Design and assembly of the principle grinder with his own hands

Difficulties arise in two cases: the first time you see any grinder or picks repairs electric model with no experience. Consider related issues: how to localize a breakdown, how to fix, how to arrange the details, so that together earned.

mechanical chopper

mechanical chopper

mechanical meat grinder

It is useful to make an excursion into the design of mechanical grinders without any novice can assemble a hand model, not to mention the electricity. do not want to seem boring, we describe the process in detail:

  1. A major and indispensable part of the mechanical grinder is the case. The assembly begins with the insertion of a screw inside. The thread at the rear end, which puts pen to a special screw with a plastic or steel thumbscrew. Tighten carefully.
  2. The knife blade is installed outside. Brink rub against the grate and then automatically sharpened. This design helps the grinder to work effectively and free from the procedure finishing blades.
  3. Grid worn by either party, it is preferable that the knife abuts worn part. This guarantees the availability of running that would be beneficial to the operation.
  4. Protracted ring covers the mesh, by tightening the thread by setting the friction force. Do not wear too tight. Otherwise, the handle becomes difficult to rotate, the work process will not add to the efficiency. On the contrary, will increase wear on knives and mesh.
Assembling a mechanical grinder

Assembling a mechanical grinder

Simple knowledge will give an idea of ​​the mechanical part of the manual meat grinder, electric models are assembled in the image. The housing is made of steel or cast iron silumin. The second best option on the market hard to find. Iron brittle, no manufacturer wants to show that the product is afraid of strikes. Aluminum is toxic in the free form without any type of steel is considered to be the food. But check the statement is much more complicated than mechanical properties.

The transfer clutch electric mincer

The electric meat grinder has no handle. Instead of the lever should drive. Before collecting grinder Naladte transfer clutch. By the way, most of the damage falls on the specified part. Designers protect the product against mechanical overload by two methods:

  • Gears made of plastic, at jamming the shaft coupling breaks. This, remember, do not let these situations.
  • Advanced domestic producers instead of plastic gears are provided with special bushings grinder. Details are to protect. Now the sleeve break when overloaded. Plus method: if the gear in the kit can be a two, then insert a tiny shipped dozens that dramatically reduces the frequency of having to resort to a service center.
Options grinder

Options grinder

Inside the gear unit cost reduction gear. One usually steel, with a small number of teeth, a modest diameter, is placed on the stationary shaft. Without special devices to separate the assembly will only vice. It is recommended to preheat the parts. Process look at the video (Youtube to help). For heating is used, e.g., soldering, keep the motor rotor is not burned. The winding is designed for certain temperature (for example, 135 degrees Celsius), with heating manifold block there is a chance to burn the wire.

So, reducing gears two or more. The coefficient is calculated by the number of teeth of the driven and driving. For example, on the order of shaft 10, and the outer ring of the first gear stage 25. As a result, each succeeding gear rotates slower than, the lowest speed of the screw resulting in a movement.

We explain why. Engine power grinder - a fixed amount. This is done to winding could dissipate the heat generated, is determined by three variables:

  • Long winding.
  • Conductor cross-section.
  • Specific resistance of copper as a manufacturing material.

The more massive the engine, the larger the surface area, significant power dissipation. At the same time the consumption of performance depends. As is well known, are interconnected three quantities:

  1. shaft speed.
  2. Engine power.
  3. Torque.
Electric grinder in

Electric grinder in

From the first value depends on the performance, but you have to make an effort for more hard meat. Two quantities are inversely proportional to each other. Both increase with increasing power. Manufacturer tries to chopper worked longer (you will need to reduce consumption, or fast winding overheat), but at the same time grind everything (you need to increase the torque), it gave out a lot per minute (speed increase RPM). To fish to eat and not choke bone, pay more, while torque rises easily - reduction stage gear.

Each gear sits on a separate shaft. When the assembly place need to grease or silicone lithologic composition similar to PMS 1000. Pre-cleaned cloth items gear from dirt. This includes the old grease. Going grinder reverse gear during disassembly. Before dismantling the unit is recommended every photograph, not to forget that which is put. Each gear is worn neatly, then rotate the mechanism by hand (with the power off, of course). Note what force is necessary to put on a screw level. Reducer lowers raised to increase the torque grinder.

Each gear is estimated to wear. Even specially designed to protect against overload. The main parameters when selecting external parts are the number of teeth of the small and large rings, diameter, thickness of the fitting hole. We believe that the manufacturer is not profitable constantly reconfigure the pipeline, even at an old meat grinder parts may be found.

engine grinder

Beginners are afraid of electrical parts and do not know how to build a meat grinder. Difficulties are anticipated. Mincer inside comprises commutator motor, miscellaneous not suitable for reasons of high cost or lack of stability. The item consists of a shaft with the rotor windings with the stator housing and brush contacts. Science must first install the shaft, but the rotor does not go in, if you forgot to remove the brush before repairing. Make sure the pins on springs removed.

Otherwise, using a simple screwdriver to remove the brush, preliminarily memorizing, where some standing. Insert the reverse side often impossible because of the design features. Brush stand in the middle of the reservoir, there is a great difference (although experienced craftsmen graphite grind). So gently shaft is put in place. Before assembly, grinder, make sure that the brass section of clean, not nabilsya graphite between them. Clean the manifold possible with alcohol, other suitable means. The brushes are inserted in place, then the engine is bolted to the body.

shaft bearing grease Litol. Shaft rotates gently, quietly, without a rustle. Please note - to lubricate the surface of the rotor is not necessary. Science here, between the stator and the rotor, a small gap.

For proper operation of the commutator motor varistors are used for protection against overvoltage, the thyristor circuit speed correction. To replace electronic components need to be able to solder. If the steel is not taken (and should not), buy a special store acids for cleaning and surface preparation purposes. When the soldering iron can be used to achieve the effect of fast.

Driving thyristor simple. Before assembling ensure its operability that the output voltage is 220 V. For more information about testing methods read on the forums. Permissible to collect the meat grinder at all without adjusting board. Mincer will work on some speed, and speed - much jumping depending on the mains voltage surges, and load applied to the shaft. Driving thyristor is a method of stabilization. You can collect a meat grinder, and without it, but the work unit will not matter. By the way, such schemes are characteristic of the food processor. In good thyristors are in a stable household appliances.

The exact algorithm grinder fee depends on the specific device design. For example, a grinder Belwar assistant stages three and plastic gears, the overload falls on the shaft sleeve protection, differently arranged Bosch. Subtleties come with experience obtained individually. Details - bread wizard will not disclose.

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