Refrigerators NoFrost: principle of operation, TOP-7 best models, reviews + tips on choosing

No Frost devices are in high demand among buyers. Unlike conventional aggregates, they do not overgrow with a layer of ice, due to which it is sufficient to defrost the process 1-2 times a year.

In addition, the Nou Frost refrigerator is usually equipped with innovative technologies. This technique is included in the range of almost all known brands. Regardless of the manufacturer, it has an attractive design, excellent performance, advanced functionality.

The content of the article:

  • The principle of operation of technology No Frost
    • System variations
    • Air movement organization
    • Pros and cons of technology “without frost”
  • Factors influencing the choice
  • Best No Frost Equipment Manufacturers
    • LG Electronics: South Korean Giant
    • Innovative Sharp Technology
    • Beko: quality at a budget price
    • Household and professional appliances Liebherr
    • Samsung Style and Ergonomics
    • Ariston: great technique at a good price.
    • Robust classics from Bosch
  • Top 7 best models with the No Frost function
    • Place # 7: LG GA-B489YVQZ
    • Place # 6: Liebherr ECBN5066
    • Place # 5: Beko CN329120
    • Place # 4: Bosch KGN39SW10
    • Place # 3: Samsung RZ-32 M7110SA
    • Place # 2: Indesit EF 20 D
    • Place # 1: Sharp SJ-641NBE
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The principle of operation of technology No Frost

The name of the technology, which translates as “Without frost,” accurately reflects the peculiarity of the work: in the chambers of refrigerators equipped with this system, not the slightest layer of ice is formed.

Principle of operation technology fro fro

No Frost-cooled refrigeration equipment is equipped with powerful fans. They stimulate the movement of air mass inside the chamber, which eliminates the formation of condensate and its subsequent icing

Despite the fact that the first batch of such models was made in 1967, their mass production was adjusted only after several decades. The system "Nou Frost" includes an evaporator, an analogue of the device used in conventional models. But it is not located inside, but outside the freezer.

For the operation of the cooling circuit is necessary to establish the forced movement of air flow. The process is assisted by fans, which evenly distribute the air through the compartment, directing it towards the evaporator.

Cooling circuit

Simplified distribution pattern of air flow, which is carried out in the main and freezer compartments of the refrigeration apparatus equipped with the No Frost system

Condensate accumulates on the evaporator, which freezes to form a thin layer of ice. But the design of the refrigerator involves an automatic heater; periodically it turns on, turning the ice crust into water.

The liquid flows into a special pan provided under the compressor, after which it evaporates and goes into the air. Thanks to this scheme, with this type of operation, ice is practically not formed.

System variations

There are several modifications of cooling systems that are used in the construction of different brands. In the descriptions of the devices can be found such symbols as Frost Free, Full No Frost, Total No Frost. Initially, this function was used only in freezers, later it was used in the working compartment of the refrigerator.

Freezer drip unit

In drip type refrigerators, regular defrosting is required. Without this, it will be covered with a layer of ice, which not only causes discomfort in use, but can also lead to serious breakdowns.

Currently, the following notation:

  • Frost free - the evaporator is only in the freezer;
  • Total No Frost, Full No Frost - the use of special channels for the passage of cooled air between the freezer and the main chamber;
  • Twin cooling system - the presence of two independent systems of circulation of air flow, acting for both the freezing and the refrigeration compartment.

Some manufacturers may use their own names for the systems mentioned above.

Air movement organization

The distribution of cold is also influenced by the circulation of air currents, which can be carried out in different ways. There are two technologies used in various models of the famous Samsung brand:

  • Super-X-Flow assumes the creation of vortex flows by a screw fan;
  • Air shower causes the vertical movement of air, which is considered particularly effective. According to experts, "air shower" allows you to freeze products 1.5-2 times faster than traditional technologies.

Multi Flow has been widely used - a multi-level air supply system that helps stabilize the temperature of the internal compartment. The technology is a combination of No Frost with a drip cooling scheme.

Air circulation patterns

Diagrams indicating the difference in airflow circulation during operation of the Super-X-Flow cooling systems (left image) and Air Shower (right image) used in the Samsung technique

In this case, the evaporator is located outside the chamber and located on the rear wall of the unit. Since the air transfer using a fan is not provided, the ice melts under the influence of room temperature when the compressor is turned off, while the additional heater is not provided.

