Types of heaters: fan heaters, oil heaters, infrared heaters, convectors

Naturally, everyone wants to stay warm, regardless of weather conditions and time of year. Thus, the twenty-first century allows this desire with the help of technology, namely - the heater.

The main types of heaters

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  • The main types of heaters
    • heaters
    • oil heater
    • convector
    • IR heater
  • What heaters the most economical and effective?

There are several varieties of such devices. These are the following types: heaters, infrared heaters, oil heaters, convectors. In this article we consider each model separately and Let us examine the characteristics, know which of them has certain advantages and disadvantages for use at home.

Home heaters


The most budget option and effective unit. The cost due to the simplicity of the equipment. It is very compact, has low weight and comfortable when moving from one place to another. With regard to the principle of the work, so it's heating equipment Tan and metal spiral. At the rear of the fan is, therefore, with the help of hot air is produced. Have a large range, species represented by design: horizontal, vertical, circular and other shapes. However, despite the protective heaters, such apparatus is manufactured from plastic, which affects the possible extension of unwanted odor.

heaterIn addition, in the process you will notice the characteristic noise and hum, so at night it is better not to use it at night. Also, air dried quickly, and, after the heat generation, difficulty arises in the room to breathe. This fan does not have any features that would add convenience to use. All the shortcomings can be added the fact that the option of not economical and the possibility of breakage of the unit is higher than that of its competitors. It is unlikely to be suitable for heating even small size of the room. It does not guarantee fire safety. However, due to availability at its cost, this acquisition will not be an extra.

oil heater

Name, saying: inside the unit there are mineral oil and a thermostat. With their help, the heat is stored for quite a long time.

REFERENCE! The number of sections, which is equipped with a machine directly affects how much the temperature will keep for a long time. Due to this, the potential buyer can choose for myself device suitable to the desired size.

oil heaterHe, too, although dry air and not inflammable, but unlike the previous selection, it is not making a sound during operation. In addition, it ensures that the air is soft, so it does not dry it. In modern models can detect multi-temperature controllers and timers to turn off. The same is an ecological device, but not economical. Its easy to install and easy to understand the principle of work. It promises many years of operation due to the manufacture of durable material and heating of relatively large quantities of the room.

Moreover, if subjected to stress technique and dangerous conditions, then the design is saved, and possible damage to not remain on the surface. Easy to dry out any clothes. But you should be careful, since there were cases that the person was subjected to burns on the body due to the high degree nakalyaemosti. Among the few drawbacks it is also worth noting that this technology with large dimensions, occupies a considerable place in the room. And, of course, it is heated slowly. Reasonable cost corresponds to parameters during operation.


When considering the device, they are similar to the thermal fan. Equipped with a heating Tan inside. The bottom of the device there is a small slot that trigger cold air from below the floor level, and takes inside. There stream is heated and discharged to the outside also through the holes located on top. The advantages usually include the following features:

  1. convectorEnsuring quietness and silence in the process of heating the room.
  2. You will not feel any smell coming from the unit.
  3. Is quite simple and not fussy to use.
  4. It has small dimensions, so that the most compact.
  5. The cost of leaving the minimum amount of power, so that the model is economical.
  6. Attractive and aesthetic design.
  7. Ensures fire safety. The housing is not able to reach such a temperature at which a person could get burned.
  8. It heats the room at an average rate, besides evenly.
  9. The presence of additional functions are added relief in the analysis of the use of the device.
  10. The minimum cost varies from 1,500 rubles to 2,000 rubles.
  11. A variety of adjustments. There is the possibility to customize them to the right place for you: on the floor, on the table or windowsill.

That can be attributed to the shortcomings of the convector:

  1. It does not have the maximum space heating rate.
  2. It seems practical solution, only if it is used as an additional source of heat.
  3. oxygen plurality affords burn, causing dry ambient atmosphere.
  4. Warming up takes place by a local.
  5. Lack of legs attached.
  6. The upper part of the room usually remains with the same temperature, since the heat comprehends only bottom.
  7. A lot goes on acquisition and installation costs and complexity occurs during installation.

IR heater

We turn to the least popular and modern model. However, they are as different as the principle of operation, characteristics and represented by the previous mentioned units. An increase in temperature is carried out at the expense of heating the individual items rather than the entire premises. This occurs as follows: the instrument is directed at the surface of the heating room, namely - furniture, floors, walls. And from them provided the heat to the room. Infrared heaters are inside the lamp (a halogen, a carboxylic or quartz). It generates and emits wave. After that, when sorted out with the process of the emergence of the heat, you can go to the positive aspects that ensure vendors - manufacturers when purchasing their goods.

  1. New and individual opportunity - to attach to the ceiling.
  2. They have a variety of designs and sizes. For every taste and color.
  3. Lots of ways to strengthen the unit.
  4. The most rapid warming of the premises, it can be said instant.
  5. It guarantees not to dry the air in the performance of functions.
  6. Completely silent in operation.
  7. The highest level of fire safety.
  8. It simulates the effect of the fireplace.
  9. The ability to apply it not only in an enclosed space, but also in the open: in the country, the veranda, the terrace or in the garage.
  10. Small power consumption. It is considered a very economical device.
  11. It integrates a thermometer.
  12. An important advantage is the fact that the dust will not rise as heat is due to each subject.
  13. It does not form a specific smell.

Despite this large number of advantages, each technique accommodates and disadvantages. This device is no exception.

  1. The key is to be considered - fragility of the structure, so it can easily be broken.
  2. The cost of such an acquisition will be considerable. This is perhaps the most expensive unit.
  3. If located directly under the infrared heater, then the human body is just warming up, as well as any thing.
  4. An increase in temperature may experience only those items that are exactly the rays, that is, the action takes place locally.

IMPORTANT! You should not be under the rays of the device, the living entity is subject to overheating.

IR - heater

What heaters the most economical and effective?

Of course, the last of the above models, is the most economical and effective device made of a new generation. But before you buy, it is necessary to put on probation before the appointment of a future purchase. If you want to put it to heat the apartment, it is necessary to calculate the area of ​​the room and think: if he will be able to a heater to cope with her power with this task? Usually quite suitable oil technique. To give or just open space - Heat fans.

If a family has a small child, you should get models that are capable of attaching to the wall. This will serve as a guarantor of security for you and your baby. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to power. At high ceilings and low temperature is necessary to give due more expensive and powerful devices, which will have to figure 2, of 5 kW. Therefore, surely it is impossible accurately to answer the question immediately. The choice will depend on your personal preferences.

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