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Having at hand really high-quality gasoline, a summer resident will be able to mow the vegetation in a huge area in a matter of minutes while spending a minimum of time and effort. Users who need a petrol pump, the rating of the best models will help to choose the one that will become a valuable acquisition for them. Today in stores you can see dozens of models from a variety of manufacturers. Choosing a quality, easy-to-use and inexpensive model is a rather difficult task. After all, each gasoline pump has certain advantages and disadvantages. To cope with the task, several models should be considered, dividing them into the appropriate categories. To get acquainted with the most important characteristics, making the rating of the best gas stations: price, weight, capacity. This will allow each potential buyer to choose the category that considers the priority parameters for it.

Best Budget Petrols

Making a rating of the best gas stations, first of all pay attention to budget models costing up to 7 thousand rubles. Many summer residents prefer them - the tools are compact, easy to use and, most importantly, do not need to give away huge money when buying. With their help, grass in the garden is easily mowed, on small lawns, around flower beds, along hedges and garden paths.

In the first place in this nomination deserves a gasoline gauge Caliber 1200.

This model has excellent characteristics:

  • weight - total, kilogram;
  • power 2 hp;
  • capacity of the gas tank - 1.25 liters;
  • cutting width - 44 centimeters.

In total, all this will allow the user to easily cope with a significant amount of work, spending on mowing grass or leveling the lawn for a minimum of time and effort. A significant cutting width is one of the main advantages of the model - even a large area can be processed in a matter of minutes. It is important that with such impressive characteristics, the gasoline tank has a low cost - about 6 thousand rubles.

The width of the mowing depends on the size of the deck of the gasoline pump. The larger this parameter, the less the scaler needs to make passes to complete the job.

The second place was taken by the petrol Chas T 336, first of all due to not too high cost from 6000 to 6500 rubles.

Unfortunately, for a number of parameters it is inferior to the previous model:

  • weight kilogram;
  • power - 3 liters. from.;
  • the capacity of the gas tank is 5 liters.

Despite the fact that the cutting width of the model is quite decent - 40 centimeters - it was not possible to get to the first place in the nomination of budgetary petrol models. First of all because of the large weight and rather low power.

Another successful model - CARVER PROMO PBC-43.

Benzokosa Carver will cost the buyer even cheaper than the previous - 5500-6000 rubles. Her characteristics will impress even a spoiled user:

  • weight - 8 kilograms;
  • power - 1.7 liters. from.;
  • the capacity of the gas tank is 5 liters.

High power, of course, is the main advantage of the model. Unfortunately, everything spoils a lot of weight. Yes, and the width of the mowing leaves much to be desired - only 25 centimeters.

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Closes the top of the budget gasoline model Huter GGT-800T.

This is a great tool that you can buy for 6000 rubles, but, unfortunately, he suffers the same drawbacks that the model from Carver. So, the Husher's gasoline machine has the following characteristics:

  • weight kilogram;
  • power - 1.09 liters. from.;
  • cutting width of grass - 25 centimeters.

Although the mass gain is obvious, low power and a small cutting width of the grass reduce the attractiveness of this gasoline-powered machine.

The best light petrol pumps

Experienced users of gasoline know that weight is the most important parameter for these tools. After all, when you work, the instrument has to be constantly kept on weight, and every extra gram of gram is perfectly felt here. Therefore, light models should be singled out in a separate category, even if they have decent value and do not have high power. When compiling this rating, the best petrol cars were estimated models weighing not more than 5 kilograms - even prolonged work with them delivers only pleasure and leaves no fatigue. And this is exactly what the dacha owners and lovers of work in the garden need.

Typically, the weight of the fuel pump depends on the size and power of the engine. But the use of modern, lightweight materials can significantly reduce the mass of the instrument, making it more convenient.

In the first place, the PARTNER XS gasoline pump confidently emerged.

And this is not an accident - it has excellent characteristics:

  • power 5 liters. from.;
  • width of processing - 41 centimeters;
  • weight - 3.5 kg.

Power is quite large, given that the partner's gasoline pump is so light. In addition, thanks to this processing width, the user can easily cut a lawn or grass on a large area without feeling fatigued. The only negative is a gas tank of only 4 liters. Because of this, you often have to take breaks to refill the fuel. Everything is completely compensated by an affordable price - 6500-7500 rubles.

Only a little inferior to the leader of the category of gasoline tank HITACHI CG22EJ.

A little more weight and a little less power did not allow her to lead the TOP of light models.

  • power 5 liters. from.;
  • processing width - 38 centimeters;
  • Weight, kg.

Alas, the Hitachi gasoline is inferior in all respects to the model discussed above. In addition, in order to acquire this offspring of Japanese industry, you will have to shell out at least 12 thousand rubles - twice as much as for the leader. Of course, this significantly reduces its attractiveness in the eyes of many buyers, despite the excellent characteristics.

Finally, he closes the three best light models of the Interskol MB-43/26 gasoline tank.

Its parameters are:

  • power - 1 liter. from.;
  • width of processing - 43 centimeters;
  • weight - 5 kg.