Pros and cons of technology “without frost”

Refrigeration units of this type have advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is the long life without defrosting, which greatly simplifies maintenance. A great advantage is also the rapid process of cooling products, thanks to the continuous circulation of air flow.

In the refrigerated and freezer compartments of No Frost a uniform climate regime is maintained. The difference in temperature on individual shelves is 2-3 ° C compared to 6-7 ° C, which are observed in drip-type devices.

In the devices “Nou Frost” it is easier to observe a certain temperature of the internal space, which rises with frequent opening of doors. Thanks to the fans, the performance will recover much faster.

Food storage in the freezer

It is quite simple to preserve the freshness of products in the “Frost” freezers: they must be placed in containers, carefully closed bags or other packaging.

Among the shortcomings pointed out by users and specialists are the smaller capacity of the internal space, a part of which is allocated for the unit responsible for defrosting. And also a little more electricity consumption caused by the fan. However, this figure is not too large, only 100-150 kW / h per year.

Some users talk about a significant level of noise emitted by the units. However, in the catalogs of reputable manufacturers you can always find a model that works almost silently.

You can hear complaints about the rapid shrinkage of food. This deficiency manifests itself with a long shelf life, whereas after a few days the change in quality is difficult to notice. Among the downsides is the increased cost compared to traditional drip models.

Disadvantages of the know frost system

The main disadvantage of the equipment operating according to the “no-frost” cooling scheme is the cost, which is higher than that of the drip refrigerators. They also spend more electricity, because fans are involved in the work

Factors influencing the choice

Expensive No Frost equipment is usually purchased with the expectation of long term use. Therefore, the selection should be given special attention.

The main criteria include:

  • size and volume;
  • profitability;
  • climate class;
  • the number and type of compressors;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • configuration, color, design.

The parameters of the refrigerator depend on the area of ​​the room where it will be installed, and on the number of people in the family.

Choosing a No Frost refrigerator

When choosing, it is desirable to take into account food habits. If it is customary in the family to regularly purchase lots of products in hypermarkets, it is reasonable to give preference to more capacious equipment.

Since the units are designed for continuous operation for many years, when choosing, it is important to take into account the degree of electricity consumption, preferring economical models of class A, A +, A ++. This rule is especially important with the presence of the function "Fro Fro", because in this case more electricity is required.

Residents of cold or, on the contrary, too hot regions should pay attention to the climate class of household appliances, choosing models with markings SN and ST, respectively.

The quantity and quality of compressors is also important. Powerful inverter motors are notable for silent operation, but they are sensitive to voltage drops.

Modern models of refrigerators provide a diverse set of options that improve the quality of food storage and increase the comfort of use. Common features include fast freezing, anti-bacterial coating, freshness zone, rapid cooling, ionizer and other useful additions.

Defrost the refrigerator

For correct operation of all systems, even a unit with No Frost technology requires complete defrosting at least twice a year.

One-and two-chamber solutions, as well as chic FrenchDoor and Side-by-Side variants are presented in home appliances stores.

Models are made in a wide range of colors, using original ideas, for example, with marbled, painted or mirrored walls. Built-in devices are also popular: with compact dimensions, they are characterized by a large capacity.

Best No Frost Equipment Manufacturers

Modifications of units without defrosting are included in the range of almost all major manufacturers of refrigeration equipment. We name only a few of them.

LG Electronics: South Korean Giant

For 60 years, the South Korean company has been producing electronic devices and home appliances, which are supplied to 95 countries of the world.

The range includes a wide variety of products, including high-quality and reliable refrigeration units. Among them you can find products with upper and lower position of the freezer, as well as two-door models.

A variety of models of LG

For LG technology is characterized by the use of high-tech solutions. Units made of quality materials differ in functionality and stylish design.

In the latest developments related to energy class A ++, a linear inverter compressor is used, which produces a minimum of noise.

Innovative technology - Total No Frost - allows you to efficiently organize the movement of air inside the chambers, providing rapid cooling of products.

