What to buy a slicer

Prompt, what to buy a slicer. Important skills to work properly, the device comprises an open knife, easily cutting the ham. To avoid unpleasant incident happened, you need to carefully monitor what is happening. It was possible to watch the video where the process of communication with the slicer wrong from beginning to end.

What is the slicer and why

In a typical food processor nashinkuem and we will cut slices. Fruits in a fraction of a second turn in circles and cubes. Cut off possible on the slicer, but for this unit is not intended, the process will be delayed. For each cut into slices make two hand movements resembling carpenter action with a plane. Back and forth, back and forth.

Easier to understand the process by the example of the Bulgarian. For angular-grinders sold the bed to cut the slices. Lift the handle up and lowered, raised and lowered... The slicer should similarly rotating blade disc. Sharpening wavy, to come to any type of product. speed is controlled in selected models.

slicer classic

slicer classic

We slicer cutting table. Over the surface of the blade is cut off, there is placed a plate to collect the finished product - equal slices. In contrast to the food processor with the specific functional limitations and file a cut on the table dishes:

  • bread;
  • sausage;
  • a pineapple;
  • cheese;
  • ham.

Part listed narezhet slices and a food processor, but do not loaf or a long piece of cheese. Pineapple will be held not in every car. slicer functions - to give smooth, the same thickness pieces. In devices stepwise or continuously adjustable knife away from the confining wall. For example, the amount of 0,5-17 mm.

It is curious that in the models of the same product feed system with hand protection - two plastic platform. First moving along the blade is pressed on the device, when moving a piece on the blade, cutting. Second platform perpendicular to the first. Hunk pushes closer to the knife when the time comes to a new chunk. Uniform thickness is ensured by abutment of the product in the bounding wall. The distance between the plane and knife blade defines how often cut.

bright slicer

bright slicer

So, we put the piece on the table, resting in the bounding wall of the left side. Squeeze product both platforms begin to move away, to the side of the blade (as a carpenter on the sawmill). As a result, cut a slice. Now pull the piece itself. Then again pressed against the boundary wall. Moving forward, and cut a new hunk. Do not hurry, so as not to make an injury. Work process is responsible for a holiday to the dish on the table looked beautiful, slicer handy.

parameters slicers

Cooks interested in the performance and range of features.

power slicer

On power should pay attention to when to cut hard loaf. Otherwise we look at the work cycle. If the engine quickly overheats, the unit refuses to work, either temporarily goes down, we get zero results. Take the cross: a long cycle - it's expensive, too powerful engine quickly tired without cooling. Acceptable middle - 150 - 180 watts. Devices of similar size, at a higher chance of overheating the engine power above. To protect the use something similar to the connection type wall chaser. Look at the hand blender. Two buttons, one must constantly hold down. This is not a general rule, you will see on the counter slicer, where the operating position is fixed (as in Bulgarian). Should I be at risk, think independently.

This is done for security purposes, so as not to overheat the engine. It is obvious that for a long time do not have enough forces, while moving a piece back, you risk to forget that it takes hold. As a result, slicers motor is constantly receiving respite, prolonging the life of the engine. commutator motor used in the design.

With increasing power increases the volume. Extra watts do not need to cut soft ham and bread. Effectively take a low-power device. Or stay on the average.

The ability to adjust speed slicer

In selected models proposed to adjust the blade speed. According to part of the housewives this helps to adjust slicer for a certain product. For example, bread and soft cheese is recommended to pass at a relatively low speed. We add that this piece makes an additional risk factor for failure slicers, do not consider the option useful. This is confirmed even there a range.

In light of the slicer with the possibility of speed regulation can recommend professionals. For beginners it is better to train on conventional settings.

A variety of cutting widths

A variety of cutting widths

width adjustment range of slices in the slicer

Without the possibility of adjusting the width slices appliance uninteresting. When all settings even cut a piece. The limits of the regulation are listed only on the top slice.

Try before you buy to find out the availability of the options described how the settings change.

knives, slicers

It seems that slicers the knives are the same, the shape judgment is true. It is a circle with a diameter similar notches. Made, usually of steel, do not require sharpening. However, the kit of the slicers included several knives with specific functions. We believe that taking the said device is not always wise. Change takes effort, it is possible to forget to turn off the power, provoking a tragedy.

Kitchen slicer

Kitchen slicer

Slicers Rubberized feet

When you move your hands in the manner of the planer with a table appliance must cool crawl. Because at slicer appeared rubberized feet. Without this work of chefs will be complicated, the likelihood increases to cut yourself. Bad that option on the item card often ignore.

Execution slicer housing

Choose a variety of slicers, lying on the arm. Try it in the store, as the process is carried out, it is convenient to use whether protective platforms, if the body flexes. Plastic inferior in strength of the steel is important, wherein inside paved stiffener to impart hardness.

How to use the slicer

Solving the problem of what to buy slicer worth seeing the video on YouTube. Very informative. If you use the wrong, the sausage is cut partially. By the way, before you buy check if the platform reaches the edge of a knife, whether the product is cut through, as shown in the advertisement.

There are technical subtleties. The product should be leaning against the platform parallel to the blunt side of a knife. When you cut the sausage, starting from the tip, not the flat side. Or cut off a piece from both sides. Otherwise the segment stick pops up, it is inconvenient and dangerous. With regard to protection, be sure to take the model where a single hand hold the button.

The ad shows that circular sawing fruit whole, reasonable cut in half by hand, then put on a platform with the flat side. Knife starts to tip.

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