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As a snack, tartlets with mushrooms are best. They are not only divinely delicious, but also beautifully beautiful. Small, almost weightless, baskets are filled with various ingredients, ranging from seafood or meat to vegetables. The dough can be selected as slightly salted sand, or fresh. Such a crunchy base will make a successful batch for a noble filling.

Here are some common and win-win recipes for tartlets with mushrooms, which were shared by the leading chefs of our time. If you follow their recommendations and at the same time use your imagination, you can create amazing masterpieces for the festive table.

Preparation of baskets

Of course, the easiest way to buy 20-30 pieces of finished baskets and directly to do the preparation of the filling. However, these cooks do everything themselves. To bake 20-25 tartlets, the owner will need:

  1. Knead the dough. Preliminary, grind butter (100 g) on ​​a grater. Then thoroughly rub it with 200 g of flour. In the end, you should get a little baby. Now you should pour 150 ml (5 tbsp. l.) of ice water. It is necessary to mix everything up very quickly.
  2. It is advisable to put the short pastry half an hour into the refrigerator. Before that, it can be rolled into the sphere and wrapped in a food film or a plastic bag.
  3. Forming blanks. To do this, roll the cooled dough (1/3) into a thin layer: 3-4 mm. Using a glass or other object, the radius of which coincides with the size of the baking dish, cut out the round plates.
  4. Grease the molds with butter. Carefully insert each circle in the container.The dough should be well pressed to the base. To tartlets with mushrooms turned crunchy, raw baskets must be pierced with a fork.
  5. Baking. The oven is heated to 200 ° C. The duration of heat treatment is a quarter of an hour. However, you need to carefully monitor them. The first sign of readiness - the crust became rosy.

Working with any other kind of kneading is best if the hands are cold. Strange, but, at least, then the dough will not float.

This simple technology helps to make workpieces without much effort. They can be prepared on the eve of the solemn event. Store crispy baskets advised in a dry and enclosed place. A cache can serve as an oven or microwave oven.

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Mushrooms and cheese

A bit of history. The name of the dish "tarte" comes from the French word, which in translation means "open pie". The prefix "lette" indicates its size, that it is very small. Initially, the filling for it was cherry jam or caramelized berries. And only in time this cake was made an appetizer.

The most popular are tartlets with mushrooms and cheese, decorated with greens. The diameter of the baskets should be chosen as large as possible so that it is convenient to eat. Prepare them as follows:

  1. Fry the finely chopped mushrooms (1 kg). On the heated frying pan you need to pour in the vegetable oil. First of all, it is necessary to fry the onion with basil (grind a few pinch of dried seasoning).When the onion becomes transparent, you can add mushrooms and salt.
  2. Cream. Once the broth is boiled, and the mushrooms turn rosy, you need to fill them with cream. They should cover all the ingredients. Brew it on medium heat until the structure of the brew becomes creamy.
  3. Grate 150-200 grams of cheese in the prepared stuffing, and then mix all this intensively.
  4. Fill the tartlets and bake in the oven. With the appearance of a golden crust, they can be removed.

One of the leading rules of cooking - onions never happen much, especially roast. And in a company with a basil - this is an explosive mixture, because when frying, it produces a breathtaking aroma.

Some cooks add the onion after the water is drained from the mushrooms. However, they fry it in a separate pan. For a piquant taste, you can grate a little carrots and add ground pepper.

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The boundless imagination of the cook

Sometimes you want something original and unusual. For these gourmets these simple ingredients seem very banal. Therefore, such conservatism can be diligently diluted:

  • chicken eggs;
  • shrimps (they need to be boiled separately in salt water);
  • sausage;
  • corn;
  • thinly sliced ​​tomatoes (cherry);
  • paprika;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • greens (parsley, coriander or dill);
  • olives.

The first four ingredients go to the main course and are added before baking. All other ingredients are part of the decor. The options for making tartlets with mushrooms are presented in the photo, and the recipes include the addition of mayonnaise or yogurt. However, fans of meat dishes such vegetable snacks will be for one tooth. Therefore, you need to add a key component - meat.

With chicken

Smoked hips / shanks will give the dish an unforgettable aroma and unique taste.

Fillet, breast or thighs are ideal for such a filling. They can be slightly boiled or used in a raw form. No marinade here is indispensable, because modern chicken has a specific smell. Soak it can be either at night, or 3-5 hours before cooking. Here are a few options:

  1. Based on lemon. A tablespoon of vegetable oil mixed with the juice of one lemon. Spices: black pepper, salt, rosemary and basil. You can use ready-made condiments - curry or hops-suneli.
  2. Wine Ensemble. Mustard, apple cider vinegar (each 1 tbsp. l.) and a glass of wine (dry white) to mix, to obtain a homogeneous mass. Add salt and pepper, as well as turmeric.
  3. Kefir. To make it, you need to choke a few cloves of garlic, and squeeze half a lemon. Mix this with, l kefir (1% fat), seasoning with salt, pepper and thyme. Cut the large onion into rings. All this must be mixed, rubbed into meat.
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It should be noted that there are no such recommendations in any recipe of tartlets with chicken and mushrooms, because some do not consider it necessary to conduct any procedures with chicken. However, marinating in an acidic environment will make the meat tender and soft. As a result, it will melt in the mouth.

The main technological process is reduced to roasting chicken fillet along with onions. First, the onion and meat should be finely chopped. Frying pan with oil should be well heated. Champignons should be fried separately, and then add them to chicken, but only at the final stage. Make it necessary so that the fat remains in the dishes.The prepared filling is cooled and smeared with mayonnaise. To taste, you can add feathers of onions, peas, corn and peppers. Now it's nice to lay out the tartlets with chicken and mushrooms on a baking tray. Rub over the cheese and send to the oven, and then watch them.

The secret of amazing mushrooms lies in the technology of their preparation. All stages of frying are carried out on a strong / medium fire with periodic stirring.

Any meat perfectly combines with walnuts, dried apricots or prunes. These products will bring a touch of sweetness into a snack.After all, it is known that the high kitchen combines the opposite tastes: salty, sour and bitter diluted with sweet.

So, a few simple recipes will help to prepare wonderful tartlets with mushrooms, which in the end will deserve the title - a dish of the year.

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