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Compositions consisting of coniferous plants look very beautiful and exquisite, and they purify the air and fill it with fragrance. Among these garden crops, a special appearance is the Blue Star juniper. This compact coniferous shrub has a dense crown and sprawling branches. He admires his beauty, and his blue color is able to emphasize the uniqueness of the landscape of your garden. Therefore, we need to learn more about the beautiful plant.

Description of the Blue Star juniper

Juniper Blue Star refers to slow growing shrubs, an increase of about 8 cm per year, a description of this ephedra indicates compactness. Therefore, at 10 years of age, the plant grows to 40 cm, and the diameter is up to 2 m. The shape of the crown of the bush has the form of a hemisphere. The needles on the shoots are scaly and short, to the touch it is prickly. The edges of the branches of the bush have a bright turquoise color, but then, gradually they change their color to a blue with a blue tint.

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Miniature juniper Blue Star (as seen in the photo) allows you to plant the plant in containers and decorate loggias, balconies, terraces. And also the shrub will be irresistible in the compositions when landscaping the local area.

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Coniferous garden culture is unpretentious to soils. The plant is able to develop both on soils of dense structure, and on loose, consisting of sand. The bush prefers sunny areas, but a light penumbra will not be a hindrance for him.

Juniper scaly Blue Star is considered a poisonous plant, its branches and fruits on them, should be protected from children. Adults should also take precautions when in contact with the conifers.

Planting and caring for the juniper Blue Star

The presented shrub is planted in the wells, which are 2-3 times larger in volume than the root system of the plant together with the earthen coma. For adult garden crops, the planting pit should reach a depth of up to 70 cm. The drainage layer is necessarily laid on the bottom, it can be gravel or broken brick, its thickness is about 20 cm.

To plant the juniper Blue Star prepare a soil mixture consisting of:

  • peat;
  • the land where the turf grew;
  • sand.

Do it in the following proportions 1. It should have either a weakly acid reaction or a neutral reaction.

During planting, ensure that the root neck of the plant is at the level of the soil, and in no case can it be deepened.

Just planted bush needs to be generously watered for a week. After planting, behind the juniper Blue Star perform a simple care. It consists:

  • in moistening the soil;
  • in top dressing of a plant;
  • in shallow loosening and mulching;
  • in the fight against pests and diseases;
  • in the removal of dry branches.
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When dry weather occurs, the conifers need watering. Dryness of air bush suffers heavily, so it will be very grateful to you for sprinkling.


First time feed the plant in the spring. The end of April - the beginning of May is the most suitable period to introduce fertilizer. To do this, give nitroammophoska or full mineral fertilizing. In October, the plant is fed potassium-phosphorus fertilizer.

It is desirable to periodically loosen to make the top layer of the soil air-and water-permeable. Also, with this action, weed grass is destroyed.

The development of the shrub will be more intensive if the soil is covered up in the spring. Such a procedure will also help better hydration and air penetration. Prepared near the plant plot sprinkled with complex feeding, sand and sawdust. Then put mulch, which consists of decorative stones. A layer of 8 cm is enough for this.

If Blue Star juniper is affected by fungal diseases, then it must be treated with fungicides. To prevent these diseases use 1% Bordeaux fluid. Get rid of insects, such as caterpillars and aphids, if you use insecticides. Process this garden culture you need a solution 2 times a week.

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Wintering of the conifers is carried out without shelter, but if the plants are still young, then they can be covered with lapnika. Particular attention is paid to the spring sun, as the shrub can get burns. To prevent this from happening, it is also covered with a tambourine or sandbod.

Special pruning is not needed for the plant, but if you see damaged branches on inspection, you must remove them.

If you regularly exercise proper care for juniper scaly Blue Star, then it will grow lush, with beautiful blue needles.

Photo of Blue Star juniper in landscape design

This plant creates a contrast in contrast with most coniferous and deciduous ornamental cultures in landscape design. Gardeners gladly include it in the composition with other plants because of the compact dense needles and blue color with silvery tint. The bush will have spectacular views in stony gardens, rock gardens, in a low hedgerow. Juniper Blue Star in landscape design (pictured) creates a unique beauty and is favorably combined with different decorative cultures.

The use of Blue Star juniper in the arrangement of your garden plot is worthy of your attention. Get some more varieties of plants with different color of needles, which will make the compositions even more interesting.

Video about juniper landing

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