Fan heater pros and cons

Fan heater out of the boxThe fan heater is one of the popular varieties of heaters. Such a heater is used to heat all kinds of structures, in particular, houses, apartments and industrial arrays at industrial organizations.

The main structural components of the fan heater are the heating component and the fan itself. Air heating occurs with the participation of the fan on a red-hot heating component, which, when heated, leaves the holes that are on the front panel of the device. The fan heater may have a pair of heating components that are activated when you select a different switch position, which is on the heater panel.

A large percentage of heating installations are fed through electric networks. In the process of connecting a heating system to it and putting it into operation, the heating component gradually begins to gain temperature, thereby generating heat and heating the air nearby. The role of the fan here is to displace already heated air. Over and over again, warm air begins to ply evenly around the room.

Pros of purchasing a fan heater

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  • Pros of purchasing a fan heater
  • Some cons

Paying attention to all of the above, you can make sure that fan heaters have the following advantages:

  • If you give in to comparison with other devices for heating and heating, then fan heater is able to heat the air in the building the fastest, from which it follows that there is no better choice when there is a need for an early heating of the room.
  • Fan heater on the wallTransportation device. Due to the small size and design features, the fan heater has a small weight, and therefore problems with its transportation around the apartment should not arise, as well as personal installation by user. Fan heaters may be installed on a table, on a floor covering or fixed to a wall.
  • Convenience of use. In addition to the above positive aspects, the heating component can be operated in various modes, with the aim of heating or cooling, which depends on the set temperature.

Some cons

Each product has its drawbacks, and fan heaters are no exception, because they have their negative sides:

  • Tangible noisethat is formed when the fan turns on and reaches maximum speed.
Fan heater noise
  • Unpleasant odor, which is associated with the conditionally referred to as "oxygen combustion". This circumstance is due to the moment when, in any case, dust particles, dirt or other substances that form combustion products penetrate the hot spiral.

Ceramic fan heaterImportant! An excellent way out of the situation is to buy a model of the unit, which works with the help of a ceramic component. It is not able to heat up as much as steel, but at the same time, it is endowed with good heat transfer. If you want to save money, you can opt for modern spiral models.

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