As you can see, it exceeds the models considered above both in terms of power and width of the lawn processing. Its only drawback is the big weight - it hardly entered into the rating of light petrol tank. So, despite the magnificent properties that any specialist will appreciate, she manages to take only the third place. However, thanks to a very affordable price - no more than 7 thousand rubles - buyers are on it and, most likely, will be in the future. Many users are willing to put up with an extra kilogram of weight to save a few thousand rubles or decently win on power.

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The best powerful gasoline pumps

If you are looking for a gasoline pump that will not only trim the lawn, but also cope with a large a site overgrown with aggressive and viable weeds, we should give preference to models with a high power.

The first position in this category is occupied by the Cedar BH-4500 gasoline pump.

It has excellent characteristics:

  • power l. from.;
  • width of processing - 42 centimeters;
  • weight - 8 kilograms;
  • the capacity of the gas tank is 1.2 liters.

Of course, the weight is quite large - a long time to work with the gasoline pump will not work. But, thanks to the power, it easily mows and young grass, and dried perennial weeds, and even large bushes. Using a tool, you can trim a hedge. In addition, the price of the model usually does not exceed 10 thousand rubles. Therefore, the model rightly opens the top of the best powerful petrol.

Only a little inferior in capacity, but it significantly wins the weight of the Tatra Garden BCU-55 gasoline tank.

Its characteristics:

  • power - 5 liters. from.;
  • weight - 6 kilograms;
  • the capacity of the gas tank is 1.2 liters;
  • width of processing - 41 centimeters.

Certainly, the Tatra Garden gasoline gave way to the rating in this rating only because of less power. However, for many users the gain in weight of 2 kg is much more important. The power of the model is enough to effectively solve the problem of old bushes, dried up weeds and other plants, which give a lot of trouble to the owners of less powerful gasoline. In addition, it will not be too expensive - in many stores it can be bought for 7-8 thousand rubles, which certainly will pleasantly surprise the buyer.

People who can afford to pay extra money for the maximum comfort of using the equipment will probably have to taste the Makita gasoline DBC 4510.

Working with it is a pleasure, thanks to the low noise level and carefully calibrated ergonomics. Membrane type carburetor provides excellent, stable performance, as with a full gasoline tank, and the last grams of fuel. The power of the model is large enough to help cope with any weeds and even young trees. In general, the characteristics are very good:

  • power l. from.;
  • weight kilogram;
  • width of processing - 25 centimeters.

Unfortunately, the parameters of Makita are much inferior to the leaders. It is heavier and has much less power. Therefore, she managed to take only third place. And if you add that in any store when buying you have to pay at least 40 thousand rubles, it becomes clear why it is not often seen in suburban areas and in fields - high cost repels the lion's share of potential buyers. Even great ergonomics and convenience of work can not fully compensate for high financial costs.

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The fourth place in the rating of powerful gasoline will please lovers of Italian products. Yes, on this place there was a petrol pump Oleo Mak Sun 420 T.

A beautiful brainchild of Italian masters just sings in hands while working.

The arrangement of the engine at the top of the rod guarantees a minimum load. Working with her for a long time, the user will not feel tired.

This is also promoted by a high-quality anti-vibration system - even when the petrol pump is ruthless wipes out thickets of dry weeds with hard stems, the user does not feel the slightest discomfort. Its characteristics:

  • power l. from.;
  • weight kilogram;
  • The working width (line / knife) is 40/25 centimeters.

Due to the size of the deck, even if you have a significant amount of work to do, you can easily cope with it, spending a minimum of time and effort. Unfortunately, for Italian quality and excellent design have to pay. And very few users are willing to pay for a tool to care for the garden 40-45 thousand rubles. This is the cost of gasoline pumps in most online stores. In addition, the model has a non-separable boom, which greatly complicates the transportation.

Finally, the fifth and last place in the TOP of powerful gasoline is the Hyundai Z 525.

Unfortunately, she took this place only in the first place because of her considerable weight, although she has an excellent power:

  • power l. from.;
  • weight - 1, kg;
  • width of processing - 25 centimeters.

The Hyundai Gasoline has enough power to easily cut not only the bushes, but also trees up to 2-3 centimeters thick. This is a huge advantage, especially if you have to work on a very neglected site, which needs to be brought to a presentable appearance as soon as possible.

But the weight of almost 11 kilograms significantly reduces the attractiveness of the model. Still, you need to have extremely strong hands to work with such a heavy tool for an hour and a half. In 5-10 minutes hands can start to get tired, unless you are a regular at the gym. Therefore, it can not be said that the child of Henday company is widespread. It should be noted that this model will cost the buyer much cheaper than those presented above. In many stores it can be bought for only 15-16 thousand. Therefore, if reliability, quality, excellent capacity and not too high price are important for you, it is possible that this particular petrol pump will be the most successful acquisition.

Now that you have information about the products of the most famous brands, you can probably easily find and buy the same gasoline that will not disappoint even for many years of regular operation.

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