Review of Pozis refrigerators: reviews, specs, typical faults

If you decide to purchase a Pozis refrigerator, you will be interested in information about the brand, the advantages and disadvantages of technology, the main characteristics of models and pricing. Our review is entirely dedicated to this and is designed to help you make a purchasing decision.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does Pozis do?
  • 2About Pozis refrigerators
    • 2.1Features
    • 2.2Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3Popular Models
    • 3.1RK FNF-170
    • 3.2RK FNF-172 W R
    • 3.3RS-411 Gf
  • 4Typical malfunctions

What does Pozis do?

Pozis, despite its foreign name, is a domestic enterprise. On the labels you can find the inscription: the producing country - RF, the Production Association "Sergo Plant". Today it is the largest manufacturer of domestic refrigeration equipment. And, there are not only household rulers - from the factory come quality wine and pharmaceutical cabinets.

Fact! If you remember the Soviet single-compartment refrigerators "SVIYAGA then you have already come across the products of the Sergo plant.

Since 2004, the production of Premier and Classic refrigerators has been established, and in 2010 a new generation of premium-class Hannfrost line came off the assembly line.

We will not delve into the study of laboratory equipment and cabinets for wine - for this we have separate articles: "Review of pharmaceutical refrigerators for home and pharmacies"And"Overview of wine cabinets (wine coolers)". Consider household single-chamber and two-chamber electrical appliances: features of their assembly, reliability and functionality.

About Pozis refrigerators

Single-chamber variants are ideal for hotels, offices, cottages or small kitchens. A two-chamber traditionally have a large volume of both cameras and a separate door for each. Models with two compartments will be convenient for short-term and long-term storage of products in a large family. The design of the case is similar to many leading brands, so it is suitable for almost any interior.


  • Low noise, not exceeding 40 decibels.
  • The climatic class is N. Suitable for rooms with temperature marks not lower than 16 and not higher than 32 degrees.

On a note! For more information about these indexes, see "Climatic classes of the refrigerator".

  • Developers of equipment have long abandoned obsolete technologies. These include incandescent lamps - they have been replaced by practical, economical and modern LED lighting.

  • High energy efficiency of individual series - not lower than A.
  • Soldering the nodes of the compressor system with a special substance with an increased content of silver. This promotes high resistance to corrosion processes and eliminates the leakage of Freon.
  • All refrigerators use environmentally safe gas - isobutane (R600A). It is effective in work, safe for living organisms and does not destroy the ozone layer of the planet. High-energy properties make it possible to reduce the amount of Freon in the system in comparison with analogues.
  • A hinged door on either side allows the user to choose which way to open it. It all depends on the layout of the kitchen and the location of the appliance.
  • In the two-chamber models "Full No Frost" is provided - a system protecting the internal walls from frost and snow. In one-door versions of this technology there, but they do not need to be defrosted more than 1-2 times a year, so there is no hassle.
  • The stability of the operation is not affected by the surge in the network, since the input circuit has galvanic protection.
  • Do you think that the antibacterial coating is an innovation that is used only in the Bosch, Siemens or Elgi techniques? No, there are also sputtering in the Pozis cells, which prevent the spread of pathogens, fungus and mold spores, and unpleasant odors.
  • In the Premier range, the energy efficiency reaches class A +, the warranty period lasts 5 years, the shelves are made of tempered glass, designed for 40 kg.
  • The Classic series includes more than half a century of experience. The freezer is classically located: as in models with one compartment, and with two.

Advantages and disadvantages

Summarizing all of the above, we will highlight the main advantages of Refrigeration equipment "Posis

  • Large capacity.
  • Good assembly - "for their own".
  • Qualitative and even cooling.
  • Quiet work.
  • Economical lighting.
  • Careful packing of each part and accessories.
  • Non-yellowing and non-cracking plastic.
  • "Vegetable" and "fruit" boxes are solid-cast, therefore they serve as long as possible.

  • Legs with the possibility of regulation. Wheels in some trim levels.
  • Excellent freezing freezer.

It is worth talking about some shortcomings. Customers complain that the plastic absorbs the smell of food, because of which it is necessary to ventilate the cabinet. Still note that the new refrigerator smells like plastic for a long time. Also, based on feedback, we can conclude:

  • The light button in the compartment is stuck.
  • A small number of rails for shelves - a modest capacity for height adjustment.
  • Inadequate rational distribution on the door - users note that they would not prevent additional shelves.
  • Condensation is collected on the back wall, although it should not be there. Sometimes the drops are found even on the side walls.
  • The door hinge is not mounted and visually noticeable, which somewhat distorts the interior of the kitchen.
  • Freezing drawers are deprived of handles, which makes them uncomfortable to remove.
  • In the freezer compartment, there is a lot of ice, which requires frequent defrosting of this compartment.