Innovative Sharp Technology

The Japanese company, whose history goes back over a century, is considered one of the leaders in the production of household appliances. The range includes a variety of household appliances, including refrigerators, most of which are equipped with the No Frost system.

At production of units the technology of ionization patented by the company is used, eliminating colonies of bacteria and mold fungi, and also destroying unpleasant smells.

Sharp refrigerator models

The latest Sharp equipment uses an inverter compressor that is capable of automatically choose the mode of operation depending on the workload of the refrigerator, temperature and humidity of air

The manufacturer actively applies innovations, regularly updating the model range. Even budget modifications differ silently reliable operation with low power consumption.

Beko: quality at a budget price

Turkish company specializing in the production of equipment for the home. Products are quite in demand due to a combination of pleasant design, good performance and affordable prices.

The units often use an efficient version of the “Ice-free” system, which provides for the isolated operation of a freezer and a refrigerator, using two ventilation circuits, which contributes to a better safety of products and allows you to extend the time without defrosting.

Budget Beko refrigerator

The range of brand Beko is quite wide. The model range includes both compact devices and overall models.

Another advantage is the ease of repair: if necessary, you can use not only original spare parts, but also parts of other brands of a similar class.

Household and professional appliances Liebherr

The famous German company Liebherr is engaged in the production of various refrigeration equipment. Presented in a huge range of products belongs to the premium class segment, while prices for individual models are quite democratic.

Libherr refrigeration equipment

Liebherr pays special attention to the production of embedded equipment. The catalogs contain product lines of this type with different dimensional parameters.

The models are characterized by an ergonomic solution of space with a comfortable arrangement of compartments and departments. The manufacturer finds advanced technological solutions that provide fast, high-quality freezing and silent operation.

Samsung Style and Ergonomics

In catalogs of the famous South Korean brand No Frost refrigerators take pride of place. The equipment of this brand is characterized by frequent updating of the model range, optimal use of internal space, and stylish design.

During the development, new technologies are widely used to improve the microclimate in the chambers and prolong the freshness of the stored products.

Samsung Refrigeration

Samsung technology is characterized by a stylish design, ergonomic device, high technology and functionality. The disadvantages include too high prices, especially for models with an extended set of options.

One of the company's new products is a camera in which you can set the temperature range from -23 to +2 ° C. This allows you to use the compartment for freezing products, and for their cooling.

Ariston: great technique at a good price.

The manufacturer offers a large model range of units, including large-sized French Door and Side-by-Side, the cost of which is much lower than that of similar equipment of other brands.

Refrigerator from Ariston

For models of the brand is characterized by practicality, functionality, nice classic design. The disadvantages include a rather high level of noise inherent in individual representatives.

Devices with a high energy efficiency class A, A + are equipped with the improved Total No Frost technology. Active Oxygen is also provided using natural ozone to eliminate bacteria and odors.

Robust classics from Bosch

The range of this brand can be found as elite models, for the manufacture of which the latest design and exclusive materials, and attractive budget - comfortable, quiet and economical.

Bosch Refrigeration

The company pays great attention to the organization of the internal space of the chamber. Under fresh vegetables and fruits, special compartments are set aside, where an optimal microclimate is maintained.

Regardless of the price, the models presented in the Bosch catalog demonstrate reliable stable operation, consuming the minimum amount of electricity.

Top 7 best models with the No Frost function

According to user reviews, as well as repair shop workers, seven options were recognized as the best models for 2017.

Place # 7: LG GA-B489YVQZ

The modification draws attention with a combination of an excellent price and a large set of options. The unit with a classic design has an extremely economical power consumption - class A ++.

The two-chamber LG GA-B489YVQZ refrigerator is equipped with the linear invertor motor for which the producer gives a guarantee in 10 years. Used multi-flow cooling system Multi Air Flow.

A “zero camera” is provided - a zone of freshness, fast cooling and super-freezing modes, there is protection against children. On the door is an electronic display with which you can set the desired temperature.

Users cite the lack of an ice generator and the inconvenient process of outweighing the door.

Place # 6: Liebherr ECBN5066

The built-in equipment with the option "Without ice", differs in truly German quality. Touch control is provided, while setting the settings for the operation of the freezer and refrigerator compartment is carried out on the LCD screen. For storage of greens, fruits and vegetables there is a special container on the telescopic tires.

