How to choose a steam cleaner

First of all, decide whether to take a manual or outdoor. The latter are divided into amateur and professional. Simple is characterized by lower pressure of the steam jet, plastic casing, rather than solid steel, weak wheels. Know that the possibilities depend on the size of the steam cleaner. Consider that when the jet is in operation, the dirt does not disappear anywhere, goes into a liquid state, then it is washed off. After selecting a steam cleaner, the buyer is not rid of dirt, but the cleaning process is greatly simplified.

Features of steam cleaners

A steam cleaner does not remove dirt, but softens to the point where it is easy to wash off the stain. Abroad appliances are used to clean. .. toilet bowls. Hot steam quickly softens the pollution, which is then relatively easy to wash off. Steam cleaner suitable for seats:

  1. Restrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Tiled flooring, including verandas. Suitable for cleaning skirting around the house.
  3. Uneven surfaces, including natural and artificial stone.
  4. Severe soiling if mechanical cleaning of the coating is undesirable.

Hot steam easily breaks fat, proteins, carbohydrates, dissolves, makes soft. The principle of action is based on getting a strong jet. Used to create boilers, in manual models it is impossible to obtain supernatural characteristics.

Use tricks, for example, change the nozzle on the nozzle, due to the action increases the speed of water movement. Readers ask if it is possible to use a steam cleaner to iron things. The pressure of the jet will allow this to be done. But the set of nozzles is unsuitable. Accessories are aimed at removing dirt.

This is interesting! Steam kills bacteria, breaks down fats and proteins, removing unpleasant odor from upholstered furniture and clothing.

The difference between the steamer and the steam cleaner is conditional, lies in the area of ​​the nozzles. Even the vapor pressure in the instruments is not too different. In the steam cleaner the jet concentrates on a smaller area, a greater vapor pressure( density) is obtained. Tongue washes away dirt, wet stains will remain on clothes. The steamer, on the contrary, smoothes the fabric, you can’t remove the dried pizza. Performance is evident, but there is no strong jet required to eliminate contamination.

There are manual varieties of steam cleaners, which is not among the steamers. Vertical ironing requires great effort. However, manufacturers have found a way out. On sale there is a steam cleaner, which is suspended on a belt and has a long hose with the desired nozzle for ironing. Similarly, a compromise can be found, although the process of work cannot be called easy.

Choosing a steam cleaner for the house according to the criteria:

  • A small manual model for small contaminants. With or without cord. The second will not provide long continuous work.
  • Mobile models with cases are like vacuum cleaners, they can only spit out water. Will have to clean manually. There are no stationary steamers for the house, the specificity of cleaning involves movement.
  • Hybrid model of steamer and steam cleaner, manual or mobile.

Most readers will probably want to take a hybrid of a steamer and a steam cleaner, which is convenient in terms of cost and space savings. You get two devices for a single price. To evaluate the device, you should:

  1. First, consider a set of nozzles, evaluating the purpose of the device.
  2. Separate steamers, thanks to a strong jet, process several layers of clothing per pass. What reduces the time spent on ironing.
  3. The corps is examined secondly. Hand otparivateli rare, we are talking about mobile models. On the case of the steam cleaner-steamer there is a rack for clothes, sometimes double. These are vertical poles for hanging and comfortable ironing of things. Typical steam cleaners do not have such accessories.
  4. Steam cleaner tank capacity is higher. The jet is spent on cleaning large areas. Steamer gradually smoothes wrinkles.

We emphasize that the Yandex market often mixes classes of devices, it can be difficult to understand what the device is intended for. Knowing the important little things, the reader will be able to understand what to look at.

How to choose a steam cleaner

The turn has come to tell you how to choose a steam cleaner. Describes a simple technique that is acceptable for any product. If you decide to take a steam cleaner to clean up smooth and hard surfaces, we recommend visiting Yandex Market. The portal remains a valuable resource in choosing the right home appliance.

We type "steam cleaner" and see a bunch of models: manual, mobile, on belts. .. I am glad that the section lists the desired class of devices. On the right is a list of manufacturers. It is logical to study the technical characteristics of your favorite brand steam cleaners.

It is possible to set a filter by price - an important criterion. Manual steam cleaners are cheap, others are more expensive due to the high demands on steam pressure. A steamer will be found on the shelves( namely, a steamer, not a steam cleaner), blowing out 8 bar. For example, the MIE Bello model had a pressure of 5.5 bar, and the complete set states that there is an iron.

The cost difference lies in the area of ​​nozzles. There is no product on the Yandex Market for steam cleaners of product cards, there are links to shops where the product is described perfectly. The difference of this model in the presence of an iron designed for horizontal ironing. Before us is a steam generator, which is convenient to walk on bed linen, curtains, tablecloths, other clothes.

Some readers are confused by the steel sole, which is not very popular today. Manufacturers of steam cleaners are not so numerous. We offer to look not at the trade mark, but at the available options of the device. If you are going to take a hybrid model, the anti-scale protection is welcome. Flakes of sediment and salt will leave an irreparable mark on clothes, water from the tap can not be poured.

Maintain selection according to the tasks. Steam cleaner without additional features is inexpensive because it lacks attractive details. Select the right high pressure steam cleaner if dirt is not important. The device is easy to clean, made with acetic acid or citric acid, there are reviews on the website. The choice of a steam cleaner in favor of a belt model suspended on the shoulder is appropriate if the contamination is not too strong, but has a large area. Manual is more suitable, for example, for the kitchen table. They did not mention the capacity of the tank, we believe that there is enough for everyone for domestic purposes, and we do not put forward professional ideas as part of this review.

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