These shortcomings of household equipment "Posis" are found most often. If you also get a model with shortcomings, the technique can always be returned or exchanged.

Popular Models

We offer a detailed description of the characteristics and features of the most purchased refrigerators "Posis".

RK FNF-170

White body, bottom location of the freezer. Electromechanical type of control. The energy efficiency class corresponds to the value of A. There are 1 motor-compressor installed on two chambers. Dimensions: 60x64x186 cm.

Freezer:installed No Frost; minimum temperature: -18 degrees; volume: 94 liters.

Main compartment: Also provided by No Frost; the volume is 220 liters; shelves - glass.

Noisiness - no more than 40 dB. Weight - 73 kg. The price is 1, 61 rubles.

User Reviews


I do not want to talk about the pros and cons of a particular model, because it's the most common refrigerator. But I'll tell you how things were in general: a week after the purchase began to flow. At the bottom of the freezer found ice (despite the "Know Frost") - it turned out that this ice is melting, hence the puddles. But that's not all. The master said that the water drain pipe was packed into a film, because of which the drainage was frozen and floods began. After removing the film everything became good - it freezes, does not make noise, does not freeze. But the impression is noteworthy.


Excellent price and quality since Soviet times - that's what bribed me. The chambers are spacious, the cabinet is compact. The walls do not freeze, the freezer, too. A little leaked, but I figured out and corrected the position of the drain pipe. The breakdowns for six months of operation have not been found, I hope that this will continue in the future.

RK FNF-172 W R

Another electromechanical version with a bottom freezer. Energy consumption class - A, dimensions: 60x65x202 cm (WxDxH). In two compartments there is No Frost. Capacity of the freezer - up to 10 kg of products per day. Maximum can freeze to -18 degrees. The total displacement of the device is 344.


  • Antibacterial spraying.
  • Glassy strong shelves.
  • Hinge the door on either side.
  • Noisiness - up to 40 dB.
  • Weight - 7, kg.

The cost is from 19 610 rubles.

User Reviews


I bought my mother, according to her requests. I asked for an inexpensive device with a large freezer for summer frosts - fruits and berries are all kinds. Outwardly I liked it, and everything is simple inside. Less is noise. But my mother has an excellent dream, so she does not complain, but I as a user should note this. In general, the technique is common - without frills, and therefore there is nothing special to describe. Its price should work out in full.

RS-411 Gf

A small one-door version, made in black. Suitable for minimalists with a commitment to dark shades. Like the model, this one is equipped exclusively with electromechanics, and the energy consumption class is invariably A. The dimensions of the body are 54x55x85 cm. As you can see, this compact "assistant" easily stands up even in a small kitchen.

Inside the freezer compartment with manual defrosting is provided. A drip system is installed in the refrigerator chamber.

On a note! Minimum freezer: -12 degrees.

The total volume of the cabinet is 120 liters, of which 14 are on the freezer.

Shelves are metal, noise is not more than 40 dB, climatic class is N, weight is only 43 kg.

The price is within 10 000 rubles.

User Reviews


There were questions about the instructions - I did not understand how the temperature is adjusted. Only then I found out that the adjustment is elementary - I was just afraid to screw up too much. Frosts weakly, but at least it does not flow (read other reviews) and does not rattle at night.

Typical malfunctions

Despite the above-described manufacturability, faults "Posis" - a common thing. High-strength cooling system is a luxury for the domestic manufacturer. If you increase the quality, it will "hit" at cost, and in conditions of wild competition, technology is unlikely to be in demand among users. After all, the priority is often the price.

There are a number of typical breakdowns typical of Pozis equipment:

  • Problems with wiring. Implied the lack of power of the starting protective relay (PZR). Also, it may be insulation damage or burning contacts.
  • Thermoregulator failure.
  • Failure in the operation of PZR.
  • Motor-compressor breakdown.

Masters note that due to the prolonged use of the appliance, capillary pipeline and filter-drier clogs are not excluded.

The main "symptoms" of malfunctions:

  • the freezer does not freeze;
  • the main department does not work;
  • the compressor does not turn off;
  • under the boxes for vegetables and fruits, water accumulates;
  • water flows from under the case, etc.

Fortunately, the simple arrangement of technology allows it to be successfully repaired. Some parts are repairable, some of them need to be changed.

Fact! Masters note that since the electronic circuit is missing - this excludes a dozen or two possible breakdowns.

So, Pozis refrigerators are not the best equipment on the market, but quite cheap. In this case, a simple device in the event of a breakdown provides a quick and relatively inexpensive repair. Option for those who want to simultaneously save and support the domestic manufacturer.

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