In addition to a set of standard additional functions, the LIEBHERR ECBN5066 is also equipped with an Ice Maker ice maker with water supply. Fans of cocktails will surely appreciate getting ice cubes at any time.

The device belongs to the highest energy consumption class A ++. Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation, long-term autonomous operation is possible - up to 30 hours.

The disadvantages of users include not too convenient organization of the internal space.

Place # 5: Beko CN329120

Class A + two-compartment refrigerator, featuring capacity, ease of use, reasonable price, low noise, long service life. The narrow compact configuration and classic design allow you to fit it in almost any interior.

There is an antibacterial coating, shelves made of durable glass, additional accessories. It is possible to work with electricity off for 18 hours.

The disadvantages include the lack of temperature / humidity control, the strong smell of the apparatus just purchased, for which we have to spend several days to weather. It is worth mentioning also not too durable coating, which is easily formed scratches.

Place # 4: Bosch KGN39SW10

Excellent reliable device with a conventional compressor. Beautiful stylish unit is easy to maintain and functionality.

Electronic control is provided; No Frost system in two compartments. Two zones of freshness - wet and dry, designed for different types of products. The device has shelves from the tempered glass, beautiful scattered illumination. When the temperature in the chamber rises, the device gives a sound and light signal.

Among the useful options that the model possesses, it is possible to name the display, the “superfreeze” mode, the open door indication, the economical “Holiday” option. There is also a carbon filter used to absorb bacteria and odors.

Place # 3: Samsung RZ-32 M7110SA

Beautiful tech version of the energy class A +, equipped with an inverter compressor. The freezer is cooled using the Nou Frost technology; a superfreeze function is provided. The unit can freeze up to 21 kg per day.

Electronic control is carried out using the display, it is possible to control the refrigerator from a smartphone when connected to Wi-Fi. If the supply of electricity is interrupted, the refrigerator will keep it cold for another 12 hours. There is a device that protects against the intervention of children.

Roomy reliable fridge with almost silent operation. Differs in well thought-out details: comfortable recessed handles, foldable and wire shelves. Excellent organization of internal space with easily outweighed shelves. There is a spectacular lighting. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Place # 2: Indesit EF 20 D

Convenient to use two-chamber refrigerator, which is characterized by a combination of stylish design and functionality. The model with a freezer located at the bottom has a large capacity of 324 liters. Optimal use of the internal space allows a good arrangement of shelves and departments.

Model Indesit EF 20 D has an enamel coating. It greatly facilitates the care of the surface, is easy to clean, prevents the formation of extraneous odors in the internal space. Inside and outside the refrigerator, fingerprints and traces of fat are easily removed.

There is a LED-display, which shows the temperature in two compartments.

Place # 1: Sharp SJ-641NBE

The two-chamber model with the NoFrost system with the top location of the freezer is presented in three variants differing in color. A roomy unit is convenient to use, has a set of useful options, first of all, a high-quality zone of freshness, which allows you to keep food for a long time without freezing.

Despite the rather modest size, the model Sharp SJ-641NBE has a large capacity. The net volume is 535 liters, of which 151 liters are allocated to the freezer. The unit retains the required product temperature for 10 hours after a power outage. Freeze per day is capable of 8 kg.

Dual ventilation and multi-flow cooling technology help to optimize the microclimate for storing semi-finished products, fresh vegetables / fruits. A circulating air stream is processed by a honeycomb refresher inside the chambers.

The control uses an electromechanical scheme that is simple, easy to use, not sensitive to an increased level of humidity, and rarely gives malfunctions. Noise only 41 dB.

The downside is quite reasonably considered to be a rather low B class, meaning not the most economical option for energy consumption.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

On the features of the technology "Nou Frost" on the example of the units of the well-known German company LIEBHERR in the video:

Although household appliances, equipped with a system of No Frost, is somewhat more expensive than usual, its price is quite justified. Refrigerators without defrosting are not only easy to maintain, but also create better food storage conditions, maintaining a uniform temperature in the cells.

Although these models have some drawbacks, they can be leveled by carefully following the rules of operation. Since Nou Frost units are complex high-tech devices, it is better to choose products from reputable manufacturers that guarantee high quality.

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