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The company Champion produces equipment for various purposes, such as chain saws, snow-removing machines, lawn mowers and so on, as well as consumables to them. Most of the products are household tools, including Chainsaw Champion. The design and all elements of each device are detailed in order to work with it was the most comfortable and safe.

Chainsaw brand Champion 137

Chain saw of this version is great for working in a country house or a garden. Chainsaw Champion 137 is equipped with a two-stroke engine, whose power, 5 kW. The rotation speed is 1, 00 rpm. This capacity is more than enough for sawing construction materials, slices of knots and care for hedges. The engine cylinder is coated with chrome, which increases its durability. The air cooling system quickly and effectively cools the engine, preventing its overheating.

It is recommended to use fuel with octane number greater than 92 for prolonged operation of the tool.

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For a quick turn-on even after a long standstill, the Champion 137 chainsaw is equipped with a special fuel pump and an easy start function. Lubrication of the saw chain is automatic, which not only significantly prolongs its service life and tires, but also saves oil. To work with the chain saw was safe, a special shield is located behind the handles. In the event of an unexpected disruption of the hand from them, the movement of the chain will be immediately stopped by the inertial brake. In the Champion 137-16 chainsaw version, a 40 cm long saw chain is installed.

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For comfortable work, the weight of the saw is evenly distributed throughout the body, and to reduce the vibration force, the tool is equipped with a vibration system. As a result, the chainsaw can be used for a long time without harming the health of the hands. Ergonomic handles allow you to fully control the entire work process and confidently hold the chain saw.

The main characteristics of chainsaw Champion version 137:

  • power - 5 kW;
  • working volume - 3, cm3;
  • capacity of the fuel tank - 310 ml;
  • capacity of the oil tank - 210 ml;
  • dimensions - 38х24х28 cm;
  • Weight, kg.

In the complete set with the tool there is a tire, a protective cover, a saw chain, a set of keys, the instruction on operation and a canister for mixing of fuel.

Model 240

This version of the chain saw is equipped with the same two-stroke engine as the previous model, but more power kW. The rotational speed with the installed tire and chain, but without load, is 11000 rpm. The working volume is 3, cm3. Chainsaw Champion 240 is designed for garden and farm work, can also be used for cutting construction materials.

It is not recommended to use chain saws of this and previous versions for professional tree felling.

To ensure that the engine does not overheat, an efficient air cooling system is built-in. Quality of performance and reliability of the engine allows you to compare this saw with other professional models. For a quick start the chainsaw provides a light start system. The saw chain is smeared automatically. The fuel tank has a larger volume than that of the 137 version, and is 410 ml. The maximum flow rate is 680 g / kWh. The oil reservoir accommodates 240 ml.

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Specifications of a gasoline chain saw Champion 240:

  • power, kWt;
  • working volume - 3, cm3;
  • dimensions - 4, x2, x2, cm;
  • Weight, kg;
  • the sound power level is 11.8 dB.

To protect hands in a chainsaw Champion model 240 in front of the handles is fitted with a protective shield. There are functions of locking the throttle trigger and heating the carburetor. For safe operation, a chain brake is built in the saw, which works when the hands slip onto the protective shields. In order to be able to use the instrument for a long time, a vibration damping system is provided. The weight of all parts of the saw is distributed as evenly as possible throughout the body, and the handles are positioned in such a position that it is possible to fully control the sawing process.


Complete with the saw there is a tire, a chain, a cover, a set of keys, an instruction and a canister for mixing fuel.

Champion 55 version

Chainsaw Champion 55 - a powerful tool with electronic ignition, which can be used by both beginners and professionals. The saw has small dimensions, but at the same time excellent power kW. The speed of the saw chain is 1, 00 rpm. Ergonomic design and light weight allow you to work with a chainsaw for a long time. Vibration damping system significantly reduces the load on the hands. The protective cover behind the handles and the inertial chain brake make the work with the chainsaw completely safe.

The chain saw Champion 55 is designed for sawing building materials, slices of knots and branches, as well as cutting small trees.

Technical characteristics of the instrument:

  • power, kWt;
  • working volume - 5, cm3;
  • dimensions - 4, х26х2, cm;
  • weight without the installed chain with the tire 5 kg.
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In the complete set with the tool there are keys, a management, a capacity for mixing of fuel, a chain and the tire, and also a case for its storage.

Comparison table of the main characteristics of chainsaw Champion versions 137, 240 and 55:

137 240 55
power, kWt , 5 , ,
Working volume, cm3 3, 3, 5,
Capacity of the oil reservoir, ml 210 240 260
Capacity of the fuel tank, ml 310 410 520
Speed ​​of rotation, rpm 12500 11000 12500
Length of the tire for the chain, cm 40 40 45
Weight, kg , , , 5

Before choosing a suitable saw, it is necessary to take into account how often it will be used and what diameter it is planned to saw wood. Since, first of all, the capacity of the instrument depends on its performance. At the prices of chain saws Champion affects their configuration and engine parameters.

Champion chain saw overview

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