceable elements: brushes, wheels, nozzles, filters - an important point.

For expensive models, such an update can be costly, but their consumables are usually more durable than budget devices. The possibility of wet cleaning is desirable, but not necessary. The nozzle for this is a microfiber cloth, which most often has to be moistened with hands. For a good general cleaning this option is not suitable.

Some models are equipped with a UV lamp for additional surface disinfection. According to many buyers, this element is expensive and completely optional. Low noise is a very desirable option, but even the best robots do not clean the soundlessly.

Two, three or four modes of operation are usually found in each such device. Usually this is standard cleaning, processing baseboards and corners, as well as local cleaning of a specific area.

Robot programming features

If you need a model that will run every day for the full week, you should clarify this point before you buy, not all vacuum cleaners are equipped with such a function. Kärcher robotic vacuum cleaners can only be turned off or on. There is a function to select the duration of the cleaning and the program to lock the device in the parking lot until the next session

Magnetic tapes or infrared beacons are used to limit the cleaning area. The latter are considered more convenient to use. If the possibility of such a restriction is absent, you will have to install some barriers from scrap materials.

The volume of the dust collector is usually calculated in such a way that it fills up during battery operation. Some models clean the tank during recharging. In any case, do not allow the overflow of the dust collector, it can adversely affect the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

According to reviews, this vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with the removal of wool and hair. A small amount of such contamination can accumulate on the wheels and brushes. These elements are easily removed, so cleaning does not take much time.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video about the benefits of using Kärcher robotic vacuum cleaners:

Robot vacuum cleaners with the Karcher logo can hardly be called the discovery of the century, yet their performance has remained quite high over the years. For the home it is a worthy choice that will provide regular and efficient cleaning over a large area.

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