Installation duct for kitchen hood

Today we will explore the experience of the fraternal countries for installation duct for kitchen hood, discuss burning ventilation problems caused by the improper actions of the builders, will outline the importance of the killing of two birds with one shot. Perhaps the information obtained will be useful to the reader, who builds their own homes, performing shabashki. Installation duct for the cooker hood must be carried out according to the recommendations of SNIP, other normative acts. Reduce the number of angles, the channel turns, reducing the effectiveness (efficiency) of the ventilation channel.

Avoid doing the installation of air ducts properly

Ukrainian Inter channel assembly showing the hood drawing using round, rectangular duct. Kitchen perimeter was a series of hanging cabinets. Under this section, it was decided to strengthen the flat hood. In furniture, located vertically above the hob cutter done two openings enclosing circular duct diameter of 125 mm. Holes punched floor, closet ceiling. Mounting were plastic duct.

Hood reinforced flush with the section under the floor. The length of a round duct passed through cabinet, pulled over, attached special transitional segment: lower side comprises an inlet diameter of 125 mm, a side - rectangular output. From segment to vent went flat duct for drawing in the cupboards. Throughout plastic tract invisible channel outside appearance of the kitchen remains the same. To vent rectangular duct joined another segment, similarly mentioned. Connecting member served round section, provided with two turns, a tight grip hole ventilation network.

plastic ducts

Variety of plastic ducts

Beautiful, has three serious mistakes in practical terms:

  1. Searching for a way to free air overcomes the four 90-degree bend. Each turn of the drawing efficiency decreases by 10%. Four bends:
  • directly above the hood on the butt segment;
  • two turns in the corner on the second play-off segment;
  • bend inside the ventilation system.

Forty percent efficiency is lost.

  1. Rectangular duct cross-section less than the round hood performance greatly reduced.
  2. The main flaw destroyed the ventilation system.

Consider three points more. As for the number of turns, paying tribute to the appearance, our fitters have lost 20% of the power only by undue bending. Obviously, the best solution was to use a round aluminum corrugations with one bend over stretch. Shown above the cabinet, it is easy to fix the decorative panel of plasterboard or other material.

I would be approached flexible duct for exhaust to avoid losses in the transition to a smaller rectangular cross-section. How to proceed. Find the segment with access to a square duct of a similar section or to hold the round. Heavier hide channel, but the effectiveness is maximal.

The main thing - the third point.

Flexible duct for the kitchen

Why ventilation and extractor different things

According to the sanitary norms, living room equipped with ventilation. Entrance located in residential part where most of the factors is formed, adverse person. People enjoy cooking equipment, wash, wash, smoke, use a toilet. Processes to form an abundance of moisture, odor, intended to remove unnecessary ventilation. When a subsystem is faulty premises, underwear drying in the bathroom 2-3 days, the ceiling, the walls are overgrown with condensation. Over time, the problem is the proliferation of mold, mildew - a separate conversation. Smoke, smoke will spread around the premises. This is what causes Remedy ventilation.

Most people are aware of the problem of the upper floors. Ways to display the ventilation channel distinguish three out:

  1. Bore penetrates floors, exits, passing the attic on a roof in the form of a pipe covered at the top.
  2. The attic channels are combined boxes, located outwardly together.
  3. Air is blown into the attic, where it comes from outside.

When the first method, there is no problem. For sure the air out of the apartment to the street, to go through 2 meters of pipe, the height of the attic as is. However, a reliable method is not suitable for high-rise buildings, unfortunately, new developments sin problem of the upper floors.

When the air comes out of the vertical shaft, beating on the roof or the attic ducts. Creates a traffic jam. Air continues to emphasize and seeking a way out. One is the pipe leaving outwards, the other - the vent in the kitchen the last floor occupants. The above two meters is not reached for the ceiling thickness. Year-round treats people reverse thrust. We breathe in that air is collected from the other floors.

Simple solutions to the problem of deprived:

  • First, you can increase the height of the box, which is about beating the air flow. And in two or three times. But this makes the construction team in coordination with the state authorities.
  • Secondly, it is possible to separate the top floor of the vent from the other. Is fraught with construction work, require thermal and hydro insulation of the new course.

See how many problems, the nuances in the work of the ventilation network. Finalization tract ducting cooker hood also adds complexity. Recall discussed roller. If it happens on the last floor, cooker gather scents from the lower floors, ventilation will be broken.

If the upper floor a separate entrance, you should increase the height to the length of the steel 2 meters.

Correctly make air duct ventilation

From the above it becomes clear why the ventilation duct system includes bypassing a special grating with a check valve. The product near the entrance hood company has apertures intended for the outflow of air from the apartment. Two threads are combined into one by means of a lattice. When the cooker hood is operating, the air vents are locked, the flow is only through the air ducts. If the engine is off, the air outside penetrates two ways. Sometimes we observe as the propeller rotates the fan off the hood.

The importance of proper supply of apartments fresh air is clear from the above. Installation duct for extraction is conducted only in a pair with a grating equipped with a check valve.

Select the size of the duct

Performance exhaust reduced by two factors:

  1. The presence of 90-degree rotation (sharp edges are not permitted at all).
  2. Reduced cross-section area of ​​the ventilation path.

extraction socket

How does the above with the commonplace, in which we live. Ventilation moves most of the buildings traditionally have a diameter of 14 cm. Square build mine with a side of 13 cm. Not difficult to guess that the connecting duct with a smaller cross section, use the passage part. Further development will place a narrow channel. Conversely, the air duct too large cross-section is not a lot of good will, as the path narrows further. Correct to estimate the size before drawing dream. Buy an umbrella, ducts should be on the understanding of how the product will work well together.

additional rules

Installing the air for exhaust is conducted according to the instructions. A simple count of the installation of corrugated aluminum. Such products are sold in small pieces, each stretched to three meters. Duct bends unthinkable, considering that turns with sharp corners in the line should not be.

At both ends of the corrugation are collars to be fitted to respective elements of the hood, the lattice using a standard hand-held power tools.

Easier to work with plastic ducts. Sawn manual hacksaw, going without effort, but you can apply sealant reliably isolating joints. An additional advantage - in a store there are special transition elements by which possible mixed mounting round and rectangular products.

Harder to process metal. Some umbrellas come with duct segments, can not be choosers. The design is fitted in place. Ducts are going to overlap, the junction can be treated with glue.

According to the technology pierced holes in the walls, fixing elements are inserted, in practice, the craftsmen just vdevayut products in each other, prihvatyvayut sealant. Naturally, the process affects the structural strength, kitchen enough. Section fixed to the wall, the furniture, on the clamp screws and dowels, nails.

It remains to mention that the vertical segments are often embedded into the section hanging cabinets, it hides a line from the eye. Horizontal section lies on the fortified wall on the furniture. Ploy to minimize visual negative effect extraction installation. Before you install the duct for drawing, evaluate the possibility of such a decision.

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