Refrigerator for medicines

Copying the traditional fridge, designed to store medicines have a refrigeration and freezer. The difference is limited by temperatures. For the refrigerator, the range is plus 2 - plus 14 ºС, as opposed to the usual 2 - 5 ºС.The freezer contrasts somewhat with the traditional wide variation of values ​​- minus 10 - minus 25 ºС.Recall that in food coolers the values ​​fall within the range of minus 18 - minus 24 ºС.Readers guessed, the difference is explained by the requirements for storage of products, drugs. Dogmas are spelled out by state standards. According to the laws, a refrigerator for medicines is being developed.

Refrigerators for medicines, buy. ..

Unpleasantly believe that prices are deliberately hidden on the refrigerators for medicines. Everyone wants to cut down more, refusing to share information. Kills on the spot the inscription:

  • The price will be formed after placing an order for a fridge for medicines!

If the equipment is worth a million, can not afford, and designed? Shoot, pay a fine? Nonsense, buy a cat in a bag, the possibilities of which are slightly described by the site, the price is completely ignored. The rest of the refrigerator for the storage of medicines differs little from the usual:

  • NoFrost will allow to maintain the unity and consistency of the temperature field by convection.

  • There are separate freezers, refrigerators.
  • Portable models are not bypassed, they are thermoelectric in everyday life, they perfectly resemble convection oven, they work for cooling. A portable fridge for medicines in everyday life makes little sense. Special insulated containers( thermoboxes) are on sale. Do not freeze, just keep the cold inside, thanks to the design of the walls.

Perhaps, they got excited with NoFrost, how else to interpret the words relating to the forced circulation of air in the refrigerating chamber. There are reasons to believe: the system works, slightly different from the usual:

  1. Inside there is an evaporator blown by a fan, connected by a channel with a working compartment.
  2. As a result of the forced circulation of air, moisture accumulates on the coil, where the temperature is lower than the ambient temperature.
  3. As a result, condensation on the walls of the refrigerating chamber does not turn into droplets and frost, the humidity of the air becomes underestimated.
  4. The ice covered with an evaporator is periodically melted by a defrosting system.

We believe that low humidity is not terrible for glass bubbles, on the contrary, there is no chance that the label will disappear. If, in the case of the food industry, NoFrost offers, on a par with the merits, the lack of drying products, for medicines it does not matter, is stored in packaged jars. Pay attention to the temperature difference in comparison with household models. Not every household refrigerator can store medicine with NoFrost.

What to say interesting? The interior of the refrigerator differs by its ability to store a medicinal container of standard dimensions; equipment is designed and thought out. Units have no freshness zone, there is simply no need. The moisture regulated by special relief pallets is not necessary. The door is devoid of shelves, constantly all the fray when you open. The temperature of the rooms is limited. It is assumed that the hospital is equipped with special means of climate control. Air conditioners, hoods, fans, air conditioning systems. The ambient temperature is limited to reasonable limits +10 - +35 ºС.It concerns stationary models of pharmacies and clinics.

However, we will find specific types of equipment. Medical safe-fridge storing substances that are difficult to reach, in simple terms. Products are additionally required to meet the requirements of resistance to cracking, prescribed by a special standard GOST R 50862-2005.The building is equipped with a lock, not afraid of fire. Equipment for the storage of corpses( for example, Porkka) is a special subsection; today it is beyond consideration.

Medical refrigerator-safe for medicines

Doors CT-306-50-NF made of durable steel, we see a combination lock. Remove the bluish glow from the inside, you can take a refrigerator for vaccines and medicines for safe. The class of resistance to cracking is three:

  1. burglar resistance class - B( 4) according to GOST R 51053( GOST 5089);
  2. number of locks - 1;
  3. tear resistance - 5 tons;
  4. resistance to cracking for partial and full access - 80 and 120 units, respectively.

The product weight is 220 kg, with dimensions of 100x60x53 cm. Inside there is only a refrigerating chamber. The rest of the usual 200-watt refrigerator with R134a freon used by modern car air conditioning systems. The step of temperature change is 0.5 ºС, here we see another difference of household models. Such accuracy at home is simply not required. The compressor is not inverter, the noise level of the devices is not too important.

According to some reports, the price of the product is 130000 rubles, at the Side-by-side level for products with a capacity of a cubic meter with an ice maker, and the ability to get cold water. Think three times what to buy, a fridge for drugs or a side-by-side. As one would expect, specialized equipment does not have a low price in order to protect 130,000 rubles from children, a valerian cat?

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Pozis HL340

It looks like an ordinary home refrigerator, when we open it, we see pallets. Two doors, freezer bottom. The pallets are not intended for vegetables, the temperature is below zero. There is an antibacterial coating. Honestly, with the exception of temperature regimes, the features of the internal structure of an ordinary refrigerator. Antibacterial coating today in all respectable household models, blocks unpleasant odor after defrosting, caused, as in the mouth, by bacteria, fungi.

With a total volume of 400 liters, the unit looks like a real Stinol, the dimensions are standard. It is worth looking inside, the similarity disappears. Observe typical signs of medical refrigeration equipment:

  • Lack of niches on the inside of the refrigerator door.

  • The boxes in the freezer have already been mentioned. We believe that the primitive protection against condensate will simultaneously allow the compartment to be broken into two temperature zones, which would be difficult to do by other means.
  • Illumination vividly resembles a shop window. This feeling, the product is intended for pharmacies. And not only as a showcase. It is convenient for a pharmacist to know in which cabinet to climb, if there is no certainty where the preparation lies. Glass slightly tinted. So that the drugs do not spoil with light. It turns out convenient functionality that allows you to quickly find what you want.

The unit is more suitable for home. It's expensive. It is logical to pay 34,500 rubles for a home medical refrigerator only if you work for medicines. We paid attention to the discrepancy between the parameters of the sites of different dealers:

  • One indicates the minimum temperature minus 25 ºС, the other - minus 24 ºС.

It is not important for food, but here we store medicines, often we decide the fate of people. We believe in this area unacceptable. It is possible to adjust the shelves in height, close the refrigerator compartment with a key. It turns out poured out the showcase.

Refrigerator for medicines Pozis HF140

The device costs more than 20,000 rubles, with a volume of 140 liters. Supports a typical class temperature range of +2 - +14 ºС.The medical refrigerator will fit into an apartment with dimensions of 90x60x60 cm, is it necessary at home? Is the medicine to keep the whole area!

The door is locked, not safe, if necessary, it is easy to break the equipment to a thief. Forced air circulation of the refrigerating chamber hints: NoFrost is in front of us, the question is being silenced. An important difference from household appliances is the alarm system indicating that the temperature deviates from the set one. To expensive drugs are not gone, the pharmaceutical refrigerator hints: we are breaking the plan.

Interesting behavior with frequent power cuts. Special generators, uninterruptible power supplies are installed in hospitals. It turns out you have to buy a home. Power device is 150 watts. The consumption level of a high-performance PC system unit. At first Ippon will help out, then you have to think about the question separately.

To buy a medical fridge for medicines in the house is in special cases when the temperature regime for storing drugs cannot be sustained by another method.

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