Why the refrigerator does not turn off and continues to work continuously?

One of the infrequent cases when the refrigerator is working is the one when the refrigerator does not turn off at all and constantly works. This is not always due to a serious breakdown or problem. Perhaps the reason is our carelessness. But whatever its root, it is not always possible to cope with the breakdown on your own.


  1. Why doesn't the refrigerator turn off?
  2. What to do to solve the problem?
  3. Failures of individual refrigerator models
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Why doesn't the refrigerator turn off?

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Only a professional can detect and fix technical issues, and some can be handled independently. In general, they can be divided into two subsections:

  1. The refrigerator does not turn off, and severe freezing occurs. First of all, this can happen due to the included freeze mode. Perhaps you turned it on by accident and did not notice - you can check it yourself. Inspect the lever if the unit has manual control or press the corresponding button if the control is electronic type. After shutdown, the refrigerator will continue to function normally. This function is most common with Indesit or Atlant brands.
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    The problem may be a faulty relay. The difficulty is that the compressor does not turn off in a situation where the contacts stick to each other, since the circuit does not open.
    Finally, a breakdown can happen in the compressor itself or the control thermostat. The latest models equipped with an electronic control system are bad in that they may cause a malfunction in the control board itself.
  2. The refrigerator does not turn off when lightly frozen. The refrigerator works in such a way that it constantly has to gain the necessary temperature. When he does not succeed (for example, due to a door that is not tightly closed), he works without stopping to achieve the desired result.
    If refrigerant leaks, the refrigerator also fails to reach the required temperature. It produces an additional amount of freon, while constantly working. It is easy to identify such a defect. With it, not all freezes freezer, but only some part of it - for example, one of the corners.
    Temperature problems also arise in situations where the device is in a room that is too chilled or too hot. The change in the external temperature often goes into the internal one - then constant work takes place to normalize the temperature regime.

The danger of such malfunctions in any case is fraught with a complete malfunction of the compressor - the heart of the refrigerator.

In addition, if you have detected a refrigerant leak, then in the long run this defect is fraught with the formation of corrosion or damage to the evaporator. In order to avoid unpleasant circumstances arising from our problem, it is necessary to detect the problem as soon as possible and immediately begin to resolve it.

Frost freezer

Possible additional malfunctions

  1. The following situation may also happen, that the refrigerator turns on, engine noise is heard, but after a while (often it takes no more than 1-2 minutes) it turns off. The problem is the opposite, although its roots are hidden there. This may be a faulty compressor or a relay, in addition, the problem is sometimes hidden in insufficient voltage. You can try to find the root of the problem in a few steps:
    1. Check the voltage from which the refrigerator works. Are there any jumps, malfunctions or obvious malfunctions?
    2. Perform an external inspection of the outlet and contacts.
    3. If there are no problems with them, pay attention to inspecting the compressor and relay.
    4. If you have one of the latest models of refrigerators, then check the electronic board for serviceability.
  2. In some cases, when the owners claim that no frost is turned off in the unit, the sound of the fan is taken as the noise of the compressor. This is natural, since they are very similar. But in this case, this is not even considered a problem as such.
  3. If we are talking about a two-chamber refrigerator, then remember that there may be a malfunction both with each department, and with both at the same time. Most often, the refrigerating compartment becomes unusable, while the freezer continues to work.

What to do to solve the problem?

In the first second, when you notice a similar kind of malfunction in the refrigerator, you need to act quickly, otherwise the repair will be very expensive.

The cost of the compressor, which will have to be changed due to constant operation, is equal to a quarter of the cost of the refrigerator in some models of refrigerators. And if you add the repair price to this amount, you will get really impressive money. Therefore, proceed as follows:

  1. Examine the refrigerator very carefully for external problems that you can solve yourself. We considered them in the first part of the article.
  2. If you cannot find an external problem, in no case do it yourself. As soon as possible, contact the support service, whose specialists will competently and in a short time eliminate the problem.

It is best not to start the inspection of household appliances yourself if you do not have any preliminary training or lack special knowledge. You risk your health, as you interact directly with electricity. One can only independently examine the density of the closed refrigerator door, as well as the state of the included modes on the control panel.

For such popular brands of refrigerators as Bosch or Indesit, there are special centers that repair brand models. It is better to contact them directly. Also check if the warranty card for your unit has expired. If it is still operational, then the repair will be free or cost much less.

Refrigerator inspection

Failures of individual refrigerator models

Choosing a high-quality model of this type of household appliances, you save yourself from frequent repairs and additional waste of money. But for a branded refrigerator, specific causes of this kind of problem may also be characteristic:

Refrigerators Atlant. They are distinguished by the strength of the housing, internal filling and long service life. However, they are also prone to this problem. In most situations, the temperature controller becomes the cause of the malfunction. You can check it yourself: the handset may have receded and it can easily be returned to its place. Less modern models are more sensitive to summer heat. To establish the desired temperature, they do not turn off for a very long period.

Biryusa refrigerators. For these units are typical reasons for continuous operation, such as:

  • problems with the relay;
  • problems with the thermostat;
  • malfunctioning compressor.

As additional information, I want to say to the owners of Biryus: the ambient temperature for stable operation of the device should be in the range from +16 to +32 degrees. If the temperature is close to critical, then malfunctions may occur.

Refrigerators Nord. The owners of these devices can save a long warranty period: as much as 5 years. The root of the problem for models of this brand is usually a faulty starting relay or temperature controller, which most often has to be changed.

Brand of refrigerator

Tips video

Want to extend the life of your the refrigeratorwithout making any special effort? Then follow the instructions and recommendations provided in the video:

Despite the fact that we get used to the long and uninterrupted operation of the unit, different situations occur. Using the above information you can reduce the risk of problems.

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