Night vision for hunting

night vision for hunting come in handy if planned baiting. It is said that the bears see worse than men, even in the dark. A remarkable result will ambush. Walk through the forest with a device emitting a greenish shimmer, not too convenient. But will not stumble on the bumps.

The operating principle of the PNV

The darkness can not see even a cat. Cats narrowed pupils to light: reduce the dose of external radiation passing inside. Due to such biological dispenser light energy in cats dynamic range of perception. Of course, playing the role of the inner eye and the device, but is largely due to the diaphragm with a changing area that the high sensitivity of the receptors in the cats at night is not wasted. The expanded pupil brings to the total energy of lean animals of the night of the spectrum.


  • To see in the dark, nerve receptors receive energy!

Night hunting

The light of the moon and stars, heat radiation - energy that just needs to catch. Digital night vision device only receiver, able to amplify a miserable night energy radiation and trapping the infrared signals. Due to this, the picture is bearable. If this is not enough, a special infrared LED beam will create the necessary, the echoes of which will take the lens. Chance to see landmarks are preserved even in the polar night.

Noticed that the glow of infrared radiation detectors green. Reason: the human eye at the frequency of the visible electromagnetic wave has maximum sensitivity. The premise is based on the practical power saving battery consumption device.

As night vision devices Yukon manages to show the way? Inside uses the photoelectric effect:

  • Light or infrared light captured by the lenses.

Visibility through the night vision goggles

  • The resulting beam falls on the semitransparent plate coated with a special semiconductor. Consider the surface of the phosphor antipode. When light falls in the device here, photons knock electrons that rush to the optical amplifier, which is a circular plate mesh translucent material.
  • The amplifier is relatively fotoemitenta at a positive potential. These electrons in a straight line parallel to the axis of entering light flux, rush there! In the optical amplifier, wherein each particle fallen emboss hundreds of similar, forming a synergistic effect. The process increases avalanche is obtained gain to 25,000 times. Many are able to issue night vision goggles.
  • The mass also tends to direct the receiver phosphor having an electric potential more positive than the power. As a result, the device appears green night vision image. The color depends on the type of phosphor. If you recall, there are TVs in three varieties: RGB - red, green and blue.

Similarly exotic TV sees physicists PNV. Described the scheme, but many do not understand how the image is constructed. photon rays remain parallel. We have stressed the statement. Therefore, the electrons continue to move along the path of the photons. Looms surrounding terrain image. This is how the night vision device. Linearity is achieved by applying the right capacity at the elements of the system.

As for the fighting, tactical restrictions come into force. It's not that the night vision device Army heavy or awkward (but is true). Just viewing angle is 40 degrees. This limitation of the optical path. Human cones centered on the center of the retina and does not overlook the space around 190 degrees. The latter is achieved peripheral vision, which is responsible for the wand. When the melee is a great disadvantage. Because the use of night vision for hunting play a cruel joke with the catcher, if the animal sneak up close.

homemade PNV

We are not going to repeat the idea of ​​our review about the self-made night vision device. Mention that it is based on a device that can "see" in the dark. This camera is for operation at night. Many models are available, and special security devices. The challenge in making the image mobile night vision device. For the action proposed to use an ordinary camera viewfinder, compatible with the structure of the signal receiving apparatus. But digital technology is standardized, difficulties are anticipated.

victim search

To better camera eyes have seen the darkness, light is needed from the infrared LEDs. Suitable and cheaper brands. The result is a kind of a night vision device, capable of recording events.

We do not recommend people to manage manufacturing idle at home using reagents of any products. Not everyone knows what safety precautions you observe. Chemicals are often even impossible to sniff.

Night Vision Goggles

PNV from store

PNV are many when it comes to professional instruments. Dedal translated as "master", "clever" with the English language, but not only The above interpretation of craftsmen made the so-called firm. Word death sounds in transcription seems to be here dealing with the equipment, it is extremely dangerous to his enemies. Daedalus - night vision device upper class!

134700 rubles, not everyone is willing to pay for monocular Dedal 370, with a vision to fully take two pictures. A quarter of a million just for the chance to witness hiding in the darkness of the beast. The device is equipped with a special belt, thanks to which is held in the right place near the eyes. It is much better to use DVS 8. This binoculars already planted on the helmet. Image from the lens is branched into two directions - for both eyes. At a price of 97800 rubles, the device looks more attractive for hunting, however, and gain less.

Of the characteristics of the equipment should be noted Daedalus automatic shut-off in bright light. Optional lenses may choose to zoom in, the default magnification is 1.

The main feature of DVS 8 is the ability to customize to the size and skull shape. Without this special forces soldier with a night vision device will be easy prey if the wrong moment mount will fail.

Dedal feature of the 370 is the possibility of parallel use with night vision sights, produced by the company. This is purely a combat tool. On the hunt with a similar device at inconvenient harassment, ambush acceptable. Note that with the PNV can be read in the dark. This applies, for example, maps of the area. Thus the answer to the question, how much is a night vision device, lies in the use of the device. On Yandex-market pull out a simple for 7000 rubles. For example, Yukon night vision device.

Hunting and fighting are not the only areas of application devices. Wherever you need to see in the dark, useful gizmo described. Otherwise, it looks at the practice of night vision device for a vehicle. The device is designed so as not to drive into a hole in the dark.

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