Husqvarna's lawn mower is a worthy tool for lawn care

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Technology for the care of suburban possessions is presented in a wide range. Husqvarna's lawn mower belongs to the best models at an affordable price. High quality products in any price category - a distinctive feature of the company Husqvarna, which is the world leader in the manufacture of tools with diesel and electric traction.

Features of lawnmowers Swedish manufacturer

Husqvarna's lawn mower is produced with a two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engine of its own design. Production sites are in Sweden and China. The main components and engines on all units are only of their own production. Chinese units are sold cheaper, as the cost price of their production is lower.

A distinctive feature of Husqvarna lawn mowers is their trouble-free operation for long years of service, while observing the instruction manual. Simple management and adaptation to the climate of Russia ensure the use of aggregates by municipal services of cities.

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The concern extends the product line, and offers modern models:

  • mechanical drum;
  • non-self-propelled;
  • self-propelled;
  • self-propelled, all-wheel drive, with a seat;
  • robotics with battery power.

Working function - leveling grass on the lawn is done in three ways:

  1. Bioclip - mulching, which occurs in crushed grass. In this case, the cut grass is repeatedly fed to the knives, until small pieces fall on the lawn.
  2. Dioclip - a system that allows you to choose the option of mulching or the use of a grass catcher.
  3. TrioClip - the option of selecting the option of removing the scraped grass through the side ejector, mulching or bagging.
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Multi-step regulation of the cutting height of grass is essential in lawn care. It is known that if you do not trim the grass for a long time, it will turn yellow. It is necessary to cut it off several times, but gradually.

The invention of the lawn-mower-robot belongs to 1995. For the first time, a solar-powered device was created. A series of automatic lawnmowers Husqvarna Automower® is already in production.

The launch of the Husqvarna gasoline lawn mower can be done with a button, if you use an electric starter, or a cord with a light start function. Models with a four-stroke engine produce less noise, run on gasoline AI 92 and produce less impurities in the exhaust gases.

Used technology AFT, vacuum cleaner, allows you to straighten even the raw grass, the level of cut is equal. In the complete set with a steel knife made of a whole plate without welding, a special decking and gutter, the working tool is distinguished by the quality of the lawn processing.

Technical characteristics of gasoline lawn mowers

Lawn mowers Husqvarna, working on gasoline, are manual and self-propelled. They are selected, according to the working conditions:

  1. If the energy is spent only on cutting and grinding the grass, and the movement is carried out by man's effort, then the model requires less power than self-propelled. Basically, all units are equipped with engines of 3-6 hp. Use two-stroke and four-stroke single-cylinder engines. The more powerful the unit, the more work it produces.
  2. The determining factor for choosing the device is the cutting width. It depends on the length of the installed knives. The width of the swath can be 31-56 cm, depending on the power of the unit.
  3. The range of height adjustment of grass mowing allows selecting the mode, corresponding to the length of the lawn. Optimum, when there are several modes, the Husqvarna lawnmower can have seven.
  4. The durable steel case is covered with a stable paint, which does not scratch.
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Concern of Husvarna produces units for domestic and professional use. For smooth lawns or work in the rugged terrain, you can pick up the model of the Husqvarna gasoline lawn mower you need and answer the request.

Requirements for maintenance of lawn mowers

Complex technology requires careful handling. Before starting to work, it is necessary to study the operating instructions. Prepare and start the first run, following the sequence of operations. An important factor in the subsequent accident-free operation is the use of the correct gasoline and oil for the Husqvarna lawnmower. Gasoline should be of high quality, bought at checked gas stations and only AI 92. The use of gasoline that does not meet the quality standards will inevitably shorten the life of the engine. In the four-stroke engine, the oil in the fuel mixture is added automatically. For a two-stroke engine, a combustible mixture is prepared in the proportions indicated in the passport.

To buy a genuine Husvarna lawnmower, you need to use the services of specialized trading platforms or dealer centers. It is necessary to obtain a warranty service certificate and a complete set of documentation.

For all products the company gives guarantees from the manufacturer, which are supported by a network of service centers. Buy spare parts for lawn mowers Husqvarna is not difficult. In remote areas, they can be ordered through the Internet, using the catalog and instruction manual.


An example of a non-self-propelled inexpensive lawnmower Husvarna

The Husqvarna LC 153 mower known for its gardeners is distinguished by its reliability and ease of use. The principle of motion is used - pushing, while the motor generates, kW, which is enough to drive the mechanism of mowing grass of any rigidity. A steel solid deck with a cross section of 53 cm creates an even strip with the discharge of grass into the bag or mulching. Handle for gripping rubberized rubber. Large-sized rear wheels create comfortable maneuvering on uneven surfaces. The model uses an American-made Briggs & Stratton engine, kW.

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The cost of lawn mowers is 36990 rubles. Based on this model, the self-propelled LC 153 V and the Huskvarna LC 153 S gasoline mower are built, with more performance.

Video review of the Husqvarna gasoline lawn mower

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